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Pokemon: The Kids from Kanto: Chapter 4: A Novice of Battle's

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World Ash, Laura, and Misty travel deeper into the forest to discover someone waiting for them. Who is it, and what do they want from the small group of Trainer's?
Misty shrieked, and a few birds flew from the trees. She climbed to the top of a tree, and hung from the branch.

"Ooh! I call catching it!" said Laura, as she got a Pokeball ready.

"Maybe it's a-" Ash started, before pausing.

"'Cow' terpie!" he continued, shrugging with a smile on his face.

The tree branch Misty was on broke, and Laura fell over at the terrible joke. Ash started laughing while Misty started to scold him on how it wasn't funny. Then, a caterpillar with a horn on its head, and tiny pink feet with a pink nose squirmed up. It was Weedle. Weedle is a small larva Pokémon with a segmented body ranging in color from yellow to reddish-brown

"A Weedle!" Ash exclaimed, taking out his Pokedex.

"I call it!" said Laura, as she immediatley sent Charmander at the Pokemon. "Use Ember!"

Charmander shot some flames at it, making it fall over. It then shot it's stinger from it's head at Charmander, who barely dodged it. Then the Weedle regrew its horn. While Laura battled, Ash took out his Pokedex and scanned the Pokemon.

"Weedle. The stinger on this Pokemon's head guarantees that any attacker will get the point right where it hurts." The Pokedex said.

"A stinger, huh? Laura will have trouble." Ash said.

"Why are you so excited about a bug with a stinger?! Make it go away!" Misty screeched.

After a few more seconds of battle, Laura threw a Pokeball. It shook for a while, but after a few moments, it stopped shaking. Laura started to grin. She immediatley ran to her Pokeball, and picked it up.

"I got a Weedle! It's my first Pokemon ever!" she kept saying.

Laura was as happy as she'd ever been. Ash walked over to look at the Pokeball with her. Then she sent out the Pokemon. Misty immediatley ran away as she saw it. She just vanished, but Laura was sure she would be back.

"Hey little guy." Laura said, petting his head.

Ash pet his back, and the little Weedle felt calm under their pets. But the pampering of Weedle soon stopped, when a high male voice started to speak behind them.

"Greetings. Do you two happen to be the Pokemon Trainers from Pallet Town?" he asked.

Laura turned around. There was a kid, probably eleven or twelve, standing in a Samurai suit, with a sword on his belt. He wore wooden sandals, and his Samurai headset covered his eyes. He had a bug net on his back.

"Yeah, that's us." Laura said, as she carried the Weedle in her arms, Charmander at her feet.

"I have found you at last." he said, as he started to draw his sword.

Laura gaped at the sword, and sweat a bit. Then, Ash and Laura heard Misty.

"Ash! Laura!" she shouted, running to them as fast as she could.

But the boy in the Samurai suit had already drawn his sword above his head, as if to bring it down on the two trainers. Laura backed away, pulling Ash's collar so he wouldn't get hit. But Laura stumbled, and pulled Ash to the ground along with her. The sword stopped, centimeters away from their noses.

"That sword doesn't scare me." Ash stated, nervously. "There's no way you're stealing my Pokemon."

"I am no Pokemon thief." said the boy.

"Who are you then?" asked Misty.

Suddenly, his eyes had shown, as light filled his helmet.

He touched the tip of his sword.

"I am Samurai! I am also cool, fearless, and completely invincible in combat." The boy, Samurai, messed with his sword, which wasn't real because of the way it wiggled. "I have been searching the forest for you two."

Samurai put his fake sword back into it's holder.

"What do you want from us?" Ash asked.

"A Pokemon match! Let us see who triumphs." Samurai said, as he took out a Pokeball and held it out. "Ladies first." He turned to Laura.

Laura looked at Samurai, and then gave a short nod.

"All right, let's do it!" she said.

Laura quickly returned Weedle, and got on one side of the field, facing Samurai. She sent out Weedle first, and Samurai sent out Pinsir. Pinsir was a tall Pokemon, and it had large horns, with spikes on them. Pinsir had long arms, and stubby legs, but the claws on Pinsir's feet and hands made up for it. For a mouth, Pinsir had a plain whole, and the teeth were on the sides of the mouth, not the top. There were five teeth on each side.

"Whoa, a Pinsir!" said Ash from the side lines.

Ash pulled out his Pokedex, and scanned the bug Pokemon.

"Pinsir. This fearsome Pokemon uses it's powerful claws to put the squeeze on its opponents." the Pokedex read aloud.

Pinsir snapped it's horns intimidatingly. Weedle, however, stayed calm.

"Weedle, Poison Sting!" Laura commanded.

Weedle did as was told, and shot a poisonous stinger from its head. It flew swiftly at Pinsir, and it hit the Pinsir in the stomach. It was hurt some, but it didn't hold back.

"Pinsir, use tackle!" Samurai ordered.

Pinsir started to run at high speed toward Weedle.

"String Shot, quick!" Laura shouted.

Weedle shot sticky webs from its nose at Pinsir, an the Pokemon was soon covered in webs, unable to move.

"Pinsir, cut through the webs with your claws and horns!" Samurai commanded.

But as much as Pinsir tried, his horns and claws were covered with web as well, which made them useless.

"Pinsir, return!" Samurai called. "You may have stunned Pinsir, but he is far from defeated! Go, Metapod!"

As Samurai threw his second Pokeball, a Metapod appeared.

"Metapod, Harden!" Samurai ordered.

"Poison Sting" Laura ordered.

Weedle did as told, and shot a Poison Sting. However, Samurai kept ordering Metapod to Harden, and Laura kept ordering Weedle to use Poison Sting, so after some time, Metapod had fainted, and Weedle grew a few levels.

"Ah, you have beaten me. Good job, fair maiden!" Samurai said.

Laura thought he was quite a good sport, for he seemed happy, even after a loss, which Laura would be frustrated with. Laura held out her hand for him to shake.

"Thanks. And I'm Laura, by the way." Laura said.

Samurai, nodded, and shook her hand. Then, Laura picked up Weedle, and congratulated it with a smile, a thanks, and a pet. Then, she returned it back to its Pokeball. Ash then ran over to Laura's place, almost shoving her away, but she stepped out of the picture before that happened. She took a seat on the grass, to watch the battle happen.

"Hold on, novice! Don't you know that a Pokemon needs healing before a battle?" smirked Samurai.

Samurai took some time to revive his Pokemon with potions and other caring goods, before getting ready, with a similar plan as before. He sent out Pinsir.

"Go, Pidgeoto!" Ash said, throwing one of the Pokeballs attached to his belt. "That Pinsir looked tough in the last battle. But nothing me and Pidgeoto can't handle."

Ash turned his hat backwards.

"Pidgeoto, Sand Attack!" Ash ordered.

Pidgeoto started to flap his wings, kicking up sand into Pinsir's face. But Pinsir seemed completely unharmed.

"That's child's play! Pinsir, tackle it!" Samurai commanded.

Pinsir ran right through the dust, and hit Pidgeoto hard, knocking it to the ground. Pidgeoto, already sore from the last battle with Team Rocket, fell sore under the Pokemon's hit, and fell to the ground, tired and pooped. Samurai started laughing and cackling very evil like, making Laura feel bad for Ash.

"Your Pokemon is beaten!" Samurai said, holding up a determined fist.

"Pidgeoto, return!" Ash said, holding out the Pokeball.

In a flash of red light, Pidgeoto was back in the Pokeball.

"Novice! Are you ready to surrender?" asked Samurai, mockingly.

Ash started to sweat, but snapped back, "No way, I'm just warming up! Metapod, I choose you now!"

Ash threw the Pokeball, and out popped the cocoon like Pokemon.

"Watch and weep as Pinsir crushes your Metapod in half!" Samurai mocked.

Laura wasn't sure what he meant, until Pinsir snapped it's horns together.

"No." Ash said, sweating more.

Laura could tell by the far away look in his eye that he was thinking of Metapod getting crushed.

"Samurai, you wouldn't kill a Pokemon!" Laura shouted, angrily and mournfully.

But Samurai payed her no attention, too caught up in the thought of winning.

"Those horns." Ash said, worrying.

"Ash, call back Metapod, not even a bug deserves this!" Misty said, with a sad look in her eye.

Laura was glad that Misty felt some remorse for the bug, but this wasn't the time to be happy for Misty's change.

"Do something!" Laura shouted.

"This match is already won!" Pinsir said.

Laura covered her eyes, and Charmander did as well. But in an instant, Ash said something that saved his Pokemon's life.

"Metapod, Harden now!"

In that split second, Metapod was surrounded in a green light, and when the light was gone, Metapod was shining brightly, like a polished rock. Laura uncovered her eyes and looked on. Pinsir swooped up the Pokemon, and tried to crush it. But it wasn't working. In fact, Metapod was so hard, that it's spiky horns were crushed.

"Yeah!" Laura shouted.

Charmander and Pikachu gave each other a high five.

"It worked!" Misty exclaimed, relieved.

"So, now who's the novice?" Ash mocked.

"Pinsir, return." Samurai said, obviously annoyed, for the usual smirk on his face was gone.

"Clever, quite clever." Samurai said. "Pokeball go!"

And out came the Metapod that had face Laura before. It was a Metapod vs Metapod showdown.

"Go Metapod! Laura cheered stupidly.

"Metapod, Harden, like his!" Samurai said.

His Metapod hardened.

"Maximum Hardness Metapod!" Ash ordered.

Now his Metapod hardened too. This went on for a long time. So long, that Laura took a snooze with Charmander in the grass. Hours passed, as the Pokemon's shadows passed while the sun passed. Misty had started to sun bathe, and Pikachu was enjoying himself as well, relaxing in the sun. Laura woke up after a few hours, to see the same thing going on.

"We could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives." Misty said, folding her arms. "Boys can be so stubborn."

"No kidding." Laura said. "Do something other than Harden!"

They both started grunting, an then they fell over. Probably from Laura's comment.

"Looks like they've hardened themselves." Laura said.

"You two are more hardheaded than your Metapod's!"

Suddenly there was a buzzing sound.

"Huh?" Misty questioned. "What's that noise?"

Samurai stood up.

"A Beedrill swarm approaches! Our match must end. Metapod, return."

Samurai's Metapod returned. Laura picked up Charmander, and ran over to Ash's Metapod, picking him up in the other arm.

"Hurry, Ash!" Laura said.

The Beedrill swarm could be seen overhead. There were tons of them.

"Beedrill swarm!" Ash said.

He took out his Pokedex.

"Ash, hurry!" Laura said.

"Beedrill." The Pokedex started. "This Pokemon is the evolved form of Weedle, following its Kakuna stage. Its sting is highly poisonous."

"Good Day." Samurai said, running off.

"Hey, help us out, will you?!" Laura said, running after him.

Unfortunately, a Beedrill was quick behind her, and it robbed Metapod right from her arm. Fortunately, Laura held on tighter to Charmander once Metapod had been taken, so Charmander was still there. Ash took out his Pokeball, trying to return Metapod. But the Beedrill's stingers on its hands were blocking the beam of the Pokeball.

The Beedrill then flew away, and disappeared out of sight, making Laura feel guilty about not holding on tight enough. Ash had a big sweat mark on his head, starting to worry deeply about his Pokemon. Laura just ran after Samurai, hoping not to get caught by any more Beedrill. She hoped the others would decide to catch up. She looked behind her back a few times, and one of the times, she saw Ash being dragged by Misty.

"Hurry!" Laura shouted.

"But...Metapod!" Ash said, sadly.

Laura looked ahead to see Samurai running and panting. He must've been hot under all that metal gear. The four continued running for what felt like an eternity. Then, Samurai took a sharp turn behind some bushes, and the others quickly followed. The Beedrill's flew right past them. Laura wiped the sweat off her head, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, everyone's voices hitched. Laura looked at what they were staring at, and carefully covered Charmander's mouth, but he swatted away her hands. There was a huge tree, which was completely covered with Kakuna. Kakuna was a Pokemon that was the stage between Weedle and Beedrill, and it was practically a brown cocoon with eyes. They were everywhere, and one wrong move or sound could trigger their evolution, and the group would be toast.

"A whole hive of Kakuna's!" Samurai whispered.

Misty was about to scream, but Laura quickly put a hand over her mouth. Ash took out his Pokedex, as always, and scanned the Pokemon.

"Kakuna, the transitional stage between Weedle and Beedrill. Kakuna's remain inactive until evolved into deadly Beedrill and hatch." The Pokedex read.

Ash's eyes traveled down the tree, and spotted a green cocoon near the stump.

"Hey, over there! It's Metapod!" Ash shouted.

Misty cupped a hand over his mouth, telling him to keep his voice down. But it was too late. One look from the first Kakuna, followed by another, and then another, signaled every Kakuna about the four trespassers. Nothing happened. But when Laura heard one crack, she immediatley ran to Metapod, and picked him up, running back and picking up Charmander. She held on much tighter this time, and she already made a run for it, not waiting for the Pokemon to hatch from the cocoon's. The others quickly ran after Laura. But soon, they were being horded by Beedrill, even more than the last hoard. They ran for quite some time, until they saw a log cabin.

"My cabin! I think we can make it!" Samurai shouted, as everyone started running faster.

Laura stopped at the door, waiting for someone to help her open it, since her hands were full. Samurai opened the door, and Laura ran in, setting the Pokemon on the floor. Everyone else ran in as well. Then, the door slammed, a Beedrill in close pursuit. The Beedrill stuck his stinger in the door, leaving a small peephole. Everyone watched as the Pokemon pulled it's stinger from the wood. The house was surrounded.

"That was close..." Ash said.

Samurai finally took off his helmet, and set it on a dresser drawer. He took off the rest of his gear as well. His head was shaved, but not so he was bald.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, novice! You screaming out like that almost cost our lives!" Samurai said angrily.

"Take back that novice crack!" Ash said, standing in anger.

"I do take it back! Because not even a novice would abandon his Pokemon as you did!" Samurai said.

"That wasn't his fault." Laura said grimly, standing up in shame.

"What?" Samurai said, turning to her.

"I said that wasn't his fault!" she shouted. "I didn't have a tight grip on Metapod! It's my fault he was taken! That's why I'm the one who took him back."

"So. I guess you're the real novice." Samurai said, smirking.

"Yeah, I guess I am! But guess what? I'll learn from my mistakes. And I'll continue to make more! Because news flash, that's a part of life! You tried to kill a Metapod, remember? Was that a mistake? Or was it a choice? Don't compare other people's mistakes to the very best of trainers!" Laura shouted, trying to make her point.

Everyone stared in shock. Even Charmander and Metapod and Pikachu looked in shock. Samurai was about to snap something back, but stopped himself, thinking back to what Laura said. No one talked to each other as night fell the only thing that went on was the others hanging around with their Pokemon, or thinking, or reading. Samurai slept on a log for a pillow, a blanket for a mattress, and a quilt for a blanket. As everyone was getting themselves tucked in, Laura turned to Samurai, finally breaking the silence.

"Want to borrow my sleeping back? It may be the most comfortable sleep you've gotten in a while." she said, handing him her black sleeping bag.

He looked at it with a harsh face, and turned his back.

"I refuse to sleep in the sleeping bag of a novice." he said.

"Hey, novice or not, you may want something more comfortable then a log, and two blankets." Laura said harshly, pushing the sleeping bag further, insisting he take it.

Samurai glanced at his sleeping space, and then turned around, snatching the bag.

"Fine, but only because you insisted on it." he said.

Samurai then settled in the sleeping bag, and a small smile appeared on his face. Laura layed on the floor, and huddled into a ball, shivering. As it seemed as thought everyone was asleep, Laura saw a figure. It was Samurai.

"Thank you." he said. "You may be...a beginner...but no novice offers to give a belonging to others." he said.

"No problem." Laura said, with a small happy smile on her face.

"It was indeed an offer, especially after an argument. I shall make it up to you somehow. Until then, goodnight." Samurai then walked back to the sleeping bag, and slept in it comfortably.

As Laura was about to fall asleep herself, she heard a voice whispering he name.


It was Ash.

"Yeah?" Laura said groggily.

"I wanted to say thank you."

"For what?"

"For rescuing Metapod. He would still be in those woods if it weren't for you." he said.

"I would do it for any Pokemon. And for any friend." Laura said, smiling.

Ash bent down and hugged her, taking Laura by surprise.

"It meant the world to me."

He let go of her, wished her a goodnight like Samurai, and went to bed. Laura curled into a ball, feeling good about herself, and went to bed.


Laura awoke with a good feeling. She did have a sore neck for sleeping on wooden floor board, but today was the day she and her friends finish her trek through the woods. She woke Charmander, and looked at the Metapod, which was awake by Ash, who was still sleeping. She walked over to him, but he turned away.

"That's why I came over here...to apologize..." Laura said. "I'm sorry I lost hold on you...it was because of me that you were taken. I should have never let you go. And I never will again. Please...forgive me." she said mournfully.

Metapod looked at her and turned around. With a small bobble, he went up and down, proving that he had forgiven her.

"Thanks." she said, smiling. "I owe you one."

Suddenly, there was a bright light, as there was a crack heard. The crack came from Metapod's back, and there was indeed a crack there. The light woke the others up. A Pokemon flew from the cocoon. Butterfree is an insect-like Pokémon appearing as a large butterfly. Butterfree had a large purple body with light blue limbs and a nose with very small fangs. Its eyes are quite large in proportion to its head and are a red color.

"Butterfree, a long time after Caterpie evolves into Metapod, it then evolves into Butterfree." the Pokedex said.

After playing with Butterfree, and talking, Samurai handed Laura her sleeping bag back.

"I believe I told you I would repay you for your kindness." Samurai said.

He walked over to the dresser drawers from last night, and he picked up his Samurai helmet.

"I have two. I only need one, and it's something I can repay you with. It's a little small for me anyways." Samurai said, as he handed her the helmet.

It looked exactly like the one Samurai was wearing, but yellow horn-like designs were smaller. Laura took the helmet, and put it on, smiling. It fit well, and she liked it a lot.

"Thanks!" she said, smiling at him.

"No problem!" Samurai said with a nod.

He then put his big Samurai gear on, and opened his cabin door.

"Follow me." he said. "I know how to get to the other side of the forest without harm from Beedrill, or any bugs for that matter."

Misty smiled.

"Finally!" she said, following after him.

Samurai grabbed a huge box like net, with wooden poles that held them up. He lifted it so there was some crawl space, and Misty crawled in, followed by Pikachu, Charmander, and Laura. Ash, however, looked at the box.

"I'll be fine. I've got Butterfree with me!" Ash said, looking at his newly evolved friend.

So they walked together, three people and two Pokemon in a net, and one person and Pokemon beside them. Everything seemed to go fine, until a buzzing sound was heard. Laura lifted up the net.

"Ash! Get in here, quickly!" Laura persisted, motioning for him to come.

"Butterfree will take care of them!" Ash said, looking at his new Pokemon.

Butterfree and Ash seemed to almost talk, before Ash started to shout, "Okay!"

"Butterfree, knock them out with your Sleep Powder!" Ash ordered, pointing a menacing finger to the Beedrill.

Butterfree flew high over the hoard of Beedrill, and sprinkled, a yellow and white-ish dust on them. As Butterfree continued to sprinkle the dust, a Beedrill fell quietly to the ground, one after another.

"Yay! You put all of them to sleep!" Ash shouted.

"Good job, Butterfree!" Laura announced, clapping for Ash's Pokemon.

The other trainers got out of the net, as Ash started to jump around in praise for his Pokemon. Laura also got in the moment, and started to jump up and down, clapping and whistling. Charmander also hopped around in excitement.

"You were able to handle your Butterfree so well, just after it evolved. Most Impressive." Samurai said, folding his arms and giving a smile of approval.


The group had soon found themselves at the end of the Viridian forest.

"This trail will lead you to Pewter City!" Samurai said, as he pointed to the trail out of the woods.

"That's great, but before we leave you Samurai, we still have to finish our match." Ash said.

"I'd also go for a rematch any time!" Laura said, as she rubbed the side of her nose with her thumb.

"Compared to you both, my friends, I am the novice. But I will keep perfecting my technique, and learning from my mistakes, until one day, we will meet again." Samurai said.

Laura nodded, and then stepped forward. Without warning she hugged Samurai, taking him by surprise and almost knocking him over.

"Thanks for everything!" she said

His cheeks grew hot, and he started to blush from her happiness. He gently patted her back, and she then let go, and stepped back.

"I'm sure we will all have spectacular matches." Ash said with a nod.

"That is guaranteed." Samurai said.

"Just promise not to use Metapod vs. Metapod again." Misty said.

"Yeah, or we'll be stuck here for days!" Laura said with a chuckle.

Everyone else started to chuckle as Pikachu and Charmander nodded in agreement.

"Until then, Samurai!" Ash said with a wave, as they headed out of the forest.

"See ya!" Misty said.

"I'll never forget you!" Laura said with a huge wave of both arms as they walked away.

Even Charmander and Pikachu gave him waves of farewell. Samurai looked at them as they went, and under his breath he said,


And then, the three trainers headed on there way, to see what was in store for them at Pewter City.