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Romantic Youth: Chapter 5

by Sparklespot336

"Isn't it mysterious for someone to transfer into school in summer?" Some people whispered, as Fumiko sat down, in the cafertiria.
"Why is everyone so interested in this stuff so sudden? They were fine yesterday..."​
Yukko frowned, worrying about Fumiko.
"Aren't you a lucky one, Fumiko, to be a MYSTERIOUS TRANSFER STUDENT! Ahem, ​
let me explain, this is from ITSUKU KOIZUMI!" A random girl came and said. Fumiko gasped.
"W-w-what are you doing here?!" Fumiko asked.
"Its not Itsuku, Kurosaki..." Yukko sighed.
"Who cares?" She asked Yukko. "You're one to talk! How about I say everything about ​
Aoi and Yukko, want me to, Fumiko? Everything?"
"S-sure.." She said nervously. She gulped and smiled. "So, Kurosaki-san!" She said.​
"Yukko, someone who likes the guy who is super popular." She said seriously and quietly and faced Yukko, and her face turned red. "Aoi, someone who always looks like a big celebrity, and tried to make Hayato attracted to her, she likes him as well." Aoi blushed as well.
Aoi shook Kurosaki tons of times and Yukko was hitting her shoulder, they were​
both red faced. Fumiko gasped. "OMG! Is it true Yukko?! You like Hayato-kun?! Aoi, is it true?! You try attract boys but your annoyed because Yukko always defeats you?! What?! WHAT?!" Fumiko screamed.
"Yes, its true. I shall introduce myself, Yuri Kurosaki, I am Yuuki's little sister, and I
am the only one out of the three sisters, to be in a different school. My sisters are at Sunshine Academy, a idol school." She said.
"I know you already." Fumiko sighed, and Yukko and Aoi jumped with shock.
"Surprisingly, I have the same name as some first year in that school, she has
purple straight hair, like me surprisingly as well, and loves to eat green lollipops, and loves to wear this black jacket, and only sometimes wears her school jacket! She looks like an evil elf! NOOO!" She said.
"Sounds like you..." Fumiko said.
"Yes! But, I tricked you about her wearing a black hoodie, and she always wears
her school jacket, eheh..." Yuri scrathed the back of her head. "Oh, Yukko! I forgot to ask, why don't you wear your glasses anymore? Anywhere?"
"What are you talking about? I wear them at home you know." Yukko replied.
"Yeah. Why not in public?"
"Why should I?"
"You look cute wearing them."
"Stop it, thats embarrassing!" Yukko giggled nervously. She then stopped and
thought. I do? Will Hayato like me better if I do that? She stood up and cheered. "I will come to school with glasses tomorrow!"

Hayato saw Fumiko using her cellphone while walking and sighed. He snatched it off her. "Learn to be a normal highschooler you fake." He teased.

"That's rude. Don't boss me to do what I want." Fumiko said seriously. But
surprisingly, she caught her phone. Her cheek touched Hayato's sheek, and she got off quickly blushing. Hayato blushed deep red as well.
Fumiko turned off her phone. Yuri saw them. "Are those two dating?!" She
whispered to herself, laughing.
"Hello Hayato-kun! Hello Yuri-chan! Ta da!!" Yukko said, eunning up to them
"Y-y- Is that you, Yukko-san?!" Hayato said nervously. Yukko looked surprisingly
different. Yukko looked super happy, and Aoi was running next to her, trying to catch up.