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Chapter One

by JustARandomCanadian

JustARandomCanadian The dreams of the beyond (inspired by the video game- it's in a video-game like style!)
Amelia Squaoshi was a 15-year-old. She liked playing pokemon mystery dungeon. it was a hobby. That game changed her life, one afternoon. She was hit on the head, or randomly blacked-out.
"what's your name?" a random voice boomed.
"A-amelia!" she squeaked in terror.
The voice asked random questions, which Amelia answered truthfully. And full of fear. Finally, the voice told her something:
"You are now a Smeargle. Pick your partner."
Amelia the "smeargle" decided to randomly pick. she'd let it happen naturally.

She awoke, and sighed in relief. It was a dream. She got up. But amelia felt.. Shorter. She looked into a puddle and gasped. she was.. a pokemon!