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Pokemon Variants: Chikorita Variants

by Billy Joe

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Billy Joe Holly Chikorita Dex Entry- It lives high upon cold mountains. It comes to towns and villages near their homes every holiday season. Children sometimes pick off its holly berries, but it doesn't mind because they grow back.

Scopolamine Chikorita Dex Entry- Despite being cute, this pokemon can be very dangerous. It can spit scopolamine dust at its foes, which will make them obey its every command. When those hit by the dust wake up the next morning, they will not remember anything that they did when hit by the dust.

Palm Tree Chikorita Dex Entry- It is very upbeat, and loves to party. If it sees someone sad, it will not stop until they are happy.

Desert Chikorita Dex Entry- These pokemon live in very hot areas. They will guide trainers to their oasis if they are lost in the desert.

Evergreen Chikorita Dex Entry- These Pokemon live in the northern regions of the world. They can live to be up to 250 years old. Legend has it that there is an Evergreen Chikorita that has lived for 1000 years, and has learned to speak human languages.
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