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Parasitic: Chapter One: Survival

by Sciencewars

Sciencewars In which we meet the protagonists, Jessie wants soda, Kat is sarcastic, and I use the word mycelium a lot.
Three Weeks After Infection

"Jessie, where'd you put the crowbar!?"

"Relax, Kat, it's somewhere around here."

"Well get off your lazy bum and help me find it!"

Vaulting off of the wooden coffee table, Jessie reached for the crowbar next to him. "Relax, girl, it's right here." A very angry Kat snatched it out of his hand, causing him to stumble a bit in the process. Brushing his brown hair over, he walked towards the blocked steel door. "I'm going out. You want anything?" Jessie asked, mumbling slightly.

"Just go. I'll work on the generator," Kat said sarcastically, before walking out of the main room. Taking his crossbow from a hanger on the door, along with a bolt-filled dump pouch, Jessie unlocked the door, struggling a bit to open it. Mycelium littered the road, wrapping around nearby fire hydrants and bicycles. Ashened corpses listed the area, their bloated faces pale in comparison to their blood-filled feet. These ones were fresh; he would have to avoid them. Crossing through the thick nets of mycelium, Jessie started his journey to the local gas station, keeping a trained eye out on his memorized path.


Carefully sliding through the broken glass door, Jessie raised the crossbow, poised to shoot. Almost on que, two "Zombies", or as he liked to call them, Spores, tumbled into view. Stumbling back a bit, he aimed the bow with deadly accuracy, the bolt passing through its pale neck the moment he pulled the trigger. The one he had shot instantly crumpled to the ground. The second one collapsed as he did the same. Two stalks extended from the back of their necks as a last- ditch attempt to survive, but quickly shriveled up due to exposure. The two corpses, and whoever they belonged to, had finally found a resting place.

Immediately jolting towards the frozen goods section, Jessie's eyes darted to find some form of soda. He hadn't had a nice, cold soda for weeks. Warm drinks and water filled the once-frozen aisle. The only thing left was a pack of horrible, off-brand orange soda. Jessie quickly nabbed the lone package off the shelf and threw it into the dump pouch, being careful not to trip on any of the matted fungal matter. He was sure to grab a lighter from the shelf on the way out and dropping it into his dump pouch, the metal clanging against the soda cans, as he tip-toed back to the exit.

Jessie's eyes widened as he looked upon the horizon. A mat of mycelium clumped around a moving group of Spores. There were only four of them; but they didn't tend to travel in groups. It was a smart strategy, something he didn't expect from a couple of mushrooms. Separation let them spread faster to maximize time alive. The group was attempting to run towards him; their bodies being dead didn't help them do whatever their were attempting.

Fumbling through his pouch, Jessie gasped before looking at the group. Only two bolts were left in the pouch. Sliding one into the pouch, he pulled the trigger, barely taking time to aim. The bolt slid cleanly into one of the Spore's legs, causing it to stumble and fall, taking the whole netted group with it. Two fully-grown stalks caught his eye from the back two. They were already dead, a grey liquid flowing from the place where the stems extended. However, the other two were fresh, like they were still alive if not for the visible lack of blood at the top of the body. One of them, the one he had shot, was small, like a child. It had bright, blue eyes, but they were deformed and melted. The second one was larger, like a teenager. Golden blond locks were clumped on the ground around it. Jessie smiled to himself as he turned and began is trek back to his home.
  1. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Awesome! I'm definitely staying tuned for more.
    Jan 21, 2017