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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 4: One Week of Stupidity

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey After having taken on the arduous task of teaching Madison the proper way of battling, Brian finds what little sanity he has being ripped to shreds. Will he be able to endure, or will he be throwing himself off the ship in no time?
Chapter 4: One Week of Stupidity

I kicked back and laid in my bed with my hands behind my head. The first day with Madison was finally over. Despite being her first time, she did exactly as I told her and her performance was spectacular. And I hope no one takes that sentence out of context. I meant her training.

Before I had a chance to settle in for bed there was a knock at my door. What now? I jumped out of bed and walked over to the door. There in the doorway stood the girl who has potentially shaved a year or two off my life with her annoyance wearing her footie pajamas. They must have dried. Or she has a second set.

“Onii-chan can I sleep with you?” Madison asked. My eyes were wide and twitching at the same time if that’s even possible. I think I even swallowed my tongue.

“What!?” I questioned in a deep throaty voice, the result of having just swallowed my tongue and my throat collapsing.

“My bed is still wet from this morning, so can I?” she persisted. I sighed and backed away from the doorway inviting her in. It was my fault her bed was wet after all.

“Aside from teaching you the ways of Pokémon Training it seems I must also teach you the ways of adults as well.” I said. “Never, I’ll repeat, never knock on a man’s door and ask to sleep with him. It doesn’t matter who it is, don’t do it. In the world of adults that could be taken the wrong way. That goes double if it’s night or the guy’s birthday. Just… no.” I explained. “You’re lucky on two counts, my birthday isn’t for another two months, and you’re too young for me.”

“I don’t understand.” Madison said in confusion.

“Well I ain’t going into any more detail. Just don’t do that again m’kay.” I said grabbing my backpack and tapping the sleeping Axel with my foot to get his attention. “You can have my bed. We’ll sleep on the floor of your room. Sharing a room is where I draw the line.” I walked down the hall and claimed the floor that would be my new sleeping place.

“It’s time for your training Madison.” I said standing over her bed again the next morning. Like yesterday she wasn’t getting up. I wasn’t about to soak this bed, but I’m a monkey with many tricks. “Axel, you grab the top I’ll grab the bottom.” I instructed. We stood at our ends of the bed and put out hands under the mattress. “On three. THREE!” Together we flipped the mattress and Madison onto the floor.

“Onii-sensei that isn’t funny!” Madison screamed crawling out from under the mattress. “You’re not supposed to be mean to Magical Girls!”

“Then stop sleeping in and wake up when I tell you to.” I scolded. Actually I hope she sleeps in everyday, this is fun. “Anyway, I was doing some thinking last night after we traded rooms and I decided your Pokémon aren’t the only ones who need some training.” I said pulling out a Pokéball. “Meet Riolu!” A small blue Pokémon with a dog like face, black legs, a black stripe going across his red eyes ending off in weird ear-like appendages, and metal plates on the back of his hands appeared in a red flash of light. Madison’s face immediately lit up.

“He’s so cute!” she squealed running over to Riolu to give him a hug.

“NO!” Axel and I shouted in unison. I wrapped my arms tightly around Madison’s waist while Axel picked up the small Pokémon. “Riolu is only a few weeks old and is still very defensive. When he first hatched, I went over to introduce myself to him. I almost lost the ability to have offspring after a single punch. Axel hit him with a Mach Punch and Riolu was able to endure the hit. Right now Axel and I are the only ones Riolu respects or trusts because we defeated him. Let him get used to you before you get yourself hurt.” I explained sternly.

“Umm Onii-chan. Can you put me down?” Madison requested. I hadn’t noticed before, but the girl’s feet were several inches off the ground. “Damn you’re light.” I said lowering her. Axel did the same with Riolu who looked more confused than pissed off.

Training commenced as it did the day before, only this time Riolu was added to the mix so that he could get some combat experience as well. Although the youngest one in the group, Riolu managed to hold his own surprisingly well. His exceptional speed and strength allowed him to defeat Maki, but Mimi was able to take out the young Emanation Pokémon. I had to explain to the disappointed little warrior that losing is all part of getting stronger. Plus, being so young his abilities weren’t fully developed yet.

Over the last few days Madison’s training had progressed quite nicely. The five Pokémon she had been training along with my Riolu were noticeable stronger under my tutelage. She complained a few times about how tough it was but I told her to suck it up as opponents won’t go easy on her. She complained more about missing her Anime. I told her to watch it online later and stay away from message boards. Madison had done so well in fact that I had decided to give her a break on the final day of the trip. And yet on that last day I was woken up with a violent kick to the ribs.

“Onii-sensei! Onii-sensei! Come on, after all those times of meanly waking me up, here you are sleeping!” Madison whined crouching next to my sleeping bag. I opened my right eye and glared at her.

“Do you realize we’ll be in Sunnyshore Harbor in--” I sat up and looked at the clock I set up. It read 6:22am. “Six or seven hours?” I continued. “I told you last night, your training’s over. Take today off or continue what I taught you, it’s up to you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back to sleep.” I said laying back down on my pillow on the floor. I never bothered seeing if the bed ever dried, nor did Madison and I switch our rooms back.

“I know that, I know that! But Onii-sensei needs to come outside! Quickly, quickly!” she cheered like a kid on Kinsday. I grumbled and sat up again.

“Fine, but you’re going to have to step outside. You may have noticed I’m not wearing a shirt right now. I’m not wearing anything else under this sleeping bag either, so unless you want your innocent mind scarred for life, get the hell out.” I said pointing to the door. Madison’s brown eyes widened to a larger size than they already were and her face turned bright red. She quickly ran outside and closed the door behind her while screaming about Onii-chan being ecchi. Whatever that means.

You liar. You’ve still got your boxers on.” Axel laughed before I even crawled out of my sleeping bag. He knew me too well.

“Meh.” was all I responded with as I starting to get dressed.

“What did you want Madison?” I inquired walking out of the room with my Infernape.

“Outside! Outside! Quickly Onii-sensei!” she said in excitement grabbing me by the arm and dragging me on the deck which was covered in a thin layer of white. Snowflakes fell from the sky melting on contact with my warm body. “It’s snowing!” the young girl squealed gleefully. I’ve gotta admit, it was pretty cool. I hate the cold with a passion, but snow was something I could tolerate. It actually felt warmer when it snowed because the light reflected off the white substance. I started laughing when Madison laid on the deck and began making snow angels. Sweet relaxation.

Madison seemed to disappear after breakfast. She was kind of acting funny so I wondered what was up.

“Onii-chan!” Well so much for peace and quiet. She came walking up to me with her arms behind her back like she was hiding something. How suspicious.

Watch out, it’s a wedding ring!” Axel teased.

“If it is, burn me alive then run like hell.” I told him. Now my apprentice stood well within my personal space in front of me with her hands still behind her back.

“Whacha hiding?” I asked innocently.

“Well I wanted to thank you for training me so please take this as a token of my appreciation.” she said producing a grey disc. She held it in front of her waiting for me to take it. I reached out and took it. The disc was inscribed with the number 10. “That’s TM10 Hidden Power.” said Madison excitedly. Wait a minute! She had TMs all this time that she could have used to supplement her Pokémon's moves with? I’m not even going to ask. If I knew the answer, I’d probably throw myself off the side of the ship.

“You look concerned Onii-chan. Don’t worry, you can have it. I have, like, fifty TMs anyway, one less isn’t going to hurt.” she said completely unaware of what she had just done. I am a man of my word.

“If you need me, I’m jumping overboard.” I said flatly turning to go outside. I walked over the snow covered deck and leaned against a railing.

You wouldn’t!” Axel yelled in disbelief. I turned to the golden monkey with a ‘you have got to be kidding me’ look.

“How long have you known me, Axel? I’m not emo, I just wanted some fresh air and to enjoy the view.” I said. I looked back over the edge and saw what looked like a human body float past. “SHIT!” I screamed falling on my ass.

Brian! You ok?” my Infernape asked pulling me back to my feet. I looked down the side of the boat where the body had presumable come from. Standing over the edge were the guys dressed in grey from before. It didn’t take long for me to piece together that the body that just floated past was the so-called Galactic they were harassing the other day. My heart felt like it was about to pop out of my chest. Then came the worst part, they saw me and came running over.
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