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This is not a love song.: Chapter 7 TINALS

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro The seventh chapter, yay.
Nobody else can hear it, but I can. There's music in the air, as I walk down the school hallway. It feels great, I feel great. Why? Because it's official. I am walking down the hallway with my new girlfriend. I can feel her warm hand around mine. Feeling her makes me feel so powerful. I had never noticed how beautiful the school is, so many colors and people. I can't stand it, the giant smile on my face is appearing on it's own. I look at her and the world slows down, her beautiful hair, eyes, smile and when she blushes. Oh lord when she blushes! She looks outstanding, but knowing I am the cause of that blush. My heart, mind, and soul revolve around her now.

"Why do you keep looking at me?" Her wonderful voice breaks through my thoughts.

I have been looking at her for a while now, but so what? My smile widens as her eyes set on me. She is trying very hard to hide her blush, but I can see it clearly.

"You ever had something so incredible happen to you, that you cannot stop looking at it, because part of you fears it is not real and so you keep looking to savor the moment?" I say with so much confidence in my voice that it's hard to believe I am the one talking.

I guess I said something nice because once again, she is kissing me. In front of the entire school. Bow down to me earthlings! Your king and queen are here! You all made fun of me before, but now I am kissing the most beautiful girl in the world and she is okay with it. In fact, she is the one who kisses me, I'm to afraid to make a move.

This is great. She is great. Actually, everything is perfect. Oh no, everything is perfect. What do I do now? Enjoy the moment of course! But, why do I feel panic? Am I forgetting something? There's nothing that could ruin this, is there? I have to protect us, but from what? What did I forget? Oh no, she is looking at me, she looks confused.

"Bathroom!" I say nervously and run to the closest bathroom.

What is happening to me? What do I need to do? My phone! I have a message. From her dad? Why? Oh right, I remember. I'm a drug dealer now. Shit.
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