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Fumi-iko's Alola Exploring: Chapter 6:The Cursed Doll

by BloomingSkyShaymin

BloomingSkyShaymin Enjoy the 6th chapter its kinda short im tried right now
Litten,Popplio,Nebby and Rockruff are touring Fumi-iko about alola Rockruff said "Man im tired!" Litten and Popplio starts to glow Nebby said "Pew! Whats happening? Pew!" Rockruff said "Their... their .... Evolving!" evolution of Litten and Popplio was...... Complete! now their Torracat and Brionne! Torracat said "Huh what happen i feel kinda weird.." Brionne said "You evolved bother!" Fumi-iko said "I never evolved before but i really wish that i will evolve" Pikipek said "Ahhhh! there is a cursed doll in haunted house wahhhhh!" Rockruff said "It might be Mimikyu!" Fumi-iko,Torracat,Brionne,Rockruff and Nebby entered the Haunted House Fumi-iko said "Its kinda creepy in this place" Torracat said "Yea it was normal house 20 years ago " then a cursed doll was teleported! Brionne said "Waaaaah! its a cursed doll!" Fumi-iko said "Its now time to use a Z-MOVE!" Torracat and Brionne were powered and used a Z-move! and the doll is has no effect and start to curse Fumi-iko! Torracat said "Fumi-iko are you OK?" Fumi-iko said "Aghh maybe.." Brionne said "We have to sent her to Pokemon Center!".