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Eitasogare no Ai - The Story: Chapter 4: T.T. for Teacher Trouble

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak The substitute teacher for Sport’s class comes in, but it turns out it’s not what he seems. Shigeo realises the teacher has been telling everyone to do what he says, but Shigeo can’t stand it anymore. The teacher keeps beating everyone up to do it, and he beats everyone up as examples of “tackling” in Sports. Because of this, Shigeo fights back.
It was another morning for Shigeo, but not normal. Remember? He slept with Ayaka. When he woke up, his face was close up to Ayaka’s, and he was accidentally hugging her. Their lips were close, but it was too late. They both blushed and looked away, as if nothing happened. “Nothing happened, right, Ayaka?” Shigeo asked Ayaka, but then she replied “Y-yeah, Miki.”.

20 minutes later, they were at school, in homeroom. It took a while, and then whoop: they were out. “I heard there is a substitute teacher for sports, Ayaka.” Shigeo explained to Ayaka. Ayaka then replied with “I know, right?”, and then Shigeo said “Yeah.”. Straight after homeroom, they had science: Ayaka’s least favourite subject. “You having trouble?” Shigeo asked Ayaka over the shoulder, and then Ayaka said “Oh, y-yeah…”. “Here, let me help you.” Shigeo responded with confidence. He went over Ayaka’s shoulders, and helped her with everything.

Shigeo is really good at Science and Maths, but hates Maths and likes Science. He helps everyone when they’re in trouble in Science, and his average grade in Science is 95, or if it’s out of 50, it’s 47. When Shigeo went over her shoulders, Ayaka blushed a deep red, and she concentrated. “So this is what you do. Right here, you…” Shigeo said, and then so on. Ayaka just got smarter in Science thanks to Shigeo’s help.

“Thanks, Miki!” Ayaka bowed and said with energy, but deep under, she was blushing a bit red. “No problem. You can ask me for more help, later!” Shigeo replied. Just then, it was all finished and Shigeo got a 99/100. He was walking in the hallway with embarrassment, thinking “What was that all about? I just embarrassed myself by helping her out! What will she think of me now? My life is ruined!”. Shigeo then walked outside and lied down to see the sunlight.

Shigeo then got out his pizza dog from his pocket and ate it. After that, he went to the courtyard for Sports, as they were doing football. There was surprisingly a substitute teacher by the name of Shioya-sensei, and in full, Hikaru Shioya, which Shigeo calls Mr. Shioya. “Nice to meet you! My name is Hikaru Shioya, and I will be your teacher for Sports! Your original teacher is away, so I will be taking his place!” The teacher said.

They started Sports time, and then they did a test run for the teacher to see how they play football, but then he found one “flaw”. “Students, you need to improve on your tackling.” The teacher cried. The teacher called out Noboru, like “Noboru Hirata, I need to show an example of tackling. It won’t hurt a bit.”. Noboru stood up and said to Shigeo “I’ll do it.” and then Shigeo nodded with a smile. Noboru came to Mr. Shioya and said “I am ready.”, and then Mr. Shioya replied with “Good. Now class, pay attention!” demanding attention.

“This is how you really tackle.” Mr. Shioya said, so he backed away as far as he can, and he ran up to Noboru, but violently. He brutally did an uppercut on Noboru’s stomach, grabbed his neck, grabbed the ball, and then dropped Noboru and ran over him. Everyone was in fear, and then a random student came up and cried “There’s no way we’re doing that!”, but after that, Mr. Shioya looked at him and walked up to him and twisted his neck. After that, he threw him down and stepped on him, and then he dropped a brick on him, which made him faint.

After this, Shigeo was triggered. He was grumpy, that he couldn’t wait to get the teacher out of the school. “So yeah, I will be your teacher for 5 days!” Mr. Shioya said, and then they all hated him. They decided to play football again, but Mr. Shioya keeps interrupting the matches trying to “fix” their tackles. After a while, Ayaka objected, shouting “We will never follow your orders!”, and then Shioya walked up to Ayaka, saying “You know, you should follow your master’s orders!” and then he got his fists up and attacked Ayaka.

...well, tried to. His attack was interrupted by Shigeo, and Shigeo was holding a broom. “You should really go, you sinister horrible jerk!” and then Shigeo pushed the attack away with the broom and threw it away. “Why not have a battle?” Shigeo challenged Mr. Shioya “Whoever gets hit gets expelled.”. Shigeo picked up a stick and then Mr. Shioya replied “Challenge accepted.” and then Mr. Shioya goes for a burning punch, but it was dodged and then Shigeo ran behind Mr. Shioya and tried to kick a rock and dust at his face, but then it failed.

Shigeo then threw the stick as a boomerang, but Mr. Shioya was quick at dodging. Shigeo then ran up to him swinging the stick. He then keeps trying to stab Mr. Shioya, but not through, and then he runs around Shigeo. Shigeo then got dust onto his stick and then made them fly at Mr. Shioya, which made Mr. Shioya choke, but it didn't count as a hit. He then jumped then tried to make a slice down at Mr. Shioya, but then it missed until Shigeo ran past Mr. Shioya. He then sliced Mr. Shioya on the back, punched him, and then went up on his back and pointed the stick at Mr. Shioya’s right temple.

The students were surprised, and then Ayaka blushed thinking “Did he do this for me? No, no, there’s no way he would be interested in me. There’s no way he would be interested in a failure like me--” and then Shigeo put his hand out trying to help Ayaka up. “Need help?” Shigeo said, and then Ayaka responded “Y-yeah.” and then Shigeo helped Ayaka up. Shigeo then walked up to Mr. Shioya pointing a stick at his neck, and then Mr. Shioya said “C-class dismissed.” and then they walked back to class.

They moved on at school; after that thing that just happened in Sports, and everyone was having fun! After school, Ayaka was walking with Shigeo back home. They were looking down, after that thing with the teacher. When they were on the train, the train stopped, but then it shaked, so Ayaka accidentally put her arms around Shigeo, and then her lips were close to Shigeo’s, but not close enough. Ayaka then blushed and then Shigeo did to, so Ayaka let go and looked away in embarrassment.

“What did I do just then? Surely it wasn’t on purpose, right?” Ayaka thought to herself, and then the train stopped, and Shigeo held Ayaka’s hand, slightly blushing. Shigeo then walked to his house, and then Shigeo said goodbye before they headed into their homes, but Ayaka was dragging onto Shigeo, and then Shigeo said “Fine, you can sleep at my house.” and then headed in with Ayaka.

Ayaka was playing more games, and Shigeo is doing his homework, since Ayaka finished it right after she came in. “Anyways, it’s time to sleep.” Shigeo said to Ayaka, and then Shigeo went on his bed, and Ayaka decided to sleep too. Ayaka wanted to come closer to Shigeo, so she did, and then Shigeo said “Goodnight, Ayaka.”, and Ayaka replied with “Goodnight, Miki.”, and then Shigeo turned to Ayaka, but then they were WAY too close to each other, but not close enough, so they smiled and slept.