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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 31: Masquerade

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey This chapter was originally written and posted on Halloween, but I'm not waiting that long to repost it. Masquerade is my Pokémon World variant of Halloween so much of the holiday themes remain the same. As you will soon learn, it is also Eve's favorite holiday.
Chapter 31: Masquerade

The 31st day of October. The day of the great Pokémon Masquerade where people dress up in costumes. Children go to the doors of random strangers and solicit candy and other treats while the adults attend parties. And what better place to be for a Masquerade party than the town of Lavender under the tower. Lavender Town was the focal point of spirituality and strangeness due to the ominous Pokémon Tower that loomed overhead making it a major hotspot for tourist activity this time of year.

Already the streets were lined with stalls people set up either to sell trinkets, food, or to host games. Poles were erected with orange lights hanging from them shedding an eerie glow on the night streets. Even more exciting, it was a Friday meaning people had no work or school the next day meaning they could really go all out this year! If only the full moon hadn’t been a few days ago. Then things really would have been fun!

What made going to the Masquerade all the more enjoyable was the fact that we were off for the night! The four of us finished a recon mission in the Pokémon Tower, which was probably the creepiest mission to date, two days ago and we decided to stay in town for the festivities. I say four because Raiden wasn’t with us. After he reported the betrayal that occurred at Cinnabar Port, Lt. Deter charged Raiden with the responsibility to eliminate them since they worked under him. Raiden decided to go after them alone as it would be less noticeable if only one person was tracking them instead of five. Plus, he had other assignments waiting for us like the aforementioned Pokémon Tower mission. We would have fallen behind if all of us went after the traitors.

I wandered the streets with my team marveling at not just the attractions of the festival, but also the costumes people wore. The variety was indescribable. Some looked thrown together at the last minute, others were obviously generic store bought ones, and then you had the ones where you could tell the person spent time and effort planning their wardrobe for the evening. Axel and I were the latter.

Earlier that night…

“It’s time! Change… Now!” I yelled as I began stripping off my clothes and handing them to Axel. In turn, the monkey traded me a new set of clothes that I had been collecting over the past 358 days.

My new outfit now consisted of golden shorts with an armor like emblem at the bottom that looked similar to the armor on an Infernape’s knees, blue shoes, white leg warmers going up to my knees that looked like fur, a long white sleeveless shirt that was frayed at the bottom, a white jacket that came down to the base of my chest lined with gold to look like an Infernape’s body armor, blue gloves with a gold plate on the back of each hand, a long gold sash tied around my waist and hanging off like a tail, and to complete my transformation, cloth headgear designed to look like a massive flame surrounded by messy white fur and a gold band to hold it all on. I had evolved into Axel!

In turn, my partner put on the clothes I just changed out of becoming me. Because Axel is a good bit shorter than I was, it was only natural that the shirt and pants were baggy on him. That is why he used his tail like a belt by running it through the belt loops of my pants. One look at one another had us laughing at how silly we each looked in our respective costumes. What can I say? He and I are nothing but lunatics that want nothing other than amusement out of this world. We do a good job of finding it too if I do say so myself.

This is probably the first time you’ve forced me to wear clothes that I’m actually enjoying it!” Axel laughed.

“Just make sure you remember to take off my pants if you want to do your business. I don’t want to find any surprises when I get them back.” I instructed playfully. Our fun was abruptly cut off by a knock at our bedroom door.

“Hey, are you done yet Brian? I still need to put on my costume.” Zack inquired from the other side of the door.

Sad truth: the apartment we rented this time around was a lot smaller than the ones we usually got consisting of only two bedrooms and one bathroom. Despite Zack’s protests, the girls shared a room, the guys shared a room, and there was a line for the bathroom in the morning. It was pretty cramped in the guys’ room too considering we both leave one of our Pokémon out of his ball.

“Yeah, we’re done. Have at it.” I responded opening the door to let him and Lloyd in while leaving myself. Zack gave me and Axel the once over with a comical grin at our appearances.

“Only you two.” he said affably. Lloyd gave us a thumbs-up before Zack shut the door behind them.

“Took you two long enough! Don’t you realize that the festivities start at sunset?” scolded Eve. Apparently the Masquerade is her favorite holiday so she is pretty meticulous about the whole thing. Everything has to be done right and on time or she will become more of a bitch than she already is.

Ironically, she was wearing a white one-piece dress that came down to her mid thighs, white knee high boots, white elbow length gloves, white feathered wings on her back, and a golden halo on her head. She was a freaking ANGEL!

“Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for you to just go as yourself? I’m sure people would have instantly recognized you as the devil, or at the very least a demon.” I teased. To that she responded with a sarcastic laugh.

“Silly child. Don’t you realize you’re supposed to go as something you’re not for the Masquerade? Which is why you shouldn’t be dressed like a monkey, you should be dressed as my butler.” she chided.

“Tell you what. I’ll let you play dress up with me if you have sex with Zack.” I dared. Thanks to the paper thin walls this place has, Zack heard that last part and popped his head out of the door with a hopeful look on his face.

“Say yes!” he commanded.

“I’m not that desperate Kaguya. At least Brian had a costume for today.” Eve shot down causing Zack to retreat back into the room to finish changing.

Yes, unfortunately for Zack and Chane they had no costume for today. Therefore, to make everything perfect for her night, Eve took them shopping for costumes. They were not exactly pleasant ones either. She tried getting me to wear a butler outfit but I had Axel ignite the pants putting an end to that debate right there. Instead, the upper part that wasn’t burned went to Lloyd as he would be the only one not in a Pokéball without a costume at this point.

“I-I’m really n-not comfortable w-wearing this.” Chane said walking out of the girls’ room blushing because of the very moe maid outfit she was dressed in. The way she was pulling down on the skirt part made it clear that she thought it was too short.

“Look, I told both of you that I wasn’t spending all day in the store. I gave you three choices and you said no to the bondage gear and the bunny suit I picked for you so you have to do the maid.” Eve said remorselessly.

“Trust me Chane. There will be so many scantily clad women at the festival tonight that only weeaboos with a moe or maid fetish will notice you. Plus, you have your Pokémon for protection so you’ll be fine.” I consoled.

“If you say so…” she answered warily still blushing and fiddling with the skirt.

When my and Zack’s bedroom door opened, the first out was Lloyd wearing a prim suit top and looking rather indignant about the whole thing. It must be a Pokémon trait to dislike clothes. Then came Zack wearing nothing but an orange speedo with black stripes and a white tuft of hair on the back to look like a Growlithe tail and coloration, shoes and gloves shaped like Growlithe paws, and Growlithe ears. No shirt. No pants. Alas poor Zack. Eve was practically crying with laughter as she approached him.

“Oh Kaguya! This is better than I could have imagined! Your red hair matches the costume perfectly!” she said gleefully as she started playing with his dog ears. Zack responded by groping her chest and feeling her up. As punishment, Eve kneed him in his exposed stomach.

“That’s not fair! You got to dress me like this and then play with me. I thought it would only be right to play with you back.” he coughed while keeled over.

“The difference is you’re my pet Growlithe. The master can pet the dog, but when the dog starts humping his master’s leg he gets neutered.” Eve said cynically. She pulled out a red leash attached to a red collar lined with metal spikes. “Time for your walk Kaguya.” she sang.

“I’m not wearing a leash unless you arouse me.” Zack defied.

“I’m not wearing a bra.” Eve said seductively walking closer to Zack.

“I noticed.” he replied cupping his hands. “Tell me something else.”

“Or panties.” she continued with erotic movements toward him.

“Ok, you win!” Zack submitted willing exposing his neck. Once the collar was applied, Eve smirked devilishly.

“I lied, I am wearing panties.” she admitted shamelessly pulling Zack along. “Now let’s go! We’ll be late!”

Present Time

“That was so scary!” Chane trembled as we exited a haunted house that had been set up. It wasn’t really that bad though, just the standard fright-fest goodies: Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, Golbats, Ghost Pokémon like Haunter, Misdreavus, and Duskull, werehounds and their familiars Houndoom, and zombies. I will admit that there was one weird prop of a sarcophagus with red eyes and four black arms which was pretty startling when it jumped out at us. Too bad it looked absolutely fake.

“You wuss. You’d have to be ten to find that place frightening.” mocked Eve. “Honestly, things just stop being scary after a certain age.”

“I agree with that.” said some random guy walking past us. He had short black hair, brown eyes, dark blue jeans, and a black jacket with a fluffy white collar zipped up so I couldn’t see his shirt. The stranger had a sly smirk which put me on guard until I could figure out his motive. “The four of you should come with me, I’ll give you a real scream!” he invited.

“What’s the catch? There’s gotta be a catch right?” I asked suspiciously.

“Catch?” he repeated. He then started laughing very oddly. “You’re right! My whole plan was to murder you off one by one until it was just me and the blonde.” he admitted sarcastically while dramatically throwing his arms out.

“Oh really?” inquired Eve as if what he said was a compliment.

“Yes. You are very pretty… for a Bidoof!” the stranger out right insulted before laughing again. I could almost see the anger veins appearing on Eve’s forehead.

“Excuse me!?” she demanded viciously.

“Ah you’re right. I’m sorry. That’s an insult to Bidoofs to compare them to you!” he taunted laughing again.

“Dude, seriously, are you trying to pick a fight or something?” Zack demanded stepping in to mediate things.

“And now the boyfriend is getting involved. Great.” the stranger said uncaringly.

“I’m not her boyfriend, I just want to have a friend’s with benefits relationship with her.” proclaimed Zack honestly.

“Thank you Kaguya.” responded Eve resentfully. Then out of spite she yanked Zack’s leash to not only pull him closer, but to also choke him in the process.

“Why are you being so mean? We did nothing to you.” asked Chane defensively. The guy just turned to her like it should be plainly obvious and she just wasn’t figuring it out.

“Because for Masquerade this year, I chose to go as myself. An internet troll! Username Teh Jack@$$!” he revealed proudly. While everyone else had confused looks, I actually started giggling at the whole idea.

I don’t get it.” Axel said flatly.

“So just because your mommy didn’t love you enough you have to seek our attention and waste our time? Pathetic. Just ignore him.” said Eve walking past him.

“Ignore this!” Jack declared grabbing Eve’s arm. He pulled her towards him and, to my complete disbelief, kissed her! Eve’s eyes went big from shock and she even remained frozen went the troll pulled away

“Ok, you just crossed the line their Troll Boy! I may be a perv, but at least I respect a woman’s boundaries!” Zack yelled angrily. I’m curious to know what his definition of boundary is. Because of the paw gloves, the best Zack could do was bitch slap the troll.

“Is that the best you can do?” questioned Jack. He then punched Zack hard enough in the face to knock his glasses off. Just to live up to his username, the troll stomped on the discarded eyewear. Zack’s mouth dropped open at the loud crunching sound of the lenses shattering and the metal bending.

“Aw hell no! You bastard!” he yelled at Jack. Zack threw off his paws and went in for a real punch this time, but there was definitely a reason he had been wearing those glasses in the first place for his attack fell short. The troll then grabbed Zack’s arm and pulled him to the ground.

“Oh no! I surrender!” taunted Jack dancing around my fallen comrade. He wasn’t laughing long as Lloyd stepped in to assist his Trainer with a Water Gun.

“Aw I’m all wet now! I can’t troll when I’m wet!” he complained. “It was fun guys! See ya Bidoofus and Growleyes!” he called running away with a cheesy evil laugh. Rather than make that guy suffer, Axel and I silently agreed to let him go as helping our teammates was more important.

“Eve, are you okay?” Chane asked in a kind attempt to comfort her.

“I will kill him.” Eve said silently in a low voice. The fact that she had absolutely no emotion when saying that had me terrified beyond words.

“What about you Zack?” asked Chane going to his side to help him up. I guess she decided it would be safer to deal with him instead of the murderous one.

“Terrible! When did I get demoted from ladies’ man to butt monkey anyway? Whatever I did to make the universe hate me so much I’d like to know so I can make it up.” he rambled while collecting the fragments of his glasses.

“I’ll tell you what you did wrong Kaguya. God is a woman and this is karma for your lecherous ways.” Eve said venomously. I hope she’s just venting on him because that was harsher than he deserved.

Actually, I’m pretty sure God is a genderless goat.” Axel interjected.

“Maybe you’re just having a bad October and things will be better for you starting tomorrow. You’ll see.” Chane encouraged optimistically.

“See? That’s funny. Sad to say I’m far-sighted so even though I can see distances, I can’t see what’s right in front of me. I can’t even tell if I’m getting a view or not.” he said disappointedly looking right between Chane’s legs. She pulled the skirt down to block his gaze.

“I was trying to help you too!” she scolded as her face turned red.

“I just told you I can’t see anything.” he replied coolly.

“Enough of the stupidity!” screamed Eve. “Instead of screwing around, you all should be hunting down Teh Jack@$$ so I can claim his head! Find him!”

“I know you’re pissed that the guy stole your first kiss and all, but he’s gone so there really isn’t much we can do.” I pointed out frankly. Before I knew it, Eve had her hands wrapped around my throat choking me. Surprised to say, she had a pretty strong grip making it extremely hard to breathe.

“For your information, that was not my first kiss, but it was still very much unwanted. Secondly, he still has to be around this festival somewhere! I will not allow any sin committed against me go unpunished. He humiliated me and he will pay, unless you would rather take his place!” she said darkly, squeezing tighter on the last word.

“No…” I choked. Satisfied with my answer, Eve released me. I took a very deep breath to account for the lack of oxygen I had gotten in the last few seconds.

“We’ll split up into four groups. Brian and Axel take the East side of town, Zack and Lloyd take the North, Chane and whichever Pokémon of her choosing take South, and I’ll take West. Meet at the candy apple stand in an hour with results. GO!” she commanded violently.

So what do you want to do?” Axel asked.

“Nothing. It’s Eve’s fight, we shouldn’t get involved. Besides, my policy for dealing with internet trolls back before I became a Trainer when I actually got on the internet was to just stay out of it. Don’t side with them, don’t side against them. Just watch the storm until it passes.” I explained.

“I’m with you. I don’t want him to do… things… to me.” said Chane with concern as to what Jack might do to her.

“I still want to find him to get him back for breaking my glasses. That was just overkill.” Zack declared. He passed his leash over to Lloyd. “Will you be so kind as to be my seeing-eye duck?” The Golduck quacked in agreement as he took the leash.

“I wish you both luck then Zack. I’m just going to wander around until we’re supposed to meet up just so it actually seems like I did something.” I decided. “Come on Chane. Since you don’t want to get involved either, you’re with me and Axel.”

An hour later we all met up at the candy apple stand as told. My group was the first one there because I wanted an apple dipped in caramel. They are so good!

“Report.” demanded Eve when we were all gathered together.

“We found nothing but a tasty treat.” I said dismissively taking another bite of the sweet goodness. Eve gave Axel and me a vicious glare that almost made me choke. I’m so glad she’s not the dragon of the team.

“I… I didn’t find anything either. S-sorry.” Chane stammered trying her best to lie.

“Unfortunately, nothing from me either.” said Zack disappointedly as he was the only other one who actually wanted to catch the guy.

“Dammit!” Eve screamed. Out of nowhere a guy on a motorcycle came from around the corner and drove through a nearby puddle getting mud all over Eve’s clean white costume. What’s more, the cyclist was not only wearing the same clothes as the troll, but he did the same obnoxious laugh as Jack as well. Bitch should have stayed hidden because he’s getting crucified now.

“He is dead! Nidoqueen! Earth Power!” roared Eve vehemently throwing down the Moon Ball containing her bipedal monster rabbit. The Drill Pokémon gave a loud roar as it stomped the ground hard enough to send a wave of dirt oscillating through the street like water in the ocean.

The wave ran under the motorcycle sending flying into the air. I heard Jack scream as he somersaulted through the sky until landing head first on the ground with a loud smashing sound. His bike landed on its side a few feet away and spun around a couple of times before stopping.

“What the hell!?” yelled Jack getting up. His helmet had been completely destroyed in the impact with the only injuries to the wearer being a cut on his forehead, messy hair and several tears in his clothes.

“Me, that’s what!” Eve called fiercely walking up to him with Nidoqueen at her side. Jack’s eyes got big with dread as he clearly sensed the danger he was in. “If you have Pokémon, I suggest you bring them out now as this could get very ugly if you don’t!” she advised maliciously.

“A battle eh? This should be quick if I use Poliwrath!” Jack called throwing a Lure Ball. Emerging in a white light was a tall blue Pokémon with a white belly adorned with a black spiral. The Tadpole Pokémon flexed its arm and gave a battle cry letting everyone know it was ready to fight. Like all battles in public places, this one was beginning to draw a crowd. If only they knew this wasn’t going to be a friendly fight.

“Silly boy. You think type advantage is going to help you? Nidoqueen! Flatter Poliwrath for how big and strong it looks!” she said in a cutesy voice. And the nightmare begins. Nidoqueen began openly flirting with Poliwrath much to the latter’s confusion and annoyance.

“All you did was raise Poliwrath’s Special Attack! Put an end to this battle with Hydro Pump!” called Jack. The Tadpole Pokémon did as instructed by blasting a massive torrent of water from its mouth. However, thanks to confusion and the low accuracy of such a high powered attack, Poliwrath missed by a pretty wide margin laying ruin to a cabbage stand instead.

“MY CABBAGES!!” the vender cried in horror. I silently snickered to myself while trying not to get too distracted from the battle at hand.

“That is so rude! What do you have against cabbages?” Eve antagonized.

“They taste bad that’s what. And it’s your fault for confusing my Poliwrath anyway.” Jack retorted snarkily.

“And blaming me for your inability to properly control your Pokémon? Naughty boys need to be punished!” said Eve seductively causing Zack to squee with delight. “Body Slam them my dear!” she continued. The Queen of the Nidoran charged at her foes, smashing into Poliwrath with incredible force.

“I need to end this quickly then.” the troll said trying to hide concern. “Increase the power of your water attacks with Rain Dance Poliwrath!” The Water-type instead punched itself in the face.

“Teehee, you’re so silly.” Eve giggled. “Let me help you with that. Use Rain Dance Nidoqueen!” Nidoqueen roared as she shook her body side to side. By whatever magic this world works with, that was enough to condense the clouds and make it rain. Since she was wearing white and didn’t want her clothes to become see-through, Eve casually walked under the cover of one of the stands.

“What the hell? Why are you being so nice? A moment ago you were trying to kill me and now you’re being so friendly! What’s your deal?” demanded Jack. Silly troll has no idea what he’s up against.

“I’m just trying to have a fun battle.” she responded innocently. “But if you’d rather me be the bitch…” At that she got an evil smirk. “Take your turn so you can at least say you tried.” Eve dared.

“If you insist on losing! Hit Nidoqueen with Waterfall Poliwrath!” he commanded. Poliwrath gathered a river of water under its feet, rose up with the water, and charged at the Drill Pokémon fist first. Despite getting hit with a punch and several gallons of water, Nidoqueen was only knocked back. Using her tail as a balance, the monster rabbit quickly sprang back to her feet.

“Unreal! That attack should have KOed you!” cried the troll in dismay.

“Sweetie, you’ve only been fighting weaklings if you thought that weak attack would finish Nidoqueen.” Eve ridiculed. “Now since you wanted me to stop playing, end this with Thunder Nidoqueen!” Of course that was her game. She would never give an opponent an advantage unless she could also profit from it. Truly a devil in Mareep’s clothing. The Drill Pokémon’s body crackled with electricity before she released a whole world of hurt on the hapless Poliwrath.

“Endure the attack!” Jack called hastily. The Tadpole Pokémon was struck by Thunder, and while it came out singed and very weary, it was still standing. “Now bring her down to your level with Endeavor!” Both of Poliwrath’s fists began glowing white before it unleashed a relentless punching assault on Nidoqueen.

“You little punk! Finish Poliwrath with Earthquake now!” yelled Eve angrily. She must not have anticipated the tables to turn on her so quickly.

“Not so fast! Vacuum Wave Poliwrath!” Jack cut off. Just as Nidoqueen jumped in the air to cause the tremors, the Tadpole Pokémon thrust its hand forward sending a powerful fighting force at Nidoqueen both knocking her out of the air and unconscious. “Looks like I win. Sorry babe.” Jack taunted.

“How dare you!” Eve growled fiercely. “Avenge Nidoqueen Roserade!” she called sending out the Bouquet Pokémon.

“H-hey now, I thought we were done!” stammered the troll nervously.

“We’re not done until I say we are! Magical Leaf Roserade!” Eve commanded. Roserade held out her flowered arms shooting a wave of rainbow colored leaves at her adversary. Poliwrath fell over backwards from the force of the petal flurry.

“*Arg* Dammit!” yelled Jack in frustration. “You’re up Arcanine!” Appearing on the field was a large orange dog with black stripes, a shaggy white mane, a thick white tail, and a mouth full of impressive fangs.

“Oh hey look, it’s my evolved form.” said Zack playfully.

“You’re so stupid! Don’t you realize it’s still raining?” Eve pointed out as she caught drops in her hand.

“Arcanine can handle it! Show her with Flare Blitz!” Jack said overconfidently. Even an amateur could see Arcanine did not like being the rain. Even so, it obeyed its Trainer’s orders by immersing its body in flames and charging Roserade at an incredible speed. Despite being a Super-effective attack from a strong Pokémon, the rain weakened it enough that the Grass-type easily brushed it off. Arcanine, however, seemed to have had more trouble. Aside from the recoil damage of Flare Blitz, the Legendary Pokémon also had a few poisonous thorns jabbed into by Roserade’s Poison Point.

“This can’t be!” the troll cried in denial.

“That’s one of the things that make trolls so annoying. They can’t think and are incredibly dense.” sighed Eve with disappointment. “I better take advantage of the rain while it’s still here shouldn’t I? Use Weather Ball Roserade!” The Bouquet Pokémon gathered the falling raindrops into her flowered hands until they formed a pale glowing blue ball before throwing the orb at Arcanine. The canine whined in torment as the water ball exploded on it. Arcanine was afflicted with further agony as the poison continued to run its course.

“Surely Flare Blitz did enough damage that Roserade is on its last leg! Finish it with Extreme Speed!” commanded Jack. If I thought Arcanine was fast before, this time it looked as if the canine had teleported to where Roserade was leaving the latter on her back a few feet away. At the same time the rain came to an abrupt stop leaving behind nothing but puddles. Much to Jack’s horror, Roserade got back up although noticeably weaker now.

“I’m done with this match up now.” Eve said nonchalantly as she withdrew Roserade to her Pokéball. “Walrein seems like a better choice!” A large blue walrus with coarse white mane around his head, yellow eyes, and very long tusks coming from his upper jaw emerged from his Pokéball in the flower’s place. Jack was noticeable and justifiably scared.

“No matter! That is still partly Ice-type! Hit it with Flamethrower!” commanded the troll. The Legendary Pokémon spewed a long tongue of fire at Walrein but the walrus just shrugged it off.

“My turn? Let’s see… I know! Use Avalanche Walrein!” called Eve lightheartedly. Her Pokémon wasn’t as forgiving. Bellowing loudly, the Ice Breaker Pokémon summoned up all of the leftover rain water, turned it into huge chucks of ice, and sent all of that crashing down on Arcanine. The Legendary Pokémon let out a weak howl as the attack coupled with the poison finally took their toll in knocking it out.

“Oh no way! That was my last Pokémon!” Jack conceited. Eve smirked evilly as she approached him.

“No! Stay back! Don’t come any closer!” he warned in a panic. Eve ignored him. She didn’t stop until she was literally pressed against him.

“You said you wanted me? I’m all yours now.” she said seductively before kissing him. What. The. Fuck.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Zack said agitatedly which pretty much voiced mine and probably everyone else’s opinion. Clearly Jack felt the same way because as soon as he broke free of her, he took off running.

“Don’t let my prey escape Walrein. Powder Snow!” she ordered. The walrus sprayed a cold wintry blast of air at the helpless troll knocking him to the ground. Eve returned Walrein to his ball and once again made her way over to Jack.

“What do you want from me!?” he demanded as he was once again in Eve’s clutches.

“To punish you for your crimes against me. Insults, sexual assault, and ruining my clothes. The Pokémon battle and kiss took care of the first two. Now it’s time for the second.” she said sadistically. “Follow me you three!” she called addressing us.

“Hey! This isn’t funny anymore! Let me go!” pleaded Jack. Eve had dragged him to Route 8, stripped him down to his underwear, tied him to a tree and was now lathering his body with peanut butter.

“Oh trust me, this is hilarious!” she said happily. “This is my treat for your tricks. There done!” she said satisfied with her work. Her green eyes were wide with delight to accompany her sadistic grin at the troll’s struggling. “Just you wait Jack! Soon the wild Pokémon will catch your sent and will be all over you! Ahahahaha!”

“Let me go!” he begged fearfully.

“Relax. You still have your Pokémon for protection.” Eve said placing the Pokéballs under his feet just out of reach. “But your money’s mine.” she added taking all the cash out of his wallet and stuffing it down her shirt. “Nighty night!” With that we turned to leave.

“Hey! You three have to stop this! Untie me!” he demanded.

“Sorry but I can’t see very well.” Zack said sarcastically as he waved his hand in front of his eyes.

“And I stay out of situations that have no effect on me.” I admitted carelessly with a shrug of my shoulders.

“I… I… Well you were pretty mean to my friends. I’ll tell someone in town that you’re out here at least.” Chane said kindly.

“No! Don’t go! You can’t leave me like this! STOP!” cried Jack miserably.

“It’s your own fault! You should never mess with me, especially on the night of Masquerade!” Eve yelled back to him
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