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Oc Origins: Colt: Chapter 2

by AceyPie

AceyPie Chapter 2!

"I like Mudkipz, Problem?" -Colt
October 8 2005

"OH MY ARCEUS WE ALMOST GOT CAUGHT" Ajax went on and on about us almost getting caught and I had to sit through all the sermons he started to sound like my parents "DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO OUR PARENTS IF WE WERE CAUGHT WITHOUT THEM KNOWING"
"Someone's bound to hear us you know?" I warned him because we were in the middle of a Route sitting on a rock Surprisingly we were still hidden that is until "There! Now Ill show you how to catch a Pokemon!" A person In a Lab Coat appeared as Ajax ran around in circles screaming "HELP" repeatedly "Ill take the Kirlia, You take the Riolu" The man in the Lab Coat turned to Her... My trainer thats the first time I saw her face she nodded "Ready Volt?" She asked a Mareep by her side "Zipping READY" The Mareep ran towards me and used Tackle I was too focused on the Mareep that I didnt notice Ajax was hit by a Shadow Ball from the other guy's Blitzle I jumped and landed on the Mareep just then Ajax was hut by another Shadow Ball "Now after lowering the Pokemon's health you throw a Pokeball!" The professor as I called him in my head threw a Pokeball at Ajax but luckily he made a split second Decision to Teleport away and I got hit by a Discharge from the Mareep. I landed on the ground, I tried to get up but She got a Para Hax on the Discharge Ajax was still busy with the Bliztle and Couldnt help me "Now I throw a Pokeball right?" She asked the Lab Coat dude "Yes. Go for it which one?" He replied "Ummm... Eenie meenie miney mo. Kirlia!" She threw the Pokeball at Ajax who was Distracted by the Blitzle and Surprisingly I overcame the Paralyze and jumped in the Pokeballs way of course By the Discharge Crit, and Para she caught me. At first I was terrified I thought I would be forced to battle. But I quickly realised Trainers werent as Bad as they seemed. I actually enjoyed havin' Peachy around although I did miss my friends back home... What would they think of me now.
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