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Solandis: Chapter 3:In the Eternal Forest

by MihajloJedi

MihajloJedi Hey, I just wanted to thank you again for all support this series is getting. Character featured in this chapter are:
Fredrigo Hloree by @Clite of Dragonbow
Nabina Spiney by @Clite of Dragonbow
For the last 20 minutes, Michael was looking at the map trying to figure out where they are and where they should go. It wasn't quite as easy as he expected.
"So if we started to go from here, now we should be here... Or maybe here... Gah, I just can't follow up with this map," Michael said while he was pointing at a place on map they were now, or Michael thought they were.
While he was busy trying to figure out their location, others were just having fun like they were going on vacation.
"Adrian come look at this," Michael said to Adrian.
"So, if I read this map correctly, we should be here, and that means we are going too much south, right?" Michael asked his friend.
"True. If we want to get back on our track, we have to go... This way."Adrian announced pointing towards the northeast.

On the different side of Solandis, Deathark told Theromino everything he knew about the resurrection of his master using stones. Theromino listened very carefully.
"My lord, I understand the story, but why did I need to hear it, "Theromino asked after Deathark finished with storytelling.
"You had to hear this General Kama because you're going to find stones for me. Two other generals will be assigned to go with you. You have to bring them as soon as possible, cause I have the feeling someone started gathering stones, and I am pretty sure they don't serve Nullus."Deathark said whit a bit of anger in his voice.
"Yes, my lord, I will get ready as soon as possible," Theromino said
"Just one more thing lord, who is coming with me?" Theromino asked after he opened the door.
"General Hloree and General Spiney, "Deathark said whit a smile.

Sun rose behind the mountains, and it lighten road in front of our heroes. Michael was really happy they are back on their way and that their location isn't a mystery anymore. He was walking at the beginning of the group. Just a little behind him was Kevin. He was eating a piece of meat that Michael didn't want to ask him where he found that. Behind them, were Heaven and Nevaeh. Nevaeh was joking with Heaven, always trying to fool her. Behind them, Gul and Akrunako were going, while comparing different combat techniques. After them were Bruno and Skylar and at the end of the group was Adrian, he was walking with a slower tempo, cause he was still reading the stone book. They made their first break after 6 and a half hours of walking. They all gathered in a circle and let Michael talk.
"So everyone in the village is wake by now, and that means they know we are gone. The evil army is gonna hear soon, so they will probably send patrol after us, so we need to hurry. We have to cross at least 1/5 part of the Eternal Forest by the end of next day. That means we are gonna need 10-11 days to go to the Ice Mountains, but since we don't wanna risk, we are not gonna go over Wolf' Fields, we will need one more day to get around Fields. That makes a total of 12 days to go through Eternal Forest without longer breaks. Does anyone has any questions?"Michael asked after he told his plans to his friends.
No one said anything, so they just picked up their stuff and continued to go forward.

Next four days were almost the same for our heroes. Over the day, they would travel, but over night, they would sleep in small camps set on most hidden place possible.

Travel of three evil generals wasn't much more exciting. Only thing is that generals were talking and joking much less. Fredrigo Hloree was bothering Theromino Kama all the time to tell him a place of the first stone, but the answer was always same, "you will see when we get there, dumbass".
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    Clite of Dragonbow
    Nobody put a comment so I will... Cant wait to see them meeting the first guardian!
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