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Trading Sides Over: Chapter 3: It All Begins

by Icena

Icena It took me a long time to write this, I was really busy, but anyway, now I'm done!
Lenna hurried the gate to Route 4, still holding the poor Gothita in her hand. She figured that if Professor Sycamore is using Pokemon that way, she should get as far away from him as possible, yet still find a way to stop him. Lenna thought for a while, then stopped at a rock and put down Gothita. She opened her bag and took out a Heal Ball, which Lenna was guessing would heal Gothita. She gently touched Gothita with the pokeball, and caught her. Lenna quickly let her out to see a smiling Gothita. Gothita looked so cute, but Lenna knew she was tough just by looking at her eyes. "Gothi, Gothita!" Squealed Gothita, as if saying thanks to Lenna. "Your welcome," Lenna replied, thinking of a way to save all the pokemon Professor Sycamore was putting in machines. "Hey, you there! We need you, come with me!" Lenna froze, hoping Professor Sycamore wasn't chasing after her. "We need you!" the mysterious voice repeated. Lenna slowly looked up at the sky. A dark red jet plane was hovering in the air above her. Lenna decided to see who that man in the helicopter was before she would run away. She watched as the jet plane slowly landed on the ground. A man with red hair and a red suit went out. Lenna recognized that outfit. It was the Team Flare uniform she saw her cousin, Lynne, wear when she joined Team Flare. Ever since she joined the group, Lenna hated her for it, even though they were close. Lenna turned to run from Team Flare before they catch her, but forgot to bring Gothita with her! She rushed back to get her, but it was too late. A Team Flare grunt took the poor Gothita into the jet plane. Lenna ran after him to get back Gothita, but another grunt covered her eyes with something. She tried to take it off, but couldn't. She heard someone say, "Go, start the engine!" and fainted.
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