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The Chronicles of Tim Wood: Chapter Three - Duo Gym Leaders

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Tim battles in his first gym.
Tim entered the gym proudly. Lightning crackled between tall metal posts. Static electricity made Tim's hair stand on end. At the back of the gym stood a large old man. He had a big white beard. He was talking to a young woman with brown hair pulled back with a pink bow.
"Hey! Are you Wattson?" Tim called.
"Who's asking?" the man replied with a goofy smile.
"Me. The name's Tim Wood. I'm from Verdanturf Town. I've come to challenge you."
"BWAHAHA! You? Challenge me? I haven't had a challenger beat me in years!" the man howled in laughter.
"This could be the one," the woman shrugged.
"This boy won't beat me Roxanne!" the man elbowed her.
"You never know Wattson," the woman, Roxanne, shoved the man, "You should battle the kid. Unless you're scared."
"Me? Scared? BWAHAHA!" the man, Wattson, bellowed.
"So you accept the battle?" Tim asked hopefully.
"Of course! It's my job!" Wattson nodded, "But I'm not gonna go easy on you."
"Good," Tim smiled, "This is my first gym battle. I want it to be a good one."
"Your- your first gym battle?" Wattson's jaw dropped.
"Kid, I'm usually at least the third gym leader trainers face," Wattson sighed, shaking his head, "You truly don't stand a chance."
"I know I can win," Tim said, not leaving.
"Alright," Wattson shrugged, "Your funeral."
"So where do we battle?" Tim asked.
"Right here," Wattson grinned.
"Alright," Tim nodded, "Go Grovyle!"
"Go Voltorb!" Wattson called. A Pokeball looking Pokeball flew out of the Pokeball.
"What is that?" Tim raised an eyebrow.
"Voltorb! Use Spark!"
Voltorb shot forth a small ball of electricity. Grovyle swung around a lightning rod, and kicked Voltorb back into another rod. The rod was charged with electricity. The electricity transferred to Voltorb.
"Now use Discharge!" Wattson called. Voltorb squished down, expelling all the electricity from itself. Grovyle narrowly dodged the wave of lightning emanating from Voltorb.
"Grovyle use Leaf Blade on Voltorb!"
Grovyle easily cut down Voltorb's health to 0. Wattson sent out Magnemite.
"Magnemite use SonicBoom!" Wattson ordered. Magnemite shot towards Grovyle. Grovyle tried to dodge, but wasn't fast enough. Grovyle was flung into a lightning rod, and shocked.
"Uh oh," Tim muttered.
"Magnemite, recharge!"
Magnemite put its magnets up to a lightning rod, and began absorbing electricity.
"Grovyle! Cut down the lightning rods!"
Grovyle rushed around, slicing down the lightning rods until there were none left in the gym.
"Wha- what?" Wattson exclaimed, "That's my property!"
"I just leveled the playing field," Tim grinned, "If you didn't want any damage done, we would've battled outside."
"You're smart kid," Wattson nodded, "But I'll still win! Magnemite! Use ThunderShock!"
Magnemite shot a lightning bolt towards Grovyle. Grovyle spasmed when the concentrated electricity hit him. Magnemite followed up with SonicBoom. Grovyle flew into the wall, and collapsed.
"Return Grovyle," Tim sighed, "You did good. Go Loudred! Use Bite!"
Loudred charged over to Magnemite and bit down hard. Magnemite fainted. Magnemite was called back, and Magneton was sent out. Magneton used Shock Wave. Loudred held her ground, and took the hit. She ran over, and stomped Magneton into the ground. Magneton used SonicBoom and shot Loudred into the ceiling. Loudred fell back, unconscious.
"Alright Loudred, come back," Tim said, recalling Loudred, "Go Poochyena!"
Poochyena sprang out of his Pokeball, ready to fight. It leapt at Magenton, and used Crunch. Then it used Howl followed by Quick Attack. Magneton used Shock Wave. Poochyena jumped over the wave, and used Crunch to defeat Magneton. Wattson had Magneton return. Poochyena howled once more, and began to glow.
"Poochyena is evolving!" Tim beamed. When the shining stopped, Poochyena was a Mightyena.
"WAHAHA! That was amazing! That battle was really something! Thanks kid! That really made me want to battle more!"
"Uh, no prob," Tim shrugged, "Can I get a badge?"
"Of course!" Wattson nodded, handing Tim the Dynamo Badge.
"Alright!" Tim hoisted the badge up into the air, "I GOT THE DYNAMO BADGE!"
"Hey Tim," Roxanne tapped Tim's shoulder, "I'm a gym leader too. The Rustboro City Gym Leader. Would you like to have a quick gym battle outside? I have a few spare badges on me."
"Would I?" Tim smiled, "You know it!"
Tim rushed to the Pokemon Center, healed his Pokemon, and met Roxanne outside the gym.
"Well you don't see this every day!" Wattson laughed, "Two gym battles back-to-back!"
"Go Geodude!" Roxanne called, sending out her first Pokemon.
"Rock types?" Tim asked, "Then I'll use Grovyle!"
Grovyle grinned cockily as it saw his opponent. One Leaf Blade defeated Geodude. Roxanne sent out Nosepass. Once again- one Leaf Blade was all it took.
"I should've known I would have to use my stronger Pokemon," Roxanne nodded, and sent out her last Pokemon, "It's all on you Onix! Use Iron Tail!"
Her Onix's tail turned to steel, and smashed Grovyle into the ground.
"Come on Grovyle! Use Leaf Blade!"
Grovyle leapt up to use Leaf Blade, but Onix slammed Grovyle into the ground. Grovyle fainted.
"Go! Mightyena! Use Crunch!"
Mightyena charged at Onix, but Onix easily batted him aside. Mightyena fainted.
"Okay Loudred! You're my last Pokemon! It's all on you!"
"If that's your last Pokemon... then Onix! Use Explosion!"
Onix exploded. Rocks slammed into Loudred, making her faint in a moment. Onix reformed, with only a tiny bit of health left.
"HA! I WON!" Roxanne jumped for joy.
"Not so fast," Tim grinned, "I lied. Loudred wasn't my last Pokemon. Go Electrike! Use Quick Attack!"
Electrike zoomed towards Onix, and tackled it. Onix fainted.
Roxanne's jaw dropped, "What. Just. Happened."
"I tricked you into thinking I was almost defeated so you'd ease up," Tim shrugged, "And I won so I guess it worked."
"Wow," Roxanne nodded, blank faced. She handed him the Stone Badge.
"My second gym badge!" Tim beamed, clutching it close to his chest.
"BWAHAHA! That was a fun battle to watch!" Wattson clapped Tim on the back, "Now Roxanne and I have to get back to business."
"What business?" Tim asked.
"Nothing for you to worry about," Roxanne said.
"Oh it's something for the entire region to worry about," came a voice.
Tim, Wattson, and Roxanne turned to see a man in a red and blue suit. The man was smiling.
"So the rumors are true?" Wattson asked.
"About Team Gaea?" Roxanne added.
"Yes," the man widened his smile, revealing many scars, "Team Magma and Team Aqua have come together to take over the Hoenn Region. We are Team Gaea. And the Hoenn Region will bow before us."
Tim gulped. Wattson sent out Magneton and Roxanne sent out Onix. They quickly healed their Pokemon.
"Tim," Wattson turned to Tim, a serious look on his usually jovial face, "Run."
"No can do," Tim shook his head, and sent out Grovyle. He healed Grovyle, and stood by the gym leaders.
"What do you think you're doing?" the man in the suit smirked.
"I'm going to help take you down."