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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 3 The Hoenn Region: Chapter Two, Brendan Saves The Day?!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Brendan Saves The Day For Some Reason With His Overpowered Metagross. WOW.
Jason: Cya!" Ace: Bye!" Jason runs across Route 101. Ace: Okay...A Poochyena! Go Blaziken! Use Fire Punch!" The Poochyena Fainted. Ace: Heh. That was easy. Lets go!" Ace ran out of Route 101. And into Oldale Town. Ace: Nothing to do here! Lets go to Route 103! If theres really something to do." Ace runs through Route 103 and finds nothing but easy pokemon. Getting Ace's Blaziken to level 8. Ace: Well. Nothing. Lets go back to Oldale Tow-" Jason: Go Swampert!" May: Go Sceptile!" Jason: Oh hey Ace! Just having a battle against a trainer. Easy." May: Really? Heres a sample. Use Solar Beam!" Jason: What? Come back Swampert!" May: Heh.. Really? A dumb trainer can beat me?" Brendan: ......." May: Oh! Its the. "Best Trainer In The World" Guy again." Brendan: Go Metagross! Hyper Beam! Charge it...." May: Charging attack? Thats making it faster to beat you! Useeeeee-" Brendan: HYPER BEAM!" May: Come back Sceptile..." Brendan: You've became more dumb than our last battle. Return Metagross!" Brendan: Sorry. May is crazier since me beating her in our last battle. But really she should know to stop going crazy and start retiring. Why i still have a pokemon is because to save May from going crazy. And also i have to stay in champions place and i cant really be out of the Pokemon League area. Bye." Brendan fled on... Something. May: Flying away from me? Sounds like he's scared!!" Jason: Shut the hell up. Well Ace. I will see ya later!"
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