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Characters: Cloudwatchers

by Finch~

Kezian and Zach.png
Finch~ Introducing Theo and Zach. (The cat on the right)
Theo and Zach (Zach) is a cat with Dissociative identity disorder. He flicks between two identities quite often. He is mainly referred to as Zach, as that was his given name.
Zach is the silver side of the two. He is very calm and collected, yet loves a bit of fun.
Theo is the brown tabby side of the two. He is Zach's alter ego, and thinks very highly of himself. He Is a trickster and loves pulling pranks. He gets extremely provoked by fights and will often join in if one starts.

Kezian is really good friends with Zach and he tries his best to help him cope with his identity disorder.

I made Kezian a friend :3
And I ship them now