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The Race To The End: Cliff City

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper
*John enters the Cliff City Gym
John: Hello show yourself Rock.
???: Rock do you mean Rocky?
John: Really oh I thought it was Rock.
???: My name's Grand.
John: Ok Grand do I gotta fight you two?
Grand: Yes we each use are full team ok?
John: Ok Squver, Mozart, and Tako Go and use Water Pulse, Titanium Punch, and Flamethrower.
Squver Lvl: 13
Tako Lvl: 15
Mozart Lvl: 12
Grand: Ok 3 on 3 then ok GO Goldendude, Cliffa, and Spikychu and use Earthquake, Hyper Beam, and Thunder.
Goldendude Lvl: 13
Spikychu Lvl: 15
Cliffa Lvl: 12
Goldendude's HP- ()()()(
Cliffa's HP- ()()()(
Spikychu's HP- ()()()()()()(
* Squver fainted
* Tako fainted
Mozart's HP- ()()()()()()()()()()()()(
Grand: Use Earthquake, Hyper Beam, and Thunder.
John: Use Sky Uppercut.
*Cliffa fainted
*Goldendude fainted
Spikychu's HP- ()()(
Mozart's HP- (
John: Ok please work now and use Sky Uppercut.
Grand: Thunder.
* Mozart's Quick Claw activated
*Spikychu fainted
John: YES Mozart we did it.
Mozart: Mozar zart?
John: Huh eh who cares ok where's Rocky?
Grand: Sorry she is not here right now she's at Diglett's Cave right now sorry.
John: It's ok I'm gonna get to Diglett's Cave and battle here time to go.