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Landon's Adventures (Origins): Chapter 3: The Pokemon Problem

by PyroGaleZX

PyroGaleZX After losing his first ever Pokemon Battle, Landon brings Mizu and can't seem to rekindle the fighting spirit he had when he started, maybe catching a new Pokemon would help him cheer up? If he can even catch one...
Landon picked up Mizu and thanked Dawn for helping it. Landon ran back to Sandgem Town as fast as he could to get Mizu some help, the entire time images of his battle with Roy flashed through his mind. When Landon arrived at the Pokemon Centre he explained what had happened and handed Mizu to Nurse Joy.

"Don't worry, your Piplup will be just fine," Nurse Joy assured him as she called for the Chansey to take Mizu to the back. Landon went to the closest video phone and decided to call Professor Rowan.

"Hello?" Professor Rowan asked as he picked up the phone, "Ah, Landon how are you, how did your battle with Roy go?"

"I lost sir," Landon answered with a saddened expression on his face.

"Don't let one battle get you down Landon," Rowan told him, "Roy may have just become a trainer but truth be told he borrowed Turtwig for a lot of practice battles and would win a lot of them, so it's only natural that he would be better at battling."

"Ya, but I lost without doing any damage," Landon replied.

"Landon you are a new trainer, these things will come to you, I know it will," Rowan told Landon before saying goodbye and ending the call.

Landon soon heard a ringing sound go off and saw Mizu running out into the lobby, Landon ran over and hugged Mizu.

"Your Piplup will be just fine," Nurse Joy told him, "If you don't mind me asking, how many badges do you have?"

"None, I just started today," Landon explained.

"Then may I suggest the Oreburgh City's gym," Nurse Joy replied, "It's just past Jubilife City." Landon thanked Nurse Joy and ran off towards Jubilife City.

Landon continued walking towards Jubilife City when he saw a small black bird-like Pokemon, "What's that?" Landon asked himself as he took out his Pokedex and scanned the Pokemon, "Starly, the Starling Pokemon: They flock in great numbers. Though small they flap their wings with great power." Landon smiled as he put his Pokedex away and took out a Pokeball, "Go Mizu!" Landon threw the Pokeball and, after a quick flash of light, Mizu popped out, "Alright Mizu, use Bubblebeam!" Mizu leaped up and shot rapid fire bubbles at Starly but Starly dodged the attack and flew off.

"Well, it was a flying type so what should I have expected, it's hard to hit those," Landon told himself, when he turned he saw quite a lot of Pokemon in the field, "Mizu wanna try to catch another Pokemon?" Mizu nodded with determination. Landon and Mizu continued to battle different wild Pokemon but never had good luck when it came to catching them.

"Mizu, use Peck!" Landon cried as Mizu dove at a small beaver Pokemon named Bidoof, Mizu attacked landed and dealt some major damage to Bidoof knocking in down. Landon quickly threw a Pokeball at the weakened Bidoof, the Pokeball opened and with a quick flash of red light, Bidoof went in, Landon watched in anticipation as the Pokeball shook but right when he thought he had it, the Pokeball burst open and Bidoof ran away. Landon walked over to the Pokeball feeling defeated, he picked it up and put it away."I'm sorry Mizu, I really thought we had it," Landon apologized as he fell to the ground, Mizu walked over and patted Landon on the head before joining him.

The afternoon quickly turned to night and Landon had already rolled his sleeping bag out to sleep in. Landon sat down on a nearby stump and opened his backpack, taking out a small can with a blue sticker on it.

"Here Mizu eat up," Landon said as he poured out some food into his hand and offered it to Mizu. Mizu quickly scarfed down the food, Landon smiled, "I guess you and me are alike in some ways, we both love to eat." Landon took out some of his food before packing up for the night.

"Alright Mizu time for sleep," Landon commented as he took Mizu's Pokeball, but Mizu refused to go in, Landon smiled and agreed to let Mizu sleep with him, it was just another way they were similar, they were both very stubborn.

Landon was soon greeted by a bright light, he shielded his eyes as he sat up, the light was gone and there was a small, shield-like Pokemon floating in front of Landon. Landon took out his Pokedex and quickly scanned the Pokemon, "Bronzor, the Bronze Pokemon: There are researchers who believe this Pokemon reflected like a mirror in the distant past." Landon rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before realizing there was a Pokemon right in front of him.

"Mizu, wake up!" Landon shouted as he grabbed Mizu and began shaking it, Mizu responded with an immediate Bubblebeam. The Bronzor turned and began floating away but kept turning as to indicate that it wanted Landon and Mizu to follow it. Landon quickly stuffed his sleeping bag into his backpack and ran after Bronzor with Mizu as well.