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In the Light of Day- Warriors: Chapter one- The Misty Forests

by Shadewing

Shadewing Dayberry is figuring out that her first Leafbare of Warrior-hood is going to be a lot more trouble than she thought.
Chapter 1, The Misty Forest


RippleStar- A large grey tom with white stripes trailing down his flank

Silversky- a small, silver she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye as well as a long scar across her shoulder.

Medicine Cat:
CloverFlight- A small brown she-cat that always has grass stains from the herbs on her paws

Medicine Cat apprentice:
Windpaw- a grey she cat with brown fringes. She has scars over her eyes and around her face.

Dayberry- A dun colored she-cat with unusually dark underfur and paws; the color of dusk.

Ashcloud- a large grey tom with amber eyes and a scar across his face; he also has white paws.

Sunfur- golden she-cat with amber eyes
-Apprentice: Moonpaw

Twilightheart- Black furred she-cat with icy light blue eyes.

Rugo-Tuxedo Tom with green eyes.

Foxstep-An odd pelted Tom; having the pelt of a fox and yellow eyes.

Wolfheart -An oddly wolf-pelted Tom with brown eyes

Deerleaf-Oddly deer-pelted she-cat with amber eyes

Duskfeather- a tom with dark grey fur, white under belly and paws, and black tiger stripes.
-Apprentice (to be): Mousekit

Open for one or two more
Moonpaw- Silver she-cat with yellow eyes.

Fawnpaw- A light brown she-cat with a white muzzle, tail and ear tips.

Rushpaw- a dun colored tom with a white stripe down his back

Open for 4 more

Featherwind- a grey she-cat with white underfur
-Kits: Mousekit, Brookkit and Mousekit (adopted)

Lostheart- an orange she-cat with a white muzzle

Mousekit- a light grey tom with little dark grey swirls and speckles

Brookkit- a smoky grey she-cat with tiny white swirls and white underfur

Cedarkit- a deep brown tom with a white tipped tail and paws.

Open for more!
Gullwind- a jet black tom with stunning blue eyes

Branchtail- a brown she cat with a crooked tail
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MistClan: after the gathering-Leafbare

Dayberry struggled against the cold biting at her paws. The snow whirled around her face as she trudged down from the Moss Lagoon. She was carrying a scrawny mouse that was so cold it couldn't run from her. 'It's barely enough to feed a kit.' Dayberry thought shamefully. The snow was falling thicker now, and a wave of jealousy rolled off of her dust-colored pelt. 'The SnowClan cats must be enjoying themselves.' She thought, imagining their always thick, warm coats and warm dens. MistClan's bush dens provided much for the Newleaf season, but wasn't as useful in Leafbare.

Dayberry felt the snow begin to soften as she entered the tree line. The she-cat passed under a branch, which in turn delivered a nice, cold blow of snow on her head. Grumbling, she flicked her ears to remove the snow and continued her hike through the snow-blown forest. As she grew closer to camp, the mist became more evident. The camp was always surrounded by a thick layer of mist which hid them from enemies, unless they knew that the camp was in the mist. Finally Dayberry pushed through the brambles that guard the camp and placed her messy earnings on the dwindling Fresh-kill pile.

Dayberry trotted over to the Warrior's den where she intended to take a rest until a loud meow demanded her attention. Dayberry gave an inward sigh and tore herself away from the inviting atmosphere of the den and turned around to face Silversky; the deputy. Aside from her bright blue and green eyes, the Silver she-cat was hard to see; even without the snow blurring Dayberry's vision. "Ripplestar wants there to be two hunting patrols out before sunhigh and then two before dusk. Why don't you go with Sunfur and Moonpaw? Twilightheart, Rugo and Wolfheart are all out hunting, Duskfeather is out hunting alone I believe, and Ashcloud is taking a rest after watch duty." The deputy meowed. Her tone was nice and sympathetic, but Dayberry knew that her 'request' was an order.

The dust colored she-cat reluctantly padded over to the golden she-cat and her silver apprentice who were waiting patiently at the camp entrance. "Are you ready?" Sunfur meowed, watching the tired warrior trudge over. "Ahh, Sunfur. I don't think I'll be ready until Newleaf." Dayberry joked before regaining her composure. "I plan to asses Moonpaw's progress while we are hunting, so the first kill is hers." Sunfur meowed, her bright amber eyes trained on her apprentice. Moonpaw so far had remained silent which was curious for the apprentice. By now, any normal apprentice would be complaining about the cold, or trying to get an extra piece of fresh-kill before they leave.

The snow once more whipped at the tiny hunting patrol, biting at them with their own tiny claws. The trio scaled the crest of a hill to see if there was any luck near the rockpile. Dayberry could hear the tiny scuttling noises of live mice inside, and the tantalizing itch to chase them all out of their dens was growing increasingly fast. So far, Moonpaw seemed to be picking up on lots of prey. Her ears were constantly twitching back and forth, reaching beyond the howling wind to see if there would be any morsel of fresh-kill around. "This wind is going to freeze my tail off!" Sunfur growled in Dayberry's ear. "Should we try the Moss Lagoon?" The golden warrior added. "I've been there earlier. All I could find was a scrawny mouse." Dayberry meowed in response, her ears falling in shame. "Sunfur! I think I've found something!" Mewed Moonpaw; her blue eyes shining with pure excitement.

"Well, don't scare it away with your voice!" Scolded Sunfur gently. "Let's see how you do." The mentor encouraged. Dayberry watched, crouched in the snow, as Moonpaw stalked towards a lump of snow. The dust colored she-cat couldn't smell nor hear anything from the pile and shot a glance at Sunfur; who's eyes were trained on her apprentice. Moonpaw continued to creep forwards and then flattened herself; making no move whatsoever. It all happened in an instant. A skinny squirrel dashed out of the little lump of snow and the silver apprentice took off after it. The chase seemed to last moons; Sunfur and Dayberry both were running after Moonpaw. Finally the apprentice stopped dead and turned around to show that she had successfully caught the squirrel.

"That's the best catch I've seen in a while!" cooed Dayberry as she admired the skinny Squirrel. This would definitely satisfy a craving stomach of an apprentice; maybe even a warrior. Sunfur's eyes gleamed with pride as she studied the catch. "Well done Moonpaw, this will go straight to the nursery." Moonpaw shook out her fur which was frosted with snow after the long wait while the squirrel was getting ready to dash out. "It's almost sunhigh, and I heard that Ripplestar is making an announcement then. Let's make haste." Sunfur meowed watching the sky.

Ripplestar was sitting on top of the tall stump when the small hunting patrol returned; his grey fur also coated with snow, as if he had been out hunting as well. Sunfur and Moonpaw both padded to place the prized squirrel in the Fresh-kill pile, so Dayberry sat down in the freezing white blanket next to Cloverflight; the Medicine cat. "You best not overwork yourself Dayberry, a bad case of Whitecough broke out in RainClan because one cat overworked himself." The small brown she-cat meowed, beckoning Windpaw to her side. Dayberry was about to respond until Ripplestar gave a loud yowl of announcement to gain the attention of those around him. "Today, we have two apprentices who have passed their Warrior assessments and have been deemed worthy by their mentors to become full warriors. Rushpaw, Fawnpaw, please step forwards." The two apprentices walked up, their fur practically drenched in excitement.

"I, Ripplestar, leader of MistClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Rushpaw, Fawnpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" The ancient words rolled off like waves around the clearing. "I do." responded the two apprentices in unison, both wriggling with excitement. "Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Rushpaw, from this moment you will be known as Rushstripe. StarClan honors your determination and quick thinking, and we welcome you as a full warrior of MistClan." Ripplestar touched Rushstripe's head, who licked his shoulder in turn. Next Ripplestar turned to Fawnpaw. "Fawnpaw, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. Fawnpaw, from this moment you will be known as Fawnleaf. StarClan honors your good heart and enterprise, and we welcome you as a full member of MistClan." Ripplestar touched Fawnleaf's head, who in turn licked Ripplestar's shoulder.

"Rushstripe! Fawnleaf! Rushstripe! Fawnleaf!" The cheers rose like flowers to a sun, and both newly made warriors turned around, their eyes glimmering with pride. Both ran to Sunfur; their mother, who licked both like they were still tiny kits. "As of now, we only have one apprentice. None of the kits are old enough to become paws, so I will be assigning apprentice jobs to the newest warriors of MistClan." Dayberry's jaw dropped in disbelief. She finally became a warrior-not even five sunrises ago- and she finally got into the habit of being a warrior. Her mentor was Ripplestar for StarClan's sake! Dayberry silently nodded her congratulations at the new warriors and padded to the warrior's den; finally being able to receive the hard earned rest.

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  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    It's alright, I just wanted my favorite three sibling OCs to be included together. :3
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    Absolutely amazing! ^^ I know for sure the next chapters will be amazing!
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    I love it! Not to be a Crtical Carrie, but you left out Deerleaf. I love it, once more, your a great author!
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