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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 5: BA DUM BA DUM BA DUM BADUM BA DUM

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon OMG 3 CHAPTERS IN ONE DAY AND ITS EXTRA LONG? Thats right! It had to be done ok?
Venie and his Pokemon have arrived to Santalune City.

Venie: -runs around screaming with trapinch and riolu- WOOHOOO IMA GET MY FIRST BAGDE!!!! Riolu: RIOLUUUUU!!!!! Trapinch: TRAAAAPIIINCH!!! ???: -takes photo of venie and his pokemon having fun- Nice work! Venie: Huh? Viola: Sorry to bust like that. Im Viola. Im a Pokemon Photographer. Venie: Well, Im Vince. But call me Venie! I want to come Kalos Champion! Viola: You'll going to have to battle me first. Venie: Huh? Are you the gym leader? Viola: Thats right! Cmon, Lets go! Venie: Ok!

They all arrive on the battlefield of the gym..

Ref: This will be a 2-on-2 Battle. Only the Challger may subsitute Pokemon. And battle begin! Viola: Surskit, Lets take the shot! Venie: Trapinch, Lets go! Use Bite! Viola: Surskit, Dodge!

Surskit got hit by a powerful Bite..

Viola: Your strong.. Now Surskit, use Tackle! Veince: Trapinch! Use Mud Slap!

Surskit fainted...

Ref: Surskit is unable to battle.. Trapinch wins! Venie: Alright! One down! Viola: Not so fast.. Vivon, Come on out! Venie: -smiles- Ok Trapinch, Use Bulldoze! Viola: Use Ariel Ace!

Trapinch fainted..

Ref; Trapinch is unable to battle.. The winner is Vivion!
Venie: You batteled so good, Riolu, Lets do this! Use Double Kick! Viola: Use Tackle!

Vivion got hit by a very poweful double kick, and so did Riolu

Viola: Now use Solar Beam! Venie: Huh? Riolu, DODGE IT!

Riolu dodged it, The Solar Beam Ricoched to Vivon and it hig quite hard.. Vivion fainted..

Ref: Vivion is unable to battle! The winner of this battle is Venie, The Challenger! Venie: WE DID IT GUYS! -laughs and hugs riolu and trapinch- Viola: You earned it. I present to you, The Bug Badge. Venie: Its so Shiny! But.. I dont have a Badge Case.. Hm.. I have an idea! Viola: Hm? Venie: -puts the badge on his hoodie- There! Viola: What a creative way to put a Badge. I recomend the Cyllage Gym next. Venie: Ok then!

The next day, Venie is back on the forest walking..

Venie: That was a tough battle, Right Trapinch? Trapinch: Trapinch Tra! -bumps into some one-
???: Oh! Im so sorry, Let me help you!

Venie looked up to see a Girl with Short, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, And the prettiest face he'd seen
Venie; U-um Thanks.. (AHHHH SHES SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!) Ava: Im Ava! Nice to meet you! Venie: H-Hi -blushes- Im Vince.. O-or just call me.. Venie.. Ava: No way! Vince is a cute name for a boy! Im calling you by your real name! Venie: (Huh? Nobody has called me that in years!) Cute?! hehe... -nosebleeds- Ava: Your nose is bleeding! Venie: Oh! D-dont mind it! (I guess i have feeling for her!!)

Soon, Venie gets cool with Ava. They both have lunch at the Pokemon Center.

Venie: Can you tell me about yourself? Ava: Sure! -send out pokemon- Venie; Wow! A Vanillox, Teddiursa and a Mearrep! THERE SO CUTE! Ava: Thanks! What about yours, Ive met your Trapinch.
Venie: Riolu! Come out! -realeses riolu- Riolu: Riolu! Ava: Aww! Its so cute! Venie: Do you want to come champion, Like me? Ava: Acually, No. I want to beacome a Pokemon Fashion Designer! Valerie is my idol! Venie: Whos Valerie? Ava: NEVERMIND!

Ava is asleep while Venie is talking to Clemont.

Clemont: You have been quite on a Adveture, Ven. Venie: Yea! I have also met the pretteist girl in the world! My heart goes BA DUM BA DUM BA DUM BA DUM Everytime I see her! Clemont: DONT TALK ABOUT LOVE I SWEAR TO ARCUES THAT IF YOU TALK ABOUT LOVE, IM BUILDING A MACHINE TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP! Venie: Calm down..