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Shadows: Chapter One

by AmazingAmpharos

AmazingAmpharos Welcome to Alola
Rolo looked outside of the car window in the Alola reigion. He was extremely thirsty and hot, due to being in the car for most of the day and the hot weather. He asked his dad if he could go outside, and the only answer was to tell him to shut up. His dad was quite horrible, and to Rolo and his mother. Rolo's mother was a quiet Lyncaroc, so she didn't really stand up for herself very much. Rolo's mother would never dare to challenge his father, for he was very cruel when angry. But Rolo would sometimes ignore his father's demands and in return would get a beating. Rolo's mind switched back to when Rolo was in bed in his old home, with the duvet all messy. His father stamped in, finding the mess and attacked Rolo powerfully with his moves. After that, Rolo got locked in their basement for a week with only bread and water. After driving a few miles, they finally reached their destination. Rolo opened the door quickly, excited to see his new home. They had a small house, beside a seashore. Across the sand, there was another house. Rolo never had close neighbors before, and he was excited when he saw it. ''C'mon guys, let's get our stuff ready.'' His father grunted. Rolo got his bag, and walked into the house. Rolo found himself in a hallway, leading to a living room, bathroom, kitchen and some bedrooms. Rolo turned to his father. ''Dad? Do you know where is my bedroom?'' Asked Rolo quietly. The lyncaroc nodded his head, then turned away, assuming it was to his bedroom. After a few seconds, they were in Rolo's bedroom. It wasn't something amazing, just a window on the right of the wall, a closet and a bed. Once Rolo's father exited out of the bedroom, he put his bag onto his bed and started to pull out his clothes, bathroom stuff and his favorite poke doll, a marill doll. When Rolo was very young, Rolo and his mother went out to a fun fair, and there was a game to see who can shoot the balloons with their moves. His mother won and gave the marill doll she won to him, he never forgot that memory, although the other parts of the day are very faint. He wasn't very sure where his father was anyways. He slept with the marill doll every night when he had to go to bed, and brought it with him everywhere. When he was sad, he would find his marill doll and it would be smiling there saying 'Keep going, don't let the bad things bring you down.'
Once Rolo was done sorting out his stuff, he went to his parents and asked if he could explore his new home and the beach.

Red was sitting on the couch, drinking some beer as he watched TV. Red didn't go outside or talked to other pokemon very often, because he didn't want anyone to find out he is an escapist or mainly because he was severely depressed. Other pokemon insisted that he should go to therapy, But Red refused, he just wanted to stay this way, locking himself away from real life. There was a knocking on his door. Red stood up and walked to his window, pulling the curtains a bit too see who the pokemon was. He found a rockruff holding a marill poke doll with him. What is a child doing here? A charity advertisment? But Red had doubts. He stomped over to his door, opening a little bit to show his face. ''Hi!'' Said the rockruff excitedly while wagging his tail quickly. ''What do you want?'' Asked Red gruffly, without saying hello. ''Oh, I just wanted to introduce myself because my family just moved here and I would love to meet my new neighbor!!'' Red cringed once the rockruff said he was a 'neighbor'. Great, I bet their going to think I'm some sort of insane pokemon. Red closed the door on the rockruff, walking back to his couch. He felt guilty when he slammed a door on a kid.