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Chapter One - Midnight

by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Eric Lange is the CEO of Lange Inc. in Nova City. But he harbors a secret.
[Note:This story has minor language. Nothing big, but you have been warned.]
[ANOTHER NOTE: Something went weird with linking the chapters. Here's the link to the next chapter- https://pokecharms.com/works/chapter-two-combuster.36158/]
Eric Lange yawned, trying to stay awake. He was at a meeting with stock holders, all demanding to know where a large sum of their money had mysteriously disappeared to. Eric couldn't tell them. So, naturally, they were outraged. They demanded their money, or they threatened to sue. Eric knew he could handle a few lawsuits, so he didn't get too worried.
"Lange! Are you even listening?" one stockholder snapped.
"Honestly? No, not really," Eric said, shaking his head.
"Oh I get it. You think this is hilarious. You keep your throne of money while we have to demand what we've earned."
"Your beet red face does humor me," Eric admitted.
"I'm done with you Eric Lange. And done with your company too."
The stockholder stormed out of the room.
"Good riddance," Eric sighed, "Any other complaints?"
"Yes," one of the stockholders spoke up.
"And what is that?"
"That man was right. You sit on a throne of riches. Well some people have nothing. That needs to change."
The stockholder stood up. He was tall and slim. He wore a black suit coat, but Eric noticed a small bulge in his chest pocket.
"I will change that," the man said, "I'm fighting for change. And that starts with bringing down the corporations of the world."
The man took a disc out of his chest pocket, and laid it on the table. A small light on the disc flickered, and a blue shimmering light surrounded the disc. It began to shake.
"Everyone get out!" Eric shouted. He pulled a small red cylinder out of his pocket, and hit the orange button on top. He then leapt over the table, and tackled the man. The man cackled, gleefully.
"What have you done?"
"I'm bringing about change," the man smiled, "I am the Activist."
Eric delivered a swift punch to Activist's face, and Activist went limp. Eric then grabbed the disc, and flung it out the window. Suddenly, a flaming figure flew by the window, taking the disc high up into the sky. The disc exploded too far up to do any harm. The flaming being shot away.
Eric sighed in relief. Flare had saved the day. Flare was a superhero, or an Alpha Human as local media called him. He had extraordinary powers, and helped people whenever they needed to be helped. Eric knew Flare. He wasn't a man at all. Flare was actually Samantha Shields. CEO of Shields Corporation. The rival company of Lange Inc. Despite this, Eric and Samantha were actually very close friends. They were working on a private project together.
Project: Midnight
The project that had used up the stockholders' money. Project: Midnight was a top secret project between Samantha and Eric. The goal was to create a high tech suit, called the "Midnight Owl". A jet powered suit that would allow Eric to soar through the skies of Nova City alongside Samantha. They would fight crime side by side. Also, the suit came with a headset that included infrared goggles, boosted hearing devices, and a beak that would allow Eric to release a high pitched sound to disorient enemies. Eric hoped to add other gadgets, but for now, that was all that the Midnight Owl suit had.
"Mr. Lange!" a police officer yelled, rushing in to the conference room, "Are you okay?"
Eric nodded, and walked out of the conference room.

Eric stood back, admiring that black and green suit.
"How's it looking?" Samantha asked, walking into the dark, concealed room in which the Midnight Owl was hidden away in.
"I love it," Eric smiled.
"Good," Samantha said, "Because I'm not helping you make another."
Samantha put an arm around Eric's shoulder, and smiled. Samantha had fiery red hair that went down a small bit past her shoulders. Her eyes were a dark, mossy green. She had a pale complexion, but always wore bright red lipstick to balance the tone.
"That's understandable," Eric agreed.
"So you've settled on the name Midnight Owl?" Samantha asked.
Eric nodded, "I think it works."
"I do too," Samantha nodded.
"Can I try it on?" Eric asked.
"You helped build it," Samantha shrugged.
Eric walked over, and put on the green mask. It had yellow eyes, and a black beak. When he put on the mask, projections of letters flashed across the eyes.
"WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCESS YOUR SUIT ERIC?" the letters spelled out.
"Yes I would," Eric nodded. His voice became deeper and more smooth when it was processed by the beak on his mask.
"I added a voice changer," Samantha explained.
"That's amazing," Eric said in his deep voice, "Thank you so much."
Samantha shrugged. She ran a multi-billion dollar company. A voice changer was no big deal. The back of the Midnight Owl suit contracted, sliding around to allow Eric to step in from the back. The back of the suit came back together, and neuro-cables hooked themselves onto Eric's neck. These neuro-cables could sense the directions of neurons flowing through the spinal cord, and recognize in exactly what way Eric wanted to move. So, the suit moved along with Eric. Eric stuck his arms out at 90 degrees, and used the neuro-cables to tell his wings to come out. Gray wings shot out from his arms, and small yellow jet boosters protruded from the wings.
"Whoa," Eric smiled, amazed.
"So now is the part where we kick ass," Samantha said.
"I'm ready."

Eric and Samantha were soaring above the skyscrapers of Nova City. They were headed towards Nova City Hall, where Mayor Ignus was preparing to a give a speech in response to the attack of Lange Inc. from Activist. No doubt Ignus would try to raise awareness to terrorism. Eric and Samantha both liked Mayor Ignus. He was very hard on crime in Nova City. But that meant that he had plenty of enemies. So, Eric and Samantha planned to watch over the speech, and make sure nothing happened to Ignus.
As Eric and Samantha approached Nova City Hall, it blew up. Eric was knocked out of the air, but Samantha managed to stay up. She flew over, and saw blood and flames everywhere. They had been too late. Someone had attacked Ignus before Eric and Samantha had been there to stop them. Suddenly, Samantha stopped Ignus. His clothes were burnt away, and his skin was seared. His head was glowing red and swelling. His head continued to expand, until it exploded. The explosion made Samantha crash into the ground. She ran over, and found Ignus still alive, clutching his head.
"Midnight Owl!" Samantha called. Eric ran over.
"What is it Flare?" Eric asked.
"We might have a problem."
Ignus rocked back and forth, sobbing.
"How did he s-" Eric began, but Samantha grabbed him and flew into the sky as Ignus's head began to swell. It exploded, and reformed again.
"That," Samantha said, panting.
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