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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: City of the Ports

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Gabriel, Sasha, and Mark separated in Fords Town, infront of the closed gym. Now Uriel is once again alone and ready to head on to Port City (Slateport City)...
"Brine and I made it a new ship to Port City, where I met lots of trainers and battled them. I was again alone but ready for everything. I saw a sign that said Challengers are Welcomed to this Facility to test their max strength against me. I was impress and thought of going in. "Welcome" a trainer greeted me. "Hi, I wanna try this out" I said. "I see you have a Meditite" he said. I forgot I had him outside his pokeball. "Wanna battle me" he said. "Sure, I'm Uriel btw" I answer. "The called me Porto, cause I live here and train in the Oceans" He said. "Nice to know. "Let's battle" I said. "Go Meditite" I said. "Well in that case, go Sandile" he said. "Wow, never saw that before" I said. "It's from Unova, Sandile use Earth Power, DODGE it and use Thunder Punch. Meditite dodge the incoming Earth Power and hit the Thunder Punch which it didn't do a thing. "How come" I said. "Sandile is part Dark and part Ground, making your moves useless to my pokemon. "I see" "Do you wish to switch" he asked. "Return, Go Cacnea use Vine Whip" I said. "Ok, Sandile use Dig" he said. Sandile dug a hole and Vine whip missed. "Cacnea look around" I told it. Sandile came out and hit Cacnea hard. "Now use Vine whip" Sandile DODGE IT. Cacnea managed to hit the Vine Whip making the opposing Sandile to faint and to Uriel win the match. "Well, played, never though you knew your types that well" he said. "Kind of forgot electric isn't effective against ground at all" I said, "But I know now where to go" I said. "Best bet is to go to Verdel Town, there you'll fine the next gym" Porto said. "Thanks a lot for the experienced, I loved it, Bye hope to see ya around" I said. "Me too" he said happy.

(Porto-AGE:15-Blue Hair, Light Blue Eyes
Porto will appear again just to make it clear)
  1. JC111414
    Take in mind that the Pokémon League in this Story is going to be based on the Animes, player fighting each other. Mainly Uriel, Gabriel, Sasha, and Mark.
    Jul 4, 2015