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Star Wars Adventures: Chapter 4: Saving A Plant part 2

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Last time Flame was taken away by the Sith named Mal.
On board the sith fled on.
"Well, looks like your dead this time." Mal said.
"We will see." Flame said.
"You really think your going to win?" Mal said.
"Worked every time before." Flame said.
"Whatever." Mal said taking his weapons.
"When did you get a lightsaber?" Mal asked.
"After i trained to be a Jedi." Flame said.
"Oh well." Mal said.
"Hey, when are we leaving this place?" Flame asked.
"You will leave when you die." Mal said as Flame was tiptoeing away.
"Hey get back here." Mal said wile running after him and he runs with his weapons. He grips his sword and opens a hatch.
"Dont go in there." Mal said angerly as he went inside the escape pod and left the ship. He went back to the planet he was on.
"Look, its Flame." Mitch said as Brittney looked up.
"Yollo." Flame said jumping out of the escape pod.
"Look who decided to show his face." Mitch said as Brittney ran up to him and hugged him.
"Thank you for saving our planet." Mitch said.
"It was no problem." Flame said as he left with Brittney back to base.