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(A White as the Snow.Red as the Flames): Chapter two

by Leafy the Leafeon

Leafy the Leafeon I haven't finished typing it all out .i've ritten more,I just got lazy
The magic circle groned as Kyra throw herself at the wall.Sparks crackled through the air jumping over her skin.Growls ripped from her once more as the strong magic slamed her onto the ground .Soft pants escaped her as the demon Lordess lite up the floor below her.She had lost track of time.Countless seconds and minutes had flown by as she had vainly tried to get free. So now there was nothing left for her to do but wait for the meat puppets to release her.An then they would pay dearly for taking her from her girls.A soft pop drew her attention as a thump followed a second later. Letting her eyes narrowed into small slits.The fire slowly burnt out leaving a few smoking holes and scorch marks on the floor.The dark grey smoke curled around her in rings as the one with the shaggy hair and different colored eyes walked through the doorway. With the fox in his arms.

Hissing like a pissed of viper,Kyra shot to feet."Release Me!!"She snarled leaping to her feet.The jump carried her to the edge of the circle.Justin let a sigh out and knelt down to put Crevan down to shift.The smoke just rose around the trapped demoness only increasing the tension levels in the room.Taking a few steps back the reaper folded his arms and barely tossed a glance in the direction of their prisoner." That's not my call,miss.It's my leader's call." he finished walking away. Crevan let a smirk cross his muzzle before letting the shift take over him quickly.Before Justin had existed the room he sat cross legged on the floor watching Hell's Angel carefully."Your request is held til you fulfill your deal."he said finally.Aqua-blue eyes snapped over in his direction. Unbridled rage burned in her eyes as Kyra wanted to rip him apart.Or burn him to a crisp.Whichever came first."What deal , fox?"she asked with a controlled tone. The way she called out his animal felt like a clawed slap to the face.Shaking the feeling off for now, the ginger stood up slowly and walked to the circle.His hand brushed against the barrier.

"You know what deal, my dear demoness...... That one night ten years ago .When we first brought you up here." He stated glancing down at the ground with a groan."Did you really have to burn my house.Really?You couldn't even wait for me or one of my men....You had to punish my house.Which has done nothing to you what so ever."He mussed half wanting a moment to mentally catch his breath.A sigh escaped Kyra but it seemed like that night had gotten her girls in more trouble then they needed."I'm not your dear anything boy and since you or you're boys weren't here I had to make do with what I had at the time." Kyra stated turning her back on him. Two dark phoenix tattoos flashed from their spots from where they sat on her shoulder blades, as she walked over to a chair and tucked herself into it.Slowly she brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them."There's nothing to tell you boy.Demons spread rumors but it's hard to act upon it when people are afraid."She said with a slight tremor that raced over her body."So to speak of it is bad enough."

-Well that's new,a demon or demon lord afraid- "What do you think there is to be afraid of Ky?" Crevan asked quickly as he moved his foot and smudged the line.As the circle's magic disappeared, the were-fox crept closer to the demon lordess. The husky rasp of Hell's Angel's voice seemed to put him at ease even though she should cause every part of him to be defensive."No idea."Kyra murmured dropping her gaze to the bare skin on her knees"But i can bet that what hold's hell for my kind will bring shit down on all of you."

The screams echoed around the chamber.-So I guess demons can feel pain.-A man though as the last strangled gasp escaped his victim. Now.Now came his favorite part.Though he could take the powers from them when they were alive, but it was more powerful just after death.Pulling out a long handled steak knife the man picked the demon's arm an drew the blade down the length of it's fore-arm.Quickly he signaled for one of the other men to grab the silver cup.Once it reached his hand, the head summoner pulled at the demon's limp arm.Blood dripped into the cup an slowly shown a metallic pale blue."The blood of a Ice demon.What a new catch to our power collection."One chuckled kicking at the dead body. Murmurs echoed around the room all of the others agreeing with one another.The first one shook his head and released the demon's arm.Turning he headed to the cabinet with jars and cups of different colored blood.-Oh the wonderful joy of running the black market.-After all what he and his inner circle summoned and captured lesser demons.Normally they sold different parts of the demon along with their "powers" which of course was laced throughout their blood.Still they had the warehouse full of caged demons.A few of them where allowed to leave but more or less those were the younger and weakest ones.

"Matthew when do you think we'll get a Lord or something worth keeping."growled one of the men as he lifted the body."Whenever one of them gets careless."Matthew responded shutting the cabinet doors.This was some how his personal sign that demons could get killed just like any other supernatural creature.Just they were a bit harder to keep around.Without looking at the newest project, Matthew headed to the main exist.Pushing through the dark blue beaded curtains, he stepped on to the street.Noise exploded through the air as the lead summoner hit the DeathMark Alley.Every human like himself had their own stand.Animal cries along with the scent of blood filled the air.His group was Very well known for what they did.A sicking smirk crossed over his lips before he headed to one stand with a dark haired woman selling ground up shifter bones.Which kind of shifter was still unknown."Jade you know what our Master needs when are we going to get the Demon Lordesses?" he asked slamming his hands down on the table."He's no longer my master.I'm in business for myself.So find yourself another hunter to help you on your quest to "re-rule" the world."Jade snapped barely refraining from slapping him.

Instead the hunter turned on her heels and rearranged the shelves in the back. Matthew still hadn't spoken since she let out she no longer worked for the One.Simply because once you left from the job, there was nothing to do but wait for death to find you.So Jade wasn't going to run.There was no point in running or hiding.He always found you.Numbness had just taken over Matthew, he had really began to really get attached to the female hunter.Shaking his head Matthew turned around and slowly walked away."Now I just have to find another hunter......"He grumbled stepping away from the black market.

Crevan felt a chill pass over him as Kyra finished her statement.The female sounded so sure of the fact that , the shifter reached out and gently placed his palm on her knee.Shockingly her skin was soft like silk.Even though it was marred with scars."That's why we need your hel-"he began.But before he could finish Kyra sprang off of the chair and hit him with her full force."Not until you release me."Kyra growled, keeping her palms squarely planted on his shoulders. Feeling the familiar prick of her wings snapping out ,Kyra met the golden eyes of the man below her and mentally kicked herself for doing so.A slow smile crossed the boy's face."Are you going to make me match the floor?Hm gonna watch me go up in flames?"he teased moving his hands under his head.-Over confident Asshole-"I'd love to but so how I think you'd enjoy it more than me."Kyra growled slowly sitting up until her hands rested on his chest."Crevan .We heard you were bring up-whoa......Having fun you two?"A voice asked followed by several snickers."You'll all going to burn "Kyra hissed glaring at the group of men that had appeared in the room.Her wings snapped closed pressing close to her body.