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Cobalt Alexander Steele

by FusionBolt27

Cobalt Steele.jpg
FusionBolt27 Name: Cobalt Alexander Steele
Age: 19
Height: 5'8", Weight: 119 lb.
Likes: The color blue, Pokemon battles, cute girls, chocolate, exploring new areas and cities, Secret Bases, swimming, taking care of his Pokemon team, new outfits
Dislikes: Spicy foods, losing battles, talking to cute girls, not being respected by those around him, injustice or cruelty of any kind, frog Pokémon (he's deathly afraid of them. Which makes his relationship with his Greninja...interesting.
Battle Music: Eclipse of the Sun - Hyrule Warriors

Character Traits
+Strong sense of morals, willing to fight for what he believes in
+Kindhearted and selfless
+Always looks for the good in a situation
-Stubborn and hates to lose or be proven wrong
-Often blames himself when things turn out badly
-Can be naive and easily fooled by those he trusts

Pokemon Owned

Cobalt's battle strategy is a very straightforward and potentially reckless one: rush the opponent with strong attacks to cover any situation, switch out as little as possible while doing as much damage as possible, and take at least one hit while sweeping the enemy. While this can work with his quick-footed team, his strategy can fall apart if the opponent is faster or has priority moves to outfox him. Despite this, Cobalt's team has pulled through for him in multiple Gym and League battles, and continue to be a strong force of power. Cobalt's design was at first an idea spawned from a fan league that my friends had started up, and then started to grow more character as I designed him and his team. If I have anything Pokemon related in the future, it'll probably involve this guy. His story and team origins will hopefully be explained...in the future. I want to write a few adventures about Cobalt to explain his past and stuff, but I don't know when I'll get around to it.