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From the Ashes: Chapter 4

by CherryBlossomGirl

CherryBlossomGirl Enjoy!
Clemont walked into the room. "I can assume you've named her?" He asked. "Her name is Starshine." Stella said with a nod and a smile. Her foster brother returned her smile. Stella just then realized her foster was standing behind Clemont. "Stella" her mother spoke. "You've been such a good girl. You are always willing to help others. That's why I think you're ready." Clemont and his mother exchanged a nod. "Stella, when you first showed up at our door, we knew you'd change our lives forever. Now go, you've got two Pokémon, so what are you waiting for? Theirs a world to explore!" Stella's eyes grew misty. "Really?" "Really." Clemont clarified. "Go on my own journey? I promise, I'll make you proud!" And with that, Stella walked out the door.