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Holiday Specials: Christmas Disaster Chapter 1: No Presents

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer So this is mini-series just for Christmas, its called Christmas Disaster. The OC's im using if Flame, Mal, and Chrome. Thats about it, the title says the rest.
Flame, Mal and Chrome were living together. It was Christmas Eve, there about to go to bed ready for Santa to come.
"Im so excited, I wonder what im getting for Christmas." Flame said.
"Me two." Chrome said.
"You two are such kids." Mal said.
"Why is that?" Flame asked.
"Because your getting excited over a holiday." Mal said.
"Its not just any holiday, its Christmas." Chrome said.
"Yeah but you get presents on your birthday also." Mal said.
"Why do you have to be such a sour-puss." Flame said.
"Kids, bed-time." Dad said.
"Yes dad." They said going to bed.
*In the morning*
The three went running down the stairs sounding like a heard of elephants.
"Why do you three always sound like that on Christmas?" Mom asked. They got to the living room and saw nothing under the tree.
"We were bad kids." Flame said.
"We can't because there is no coal." Chrome said.
"I wonder where all the gifts are at." Mal said.
"No clue." Mom said. The turned on the news.
"Reports coming in all over the world saying no one got presents or coal." News Reporter said.
"So its not just us then, i guess thats good." Flame said.
"Apparently Santa has cancelled Christmas this year." News Reporter said.
"Why would Santa do that?" Chrome asked.
"Yeah, its not like him." Flame said.
"I mean he's old, so he decided to take this year off and rest." Dad said.
"True he is but gets the rest of the year off." Flame said.
"Dummies, Santa works all year to make sure everyone gets presents and things go well." Mal said.
"Still, this isn't like him." Flame said. Will they figure out whats going on or just give up, find out in the coming chapters.