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Fumi-iko's Alola Exploring: Chapter 8: The Akala Island Part 2

by BloomingSkyShaymin

BloomingSkyShaymin Yea yea im liar cuz Moonlight recovers HP
Fumi-iko,Torracat,Brionne,Nebby and Rockruff are going to Route 4.But something happens to Rockruff its evolving. Rockruff said "Whoa im evolving!" evolution of Rockruff is...... Complete! Now she's now Lycanroc Midday! Lycanroc Midday said "Im Lycanroc now OMG!" Brionne said "You evolved!" Lycanroc Midday said "yeah i know right?" Fumi-iko said "No time lets go to Route 4!" but Fumi-iko saw a book! a secret book by Cleffa. Fumi-iko thinks "should i read it? or not?" Torracat said "Fumi-iko? earth to Fumi-iko!" Fumi-iko said "Oh! Sorry Torracat i just found the book!" Torracat said "what book?" Fumi-iko said "Its called: "The Silver Wing" Torracat said "Hey guys! Fumi-iko found some book!" Brionne said "You should read it!" Lycanroc Midday said "i think so. reading someones book is bad" Brionne said "Who cares Lycanroc! Fumi-iko should read it!" Fumi-iko starts to read. the book says "Anything that makes my feelings heartbroken its sad and no ones wants to know like that. and The Silver Wing is my best friend. The Silver Wing is Lugia. The Silver Wing needs someones..... HELP! Im so weak im not so strong.... I miss him.... real bad...... and i lost him... Hes is in Diglett's Cave but he become a stone. but im so sad. but i understand.... here is how to turn The Silver Wing to normal. 1.Turn a Spinda to wolf. to turn Spinda to wolf use move Moonlight. the elements are A tattletail,Plushie and orb thats why you need to turn Spinda to wolf. 2.Get 1 Ruby 1 Sapphire and 1 Emerald. 3. Mystery Item from the Pink Tapu Box. goodbye and make The Silver Wing better. goodbye... -Cleffa" Fumi-iko said "so we need 7 items. lets go!"