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Dragon Ball X: Chapter One: Nitro

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive Onto the "better" chapters. You may recognise the character as my Own OC that I use for RPing. Just a note: This isn't cannon to the actual RP. This is just a side project I made.
~ Chapter 1 ~

~ Nitro ~

Its been Five years since the rumors came out. Nowadays, people just think the Government was Lying. I honestly wouldn’t blame them. Its their fault they Let me Go. But then again, I’m the one Blew up the lab and Escaped. Now, I live life as a Normal human. I have a Job, I have a house, all the essentials. But I Still wonder if they think I’m out there. And I Was thinking that, until the Corrupted Government Officials(CGO) came to the Town I was at. “Attention! The Android is Among You! Our Scanners have picked it Up In West City!” One Corrupt government Man yelled over a megaphone, As the entirety of West City became A Town of Running Maniacs, as The Corrupted government started shooting Innocents just to make sure they Weren't Androids. As I think to myself What the Hell are they doing?! Killing innocents! I Couldn’t take it Any longer, I Yelled at the Top of my Lungs, as my Hair started Rising, and Turning Purple, and at the End of it, my Hair Flopped back down, and Their I was, I Couldn’t think about what I was doing, All I had on my mind was ENOUGH YOU MONSTERS, Other than that, my Body was moving for itself, FLinging myself at People in Military Clothing, Shooting Blasts of Energy, Even shooting Energy waves at People, It only lasted for about a Second until All the Surrounding hostiles were Killed, The Remaining City folks were Slowly walking up to Me, as My hair turned Normal, I was thinking Just what just happened, “W--Who are you?” a Child said, as her parents held her Away from me, It felt like a Knife had Stabbed through me, I Looked at my hands, expecting to see the White-Ish-tan hands I had my Entire life, But They were Red as Blood, It took me a Second to Realize that it WAS blood, as I looked around, I seen a Majority of the Corrupted government officials were Either Dead or Crawling away to the Helicopter, which the Pilot, who was Standing up, Had a Wet spot, Seeming that he Wet himself in the Minutes of Destruction. “Boo! Get out of Here!” said Every civilian who Wasn’t killed by the Corrupted Government, As I started walking out of the Town, and then Flying, as Every human was Amazed yet Scared of me, Thinking I was a bane to Their Existence. "Honestly, They could've at least gave me a free gas bucket."