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Congrats Linette

by Firox

Congrats Linette.jpg
Firox based it on an RP my Eevee friend and I are doing in a forum

(in RP my Vee friend and I are doing, six born Jul 29th - 2 girls/4 boys)
(mother Linette - father Zoran - both Leafeon)

Linette laying down in front, likely speaking with ?, as three kits are curled up and sleeping by her front right paw

Vee (my friend's sona) lightly holding onto one kit giving that "cute" look, even petting the young one

myself, Jyo Espeon, holding onto another kit "congrats Leafy! will be fun trying to catch them later" - the young one I'm holding up, kind of curious on what the pad is

on the far left, Zoran, my other Leafeon holding the last one with it's tail, rubbing it on his chin/cheek, happy as well, saying in Macedonian "congrats Linette" - честитки Линет
wearing a paw-band with the North Macedonian flag pattern on it
that young one just happily nibbling dad's tail

for Zoran:
from Velez, North Macedonia
I'm a big geography fan, so also making one Pokemon "supporting sona" from each different country, for North Macedonia picked a different Leafeon

the only thing that sets Linette apart from the other Leafeons - the base leafy tail is dark green instead of light beige like other Leafeons (Zoran's is light beige as well)

Pokemon, and the background is from anime, just grass from an episode
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