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Mia's Tale: Chapter One

by PikaVee

PikaVee Chapter one of the series! owo
Mia raced out of bed, her heart racing. Today she was ten. She can get her first pokemon! She glided down the steps with ease.
"Oh dear, don't eat to fast!" Her mother chuckled as Mia scarfed down her breakfast. Her Jigglypuff was laughing along. Mia glanced at them before continuing.

"This here is a pokedex." Proffessor Acacia said. Mia took it greedily.
"and these are pokeballs. they contain pokemon." Mia studied them.
"It's so small." she commented. The professor chuckled. Mia looked at her expectantly.
"But, sadly, there's no pokemon. I'll go and get more." The prof. sighed. Professor Acacia walked out of the lab.
she probably thinks I can't handle capturing a pokemon. Mia thought. She followed Acacia into route 1.

A Vulpix jumped at her from behind. "EEEE!" Mia squealed, running into Acacia. "Uff!" Acacia said. The vulpix giggled in amusement. "Help!" Mia squeaked as it rubbed against her leg lovingly.
"why, Mia! I think it likes you!" Acacia said in amusement. The vulpix yipped it's agreement.
"so what do I do?" Mia said.
"Here, Capture it." The professor tossed a pokeball to Mia. Mia nodded, and pressed the button against The vulpix's head.

It got caught.