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Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story: Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story (Chapter 3)

by Godjacob

Godjacob A curious bounty attracts attention of our new arrival, but how will Diane respond? And what effect will it have on her journey...
The Midnight Bandits…trio of thieves believed to be tied to a recent string of robberies of a bank and several jewelry stores. Recently spotted around the area and are mages, so approach with caution!

Diane had read the wanted poster quite carefully, as she seemed to get the basic idea of it down. The trio in question, a curvaceous woman with long red hair in black named Valerie, what appeared to be an effeminate tall man with a pink fur scar around the neck named Brutus and…and a lean man with cat ears & whiskers? Named fittingly enough Purlin.

Diane needed to do a double take on that picture, it was about the weirdest thing she had seen today. Then again, given they live in a world where magic was a growing part of day to day life, weird should have been accepted as the usual for her.

Regardless, the bounty promised a generous sum of jewels for anyone who brought the trio to justice. And while Diane was far from motivated to do bounty work for profit, seeing the poster did cause her to think about something. According to her biography, Lucy joined Fairy Tail off a chance meeting with one of its members and helping said member defeat that wannabe Fairy Tail faker. Diane doubted the universe would be generous enough to drop another Fairy Tail mage in her area, and she felt she needed something to give her credibility. Something that could just wow those Fairy Tail mages and really make them want to accept her as the new member of the guild.

Besides, what better way to begin her own story as a future Fairy Tail mage then to bring down a criminal gang all by herself?

Any concerns or cautions about what she was about to do or whether she was in over her head flew by the wayside. From the sound of the report this was a relatively new gang, and the bounty wasn’t anything like some other monsters' so Diane figured her chances were solid. With that she took the poster and walked into the town, content to take the next train to Mangolia at another time.

Alright, if I were a gang of robbers, where would I likely strike next?


Joulairre Town Massacre!
Countless dead, more still missing!

Marcus had walked down the main street, newspaper in hand as he read the top story of the day for the Daily Oracle which concerned this terrible situation that developed in Joulairre Town. Apparently some monster, coined a “liquid nightmare” by fearful witnesses, came in and slaughtered everything in its path with no remorse before it abducted others to some underground lair. A guild had been sent in to deal with the creature, though it apparently managed to escape though thankfully more lives were prevented from being made additional causalities thanks to their intervention.

The story only frustrated Marcus. Naturally the loss of life and the overall tragedy was disheartening, but the fact that their guild had not been sent in to help was the part that soured him more than anything. Marcus felt that they really could have made a difference, and who knows if they met up with the other guild the story talked about maybe the story could have changed to been one about a fallen monster and more lives saved. More than that missions like this are exactly what the guild needed to get on the map and if they didn’t waste so much time on local stuff or “boring time filler” out of town as Marcus put it their guild would be treated with more respect and their town would not just be seen as a pit stop to Magnolia.

Marcus’ frustration came to a halt when he saw a wanted poster, of the same design to the one Diane had a hold of, as Marcus walked over and scanned the poster as if though he soaked up the information like a sponge. Well, least Marcus could do was get some additional money to bring back to the guild after a successful mission. Given the guild had yet to act upon it, Marcus figured these posters had only been put up shortly before his arrival which meant they had likely not yet struck the town itself yet. So the question was, with them supposedly somewhere in Anemone Town where would they be most likely to strike?

Well, both Marcus and Diane would end up coming to the same conclusion. One based off his own knowledge of the town’s events and the other after having seen an advertisement on the wall of a department store.

Anemone Town Ball!
Dancer under the dazzle of our new giant diamond for a night of fun you’ll never forget!

The event was held at the Anemone Town Community Center at 7:00 that night, and no doubt the blatant advertisement of the diamond would be quite the tempting offer for those thieves. Something both Diane and Marcus thought to themselves as they made their own preparations for the event later that evening. Diane to a clothing store, and Marcus to the town hall where one desired a dress to fit the formal setting and the other…

…a map to the city?


Man, this place is packed!

Diane’s thoughts expressed her general amazement as she scanned the large center, which looked more like a high class ballroom than anything else. Lots of tables, pretty decorations all around which extend to the rafters and of course the giant diamond itself on full display as it hung from the ceiling.

Diane was amazed, the diamond itself was bigger than her! She had never seen one as big as this one, guess she could see why they’d want to advertise it. And make it all the more likely the trio of thieves would come here which Diane counted on. Diane herself was wearing a sapphire green dress with some sparkles across it; quite the pretty attire, one fitting for the occasion. Well it had better been, cost her every jewel she had to get it and it had been non-refundable. Regardless, Diane put that thought behind her as she made her way to a table and got herself a nice glass of punch. Not like there was much better to do, she didn’t know anybody here and really she simply came here to scout the area and keep her eyes out for the coming thieves.

“Okay, just gonna be focused. These guys are likely pros at this, need to find something weird, anything weird, that might be them.” Diane mumbled to herself. And as soon as those words escaped her lips, the lights went out which caused a stir of confusion among the crowd. Though Diane herself quickly figured out this was just what she was looking for as she removed her dress and revealed her real clothing she had kept on underneath as she scanned the room trying to find out where the source if this blackout was. Diane had no way to know that, but she did know one thing for sure.

They are here!

Finally got a new chapter in! Sorry it took so long, have had quite the busy time in my personal time lately.

Shot-out once more to my amazing editor @SS-I Never you are just the best and I appreciate all that you've done to help organize this story.

As per usual, a tags to those special readers out there.

@Rohan Kishibe
@Excalibur Queen
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If anyone reading this who is not on the tag list would like to be added, just let me know in the comment section below. Feedback & constructive criticism is always appreciated and I hope you all enjoy the chapter :)
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