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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 4: So your obsessed with Blood?

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon EVIL TEAM REVEAL (oml that rhymes) So as you may have guessed, 2 chapters a day. Enjoy!
Venie: Woah this forrest is big! I wonder how many times a Pokemon has gotten lost. Right Trapinch? Trapinch: Trapin!

The forest was so quiet.. until..


Venie: Gah! What the hay was that? -runs over to the sound- ???: You little pesk! Stay still! Venie: Hey! What are you doing to that poor Pokemon?! Trapinch: Trapinch Tra! ???: Oh... We have finally met, Vince. Venie: H-HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME? TRAPINCH, USE MUD SLAP! -trapinch would use mud slap on the man- Venie: Lets go! -grabs riolu and runs off- ???: I'll get him back...

Venie: You ok? That was some scene back there.. Trapinch: Tra! Trapin! Nurse Joy: That must have been Team Bloods Leader, Jet. Venie: Team Blood? So their obsessed with blood? Nurse Joy: No. Jet wants to get every Pokemon by force, And build an army of Pokemon to take over the Kalos Region. Venie: What? Thats horrible! Nurse Joy: I know. Well, You can stay here for the night. Venie: Thank you, Nurse Joy.

Riolu: Riolu Rio! Riolu Riolu ulo! (Please! Take me with you!) Venie: Huh? Trapinch: -starts crying-
Riolu: -get a pokeball from venies bag- Venie: I get it now! You want to come with me! Well then.. -throws the pokeball at riolu and catches it- Venie: Welcome to the team, Riolu.