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The End Chapters: Chapter 5: One on One

by Pikalectric7

"Fine then. Celebi, I'll go with you for this battle."
I could see a plan forming in Blake's eyes. A good one.
"Armorith, use sing!" Blake had caught an Armorith the night before, and it was surprisingly strong.
"Celebi, use grass whistle to deflect sing!" Each note of power vanished.
"Armorith, run up to Celebi and then dig down!"
What was he thinking? Celebi eyed the surface carefully to see where Armorith would surface.
"Upper rock punch!" Armorith came out of the hole he had already dug and threw Celebi into the air with a glowing claw. Celebi was no doubt powerful, but an unexpected, critical hit knocked it out.
"What?" The other trainer shouted,"Celebi, return. we should have seen that coming." An angry glow lit his eyes.
Blake was simply radiating satisfaction all the way to the nearest Pokemon center where we would be staying the night.
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  1. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
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    Mar 2, 2015