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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 3 The Hoenn Region: Chapter 4, Charizard?! The One From Kanto!?

by Sylvious

Sylvious Wow. Charizard is here! And he's gone forever.. ;(
Jason: Go Tailow!" Ace: I will use my bad pokemon too! Go Zigzagoon! Use Tackle!" Jason: Use Peck!" Ace: Okay. Spam battle... Tackle!" Jason: Yeah. Peck!" Ace: Tackle!" Jason: Peck!" 5 Years Later. Ace: Tackle....." Tailow Fainted. Ace: Finally!" Jason: Go Swampert!" Ace: SRSLY!!???" Jason: Water Gun!!" Ace: Come back Zigzagoon! Go Blaziken! Mega..... Mega..... WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THIS TO MEGA MEGA EVOLVE THIS?" Blaziken Mega Mega Evolved into Blaziking! Ace: Blaziking! Use Tackle!" Jason: I.. Survived. Okay! Then. Mega.... Mega.... Did it work?" Swampert Mega Mega Evolved into Swampion! Jason: Water Gun!" Ace: Are you okay!? TACKLE!!!" Jason: Come back Swampion!" Ace: Yes... Return Blaziking!" Jason: Okay. Bye!" Jason leaves. But a Charizard is the opposite. Charizard: Char!!" Ace: Is that you? From Kanto?" Charizard: Char! Translated: Yes. I want to be with you for a while so we can beat the Petalburg Wood's trainers." Ace: Okay! Lets go!" Ace and Charizard get through Petalburg Woods. And they have to say goodbye. Forever..." Ace: Goodbye!" Charizard: Char!!" So, Ace is ready to finally fight Roxanne!
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