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You + Pokemon: Charizard: A Sweet ,Sleeping Victory

by ChampionZ_Pearl

ChampionZ_Pearl You and your Charizard have been through a lot these past times. You take a trip down memory lane with this winged fire companion and look back at the challenges with Kanto's gyms that made it hard for you and Charizard.
I sit on the green grass, biting into a nice sweet Oran berry pie. I look at Charizard who is just staring at my pie.

You: Jon' be sho pickeg! [ Don't be so picky! ]

Charizard merely turns his head. I swallow down the pie. I slice a piece but Charizard takes the whole thing and eats it.

You: What?! HOW ABOUT ME?!

Charizard breathes some smoke into my face,covering it in soot. I cough a bit.

You: Come on! (Sighs) It took forever to make it. Why do you have to be so rash?

Charizard sits down and laughs. He spreads his wings and closes them up.

He lays down. I pat his head. I've been through a lot with this guy. From the start...

You: Remember our fight with Brock?

Charizard: GRAAGGGH!!!

He just roared. When he was a Charmander, Brock's Onix beat him. Then the rematch came along, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon all while learning Metal Claw! Good times...

You: Remember Misty?

Same thing happened... Misty's Staryu beat him. Then my new pokemon Nidoran who is now a Nidoking beat Misty. After that Charizard as a Charmeleon stepped up big time.

Charizard: Graarrr...

You: Sleepy? Really?

The Charizard closes its eyes. I sigh. Charizard grabs me into a hug.
I take a nap with him. He was so cuddly really. When he was a Charmander I used to always cuddle with him before we slept when we camped outside or inside a center. He was there to sleep by my side.

Although his rash nature could be teasing, this Charizard knows how to make you feel warm on the inside....