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Pokemon: The Kids from Kanto: Chapter 3: Cool Caterpie

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World As Ash, Laura, and Misty went into Viridian Forest, they stumbled upon a Caterpie. What will happen when Ash tries to catch it, and travel with it? How much will one Caterpie change?
The Pokeball flew at a rapid pace, and hit the Caterpie on the forehead, and the Caterpie bounced back a little, as the Pokeball opened, sucking it inside. The Pokeball wiggled as Ash, Misty, Laura, Pikachu, and Charmander stood there, watching the Pokeball wiggle back and forth. Laura actually sweat a bit. But there was a soothing sound, that made the tense group loosen up, as the red light in the center disappeared, and the Pokeball stopped moving. Ash's determined frown turned into a surprised look. And the surprised look soon turned into a big smile, and he started shouting.

"Yes! I did it!" he shouted, running over to the Pokeball and picked it up, looking at it triumphantly. "I got Caterpie!"

Laura smiled at his enthusiastic attitude.

"I did it all by myself! I caught my first Pokemon! This is my first step on becoming the number one Pokemon master in the whole world!" Ash said, dashing around Laura and Misty.

He suddenly linked his arm into Laura's, and linked his other arm into Misty's. He started running around, striking the surprise of Laura and Misty.

"Hey, let go of me kid!" Misty said, as she struggled to keep up with Ash.

Laura was a bit awed at how Ash had wrapped his arm around hers, but it didn't take too long for her to catch up. This went on for a little while, until Ash got control of himself and stopped. But that didn't stop his bragging.

"Ash, you're acting like a-" Misty started, but Ash cut her off.

"Inside this Pokeball is the very first Pokemon I ever caught in my whole entire life!" Ash said, shoving the ball in front of Misty and Laura.

Misty looked at the Pokeball, like if it touched her she'd have cancer. However, Laura didn't seem to mind the Pokeball.

"Okay, just keep it away from me, will ya?" Misty said, as she shook around, and put her hands up to block the Pokeball.

"You're not afraid of an itty bitty Caterpie in a Pokeball, are you?" Ash said, sticking it up to her tauntingly.

Laura smirked, and started to giggle a bit.

"Bugs get me all bugged out! Even when they're in a Pokeball. Just keep it away!" Misty said, squirming, before yelling in Ash's face and turning the other way, so her back was faced towards him.

"C'mon Misty, it isn't even near you. It's concealed into a small capsule." Laura said, putting a hand on her hip, and leaning her weight on one of her legs.

"So what! It's still a bug, and it's disgusting!" Misty said, getting up in Laura's face.

Laura started to sweat a little, before turning to Ash.

"You should probably stop taunting her. She obviously doesn't like your new friend." Laura said, a bit scared of Misty at the moment.

"I like bugs, even when they're in a Pokeball. It must be all warm in cozy in there for Caterpie. All cute and comfortable for him. I love my new little Pokemon." Ash said, rubbing his cheek against the Pokeball.

"A little weird, Ash. A little weird." Laura said to Ash, making him stop, as some sweat trickled down his face.

Misty however, looked extremely annoyed with Ash's new Caterpie.

"I guess it takes a worm to love a worm." Misty said, glaring from behind her back.

"Hey! I'm not a worm, you are! And I don't love Ash! I mean, I do as a friend, but not like that!" Laura said, getting a bit nervous.

Ash looked at Laura, awkwardly. Misty turned around, glaring at Laura, with her face red. "

Not you and Ash! Ash and his new bug!" Misty shouted, making Laura fall to the ground in fright.

Laura's face burned bright red, as she should've been able to interpret what Misty meant. How stupid was Laura?

"Pikachu! We've got a new friend!" Ash said, as he bent down, and showed Pikachu the Pokeball.

Pikachu jumped in excitement, and Charmander walked over to check it out, being just as excited as Pikachu.

"Oh, Pikachu, Charmander, I'm glad you two like it! And from now on we'll catch a whole bunch of new friends!" Ash said.

"Hold up, I need some new Pokemon too!" said Laura, stepping up to him. "Me and charmander won't be able to battle gyms on our own."

"I know, I know. You can have the next one!" Ash said, glaring at her.

Laura rolled her eyes, before looking at him.

"Okay. Thanks." she said, a bit awkwardly.

"Anyways, Caterpie's sticking with us!" Ash said, looking at his Pokeball triumphantly.

Misty jumped a little, before slowly turning her head around.

"Does that mean..." Misty said, not being able to finish before Laura jumped behind her.

"Caterpie, come out!" Ash said, throwing Caterpie's Pokeball onto the ground.

Misty immediately ran about six yards away, and hid behind a tree, shivering. Laura wasn't that scared of Caterpie, but she was scared enough to grab Ash's shoulders and hide behind him as he walked towards Caterpie.

"C'mon guys, there's nothing to be scared of." Ash said, walking up to his new bug Pokemon. "C'mon Caterpie, climb upon my shoulder." Ash said, as he knelt down and held out a hand for Caterpie to climb on.

Caterpie nodded, and inched its way towards Ash, but stopped short and looked up, spotting Misty, who was watching it from a distance. Then Caterpie went crazy, striking the surprise of Ash, Laura, Misty, and Charmander.

"Hey Caterpie, come back!" Ash shouted.

But Caterpie didn't listen, and soon, Misty shrieked, as Caterpie rubbed its head up against her ankle. Laura thought about just how cute it was, and she said to Misty, "It looks like you have a new friend too."

"Get this disgusting bug away from me!" Misty shouted, as she fell to the ground.

Caterpie looked surprised, and so did Charmander and Pikachu.

"You think Caterpie's disgusting?" Ash and Laura said at the same time.

Caterpie looked utterly defeated, as Pikachu and Charmander quickly came over to comfort the Pokemon. Sure, Laura was scared of caterpillars, but she didn't think they were disgusting. Just creepy.

"I know!" Misty said, picking up Pikachu. "You two can be friends with that creepy bug, and I'll play with Pikachu!"

"I'll pass, thanks." Laura said quickly, hiding behind Ash again.

Ash only smirked at Misty.

"Pikachu only likes me and Laura, and he'll shock anyone who touches him and-" Ash said, before being interrupted, but not by words.

Misty was petting Pikachu, and Pikachu was smiling and giggling, striking the anger of Ash.

"Pikachu..." Ash growled under his breath, making Laura giggle.

But Caterpie had gotten extremely sad. It's eyes got big and teary, and it immediately ran over to Laura, rubbing against her leg, as the tears came crumbling down. Laura froze for a minute, scared out of her mind. But nothing terrible happened, like she thought a caterpillar would do. So she slowly bent down, picked it up, and hugged it. It was actually very small, and cute. Laura never noticed it, so she must've overlooked it.

"Caterpie seems to like you too, Laura!" Ash said, smiling.

Laura had to admit, she liked Caterpie now.

"I guess I never realized, but I like it too." she said, petting it's back a bit.

The bug stopped squirming, so it must've stopped crying. Laura held the bug out in front of her. It still looked sad, but tears weren't spewing out of it's eyes.

"It's alright." Laura said, giving him an encouraging smile.

Then she handed Caterpie to Ash, who took him, and put him on his shoulder.

"You won't scare Misty anymore." said Ash looking at Caterpie.

Misty paused for a minute.

"What do you mean he won't scare me?" Misty said a disgusted look on her face. Laura was quite confused too.

When Ash spoke next, he didn't even direct his voice towards Misty.

"We'll go on without her. C'mon, Laura and Pikachu." Ash said, strutting off with Caterpie on his shoulder.

Pikachu wiggled out of Misty's arms, and hopped after Ash, who was quickly followed by Laura and Charmander. Laura heard Misty say something as they left, but then, she was out of earshot. After a few minutes of walking and talking, Pikachu started pointing back down the path, which Laura looked at, and she saw Misty, following them. Misty then saw Laura looking, and ducked behind a tree. Ash then turned around.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Misty's following us." Laura said, clearing up Pikachu's signals.

"What're you following us for?" Ash shouted, annoyed.

There was a short pause.

"M-My bike! I'm holding you two responsible for my bike!" Misty shouted, sweating.

"When're you gonna get over that dumb thing." Ash responded.

"For your information Mr. Pokemon Master, your the dumb one! If you two hadn't destroyed it in the first place, I would've been out of here by now!" Misty shouted.

"Sure." Laura said sarcastically. "We told you we'd make up for your bike one day anyway!"

"And if we're so dumb, how come you're still following me?!" Ash shouted.

"I'm not following you this happens to be the fastest way through the woods!" Misty snorted.

"Sure." Laura stated again.

"Fine, do whatever you want. C'mon, let's go." Ash grabbed Laura's wrist, and turned around, pulling her behind him. However, Laura didn't question his motives.

"Well that's exactly what I'm doing!" Misty retorted with a scowl.

Pikachu and Charmander stopped in their tracks, shaking their heads to one another in disapproval of the children's actions.


Laura, Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Caterpie, and Charmander were all huddled around a campfire, setting up sleeping bags for the night. Laura's was close to the fire, because of the heat, and Ash's was right next to hers. Misty's was on the other side of a tree stump, which was further away from the fire. Laura was humming as she was getting changed behind some trees. She came out wearing her pajamas from the night before she started her journey. When she walked out of the bushes, barefoot, everyone was starting to snuggle into their sleeping bags. Laura had a black one, which she slipped into as well, her backpack as a pillow, like Ash. She squirmed a little, getting warm, and then called Charmander over to sleep with her. He cuddled inside, and popped his head and tail out, cuddling next to Laura in preparation for sleep.

"Well, we better get some sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day." Ash said, staring up at the sky.

"You said it." Laura spoke, her eyelids getting a bit droopy.

"Well we'd all get to sleep if you'd both shut your big mouths!" Misty said, turning over in her sleeping bag.

"Don't let the bed bugs bite!" Ash said, mockingly.

"Both of you, shut up." Laura said.

They both gave little "hmph" remarks, before rolling over on their sides, Ash facing Laura, and Misty facing the trees of the forest.

Before long, all three trainers were asleep, and that's how it stayed, until morning.


Everyone awoke to a high pitched scream. Laura immediately slipped out of her sleeping bag and jumped up, Charmander as well. Ash, however, looked like a caterpillar still in his sleeping bag.

"What's wrong?!" Laura shouted, mad to be awoken so early.

"What is that thing doing sleeping near me?!" Misty shouted.

Laura turned and saw Caterpie, and Laura immediately spoke up.

"That 'thing' is a sweet Pokemon! Quit downing on him!" Laura shouted, getting upset.

Ash laughed, taking a much different tone.

"Caterpie just wants to be your friend." he said, smiling.

Misty lifted her head up.

"If that thing wants to be my friend it can stop bugging me already!" Misty shouted.

Laura stomped over to Misty, until their noses were touching.

"You may have an opinion, and you may want to share it, but if it's gonna break someone's heart, then shut your mouth!" Laura said, starting with a slight growl, then having it grow into a yell.

Misty shuddered, then quickly nodded, and Laura realized how harsh she was. She started sweating. Then she shook her head, and gave a frown.

"Sorry, but it's true." Laura continued, shrugging.

Caterpie, no matter what, still felt entirely offended. His eyes watered, and he inched his way back to his pokeball. It pressed the button, and disappeared inside.

"Caterpie! Come back!" Ash shouted, as he looked worried for his friend.

"Misty, you should really apologize." Laura said, as she crossed her arms to Misty.

"Yeah! Pokemon have feelings too you know." Ash continued.

Misty however, closed her eyes, turned her back to them, and crossed her arms. She made a 'hmph' sound as she did so.

"Don't you worry Caterpie. Someday we'll show her." Ash said, as he went over to the Pokeball Caterpie confined himself in.

Laura walked over and tapped the button on the Pokeball. It opened, but Caterpie didn't come out. There was just a red mist inside. So Laura closed it. Misty looked away, a little guiltily.

"Serves you right!" shouted an angry Laura.

Then there was a strange sound. A flapping. Ash, Misty, and Laura looked up, and saw a bird flying down. It had a red head piece, and it looked similar to a large Pidgey. It flew right in between the group, and landed in some nearby grass. Laura thought about catching it, and took out an empty Pokeball. However, Ash had already started running up to it.

"Wow, a Pidgeoto!" he said.

Laura put her Pokeball back. Pidgeoto was the evolved form of Pidgey, and Laura wanted to catch first evolution Pokemon. Ash took out his Pokedex, and it started to talk.

"Pidgeoto: the evolved form of the Pidgey. it is armed with sharp claws and dives from the sky to capture its prey. Unlike the more gentle Pidgey, Pidgeoto can be dangerous. Approach with extreme caution.

"Alright Pidgeoto, I'll show you who's the dangerous one around here." Ash said, as he grabbed a Pokeball, and supersized it.

He got ready to throw, but before he could, Laura grabbed his wrist, and whispered in his ear.

"You need to weaken it otherwise it'll get away." she said in a quiet tone.

"Oh, right..." Ash said, sweating a bit.

Ash picked up the Pokeball on the stump, and threw it out.

"Go Caterpie!"

"Ash, no!" Laura shouted.

But it was too late. the Caterpie appeared, and was going to get eaten alive. Even Misty, Charmander, and Pikachu gasped. It was bad.

"You don't have any idea of the mistake you just made, do you?!" shouted Misty, angrily.

Ash sweated a bit.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"It's a worm and a bird! Caterpie is going to die!" Said Laura.

Laura immediately ran out to Caterpie, scooping him up. Pidgeoto started to peck at Laura, who was running away from it with Caterpie. Charmander was trying to chase after the Pidgeoto, and the whole thing turned into a hot mess. Ash gasped, not sure what to do. Caterpie tried to turn around and do something, but just the sight of the Pidgeoto made him hide back into Laura's arms.

"Call Caterpie back!" Misty said.

"Caterpie, return!" Ash said.

Caterpie was sucked into the Pokeball. Now the only problem was, that Pidgeoto was still chasing Laura, who was running away like a mad man. Charmander, tired of running, had flopped onto the ground next to Pikachu.

"Go, Pikachu!" said Ash, pointing to the Pidgeoto.

Pikachu obeyed, and dashed out onto the field, where the Pidgeoto was chasing Laura.

"Pikachu! Thundershock, now!" Ash shouted.

Pikachu's cheeks lit up, but it didn't shoot. It must've been waiting for the right time to shock Pidgeoto, without hurting Laura. Thundershock hit the Pidgeoto, but it also hit Laura. Pikachu stopped as soon as Laura yelled, and Pidgeoto was flat on his face. Ash threw a pokeball, and Pidgeoto went inside. The Pokeball fell to the ground, and it shook for a few minutes. Then it stopped. Laura, flat on the ground, tired from running and being hit by electricity, closed her eyes, as tears fell. She didn't want to cry, but she felt absolutely awful. Not only did her burn from before ache, but her whole body did because of her falling and recent electrical shock. Ash ran over to Laura, and helped her up, Misty in quick pursuit.

"Are you okay?" asked Misty, as Laura coughed a little.

"Fine." she said, as she wiped away the invisible tears.

While Misty cared for Laura, Ash an over to his Pokeball, rejoicing about his new bird Pokemon.

"I'm the greatest!" Ash said, as he walked up to Misty, and showed off his new Pokemon.

"You're the worst!" she said. "You have no idea what your doing! It'll be a long time until you're a Pokemon master! Like a million years! Plus, you left Laura in the dust when your Pikachu shocked her hard! Did you forget about her burn?!"

Ash sighed.

"Sorry Laura. But I'm trying to-"

"You should try to learn something about Pokemon first!" Misty interjected. "When it comes to Pokemon you have to use strategy."

"She's right. Caterpie's a worm, and Pidgeoto's a bird. Birds devour worms. That could've been major." Laura said, as she crossed her arms.

"Well, if you try hard enough things will work out, right?" Ash said, sweating.

"No, Ash, things won't just work if you try hard enough!" Misty said, as she took a stomp forward. "A Pokemon trainer's judgement is more important than anything else! And unfortunately for you, that trainer has to have a brain!"

Laura grabbed Misty's arms, and started to restrain her from physically hurting Ash, who had started sweating. As Misty tried to break from Laura's grasp, the group of three heard a witch like cackle.

"So, we meet again?" said a man's voice.

"I know that voice!" Ash said.

"It's Team Rocket!" Laura said, as she ran to Charmander, and picked him up.

She held him close, not daring to give him up. The silhouettes of Team Rocket were the only things the three could see. Jessie started.

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all peoples within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!" Meowth finished.

"Not again." Ash said worriedly.

"Charmander will beat 'em. Right?" Laura said, looking at Charmander with a determined look.

Charmander nodded.

"We're a little busy now, so could you-" Ash started.

"Quiet, little boy. We're not here to listen to you. We're here to get both your Pokemon!" Jessie said.

"Hand over the Pikachu and Charmander." James said, pointing to the Pokemon.

"Hey, this is my Pikachu, go find your own!" Ash hollered.

"They only want your Pikachu and my Charmander. They're weird like that!" Laura said, glaring at Team Rocket.

"We aren't weird. We want the rare. That's all we go for." James said.

"Giovanni will be pleased when we show him your Pokemon." Jessie said.

Meowth glared at his trainers, and scratched them in the face. A lot.

"Are our Pokemon really that special?" Ash asked, his eyes wide.

"What can I say, we're cool." said Laura, smirking at Ash.

"Your guys' Pokemon impressed even me. I really got a kick out of the power they put together. They created the best attack the last time we met. Their powers exceeded their evolutionary level! Your Pokemon-" Meowth said.

But he was cut off when Jessie and James started to stomp on him.

"Now you're the one giving away all our secrets!" Jessie scolded.

"Shut up before you tell them everything!" James said.

Laura couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

"Cut it out!" Meowth said.

"Make things easy and hand over your Pokemon!" Jessie said, after regaining composure.

Ash turned his head away.

"Forget it!" Ash said.

Laura glared at him, and walked over to him, pulled his ear to her mouth, and whispered,

"You don't say that, you say okay, and then you attack! Element of surprise!"

Laura let go of his ear, as Team Rocket spoke. They took out their own Pokeballs.

"You leave us no choice. Pokemon battle! Ekans go!" Jessie shouted, throwing her Pokeball.

At the same time, James threw his.

"Koffing, go get them!" he said.

Their Pokeballs opened, and out appeared two Pokemon, the ones from two nights ago. Unfortunately, I never explained their looks. The first one, Ekans, was a snake, and it was coated in a light purple. It had yellow eyes, and a yellow ring around its neck. The rattle at the end of it's tail was also yellow. The second Pokemon, Koffing, was a lighter purple shade, and it looked like a moon. It was floating in the air, and it had lot's of craters. There always seemed to be a strange mucky air flowing from the craters. There was a toxic sign around it's middle.

"Hey, two against one is cheating!" Ash shouted.

"Actually, it's two against two! I'm still here!" Laura said, stepping up. "Let's go, Charmander!"

Charmander got into a fighting stance, ready to battle.

"Koffing, sludge attack on Pikachu!" James ordered.

Unfortunately, Ash wasn't paying much attention and Pikachu was squirted in the eyes with mud, unable to see. Pikachu tried to wipe off the sludge, but it didn't work too well. Ash picked Pikachu up, and held him close.

"If you think you can use your dirty tricks to beat me, you're wrong!" he said.

"Charmander, use Ember on Koffing!" Laura shouted.

Charmander breathed in, and shot out fire, which hit Koffing and his smoke. There was a small explosion, and Koffing was on the floor, fainted.

"Awesome!" Laura said, as she pumped a fist.

However, the only reason it knocked him out, was because of the smoke and fire connection.

"Koffing, return." James said, calling back the fainted Pokemon.

"Laura!" Ash called out. "Take Pikachu! Don't let those thieves get him!"

Ash walked to Laura and placed the Pikachu in her arms. She held him tight, and nodded.

"He'll be safe with me." Laura said.

Ash took out another Pokeball, and threw it. It landed on the ground, and out shot a red light. Then, in front of the group there stood the bird Pokemon, Pidgeoto. Pidgeoto immediately took flight, and dove into the air.

"Ekans! Go get your dinner!" Jessie shouted.

The snake bounced around, trying to trap the bird in his mouth, but Pidgeoto dodged each attack.

"Pidgeoto, quick attack!" Ash shouted.

"Charmander, Scratch!" Laura commanded.

Both Pokemon started into action.

"Ekans, go underground!" Jessie said.

The same immediately dove into the earth, becoming hidden from everyone.

"Charmander, run around and confuse it!" Laura commanded.

Charmander ran around a lot. But Ekans shot out of the ground, ramming right into Charmander, and throwing it by Laura. Then Ekans went after Pidgeoto, and as much as Pidgeoto tried to dodge the attacks, Ekans hit it right from behind, knocking Pidgeoto to the ground. That happened a few times, actually. Then Ash took out a Pokeball.

"Pidgeoto, return!" Ash commanded.

A red beam shot from the Pokeball and engulfed Pidgeoto, as it reentered the Pokeball. Ash couldn't contain his anger, and ran up to Team Rocket, in a charge.

"Ash!" Laura called.

But Ash didn't stop. He ran right up to James, but with one hand, James stopped Ash from going any farther. And with a flick of James' finger, Ash had tumbled to the ground.

"Charmander, use Ember!" Laura demanded.

Charmander shot flames at Ekans, who took some damage.

"Ekans, use wrap!" Jessie ordered.

"Dodge!" Laura commanded.

Charmander dodged, and then used scratch on Ekans, who endured the attack.

"Bite him." Jessie said.

Ekans slithered to Charmander, and bit his stomach. Charmander winced as Ekans carried him in it's mouth.

"Charmander, Scratch!" Laura commanded. Charmander scratched at Ekans' eye, and got a direct hit.

Ekans dropped Charmander from pain, and slithered away. Charmander tried to stand, even though it was pierced badly in the stomach.

"Stay strong Charmander." Laura said.

But Charmander fell to the ground. Laura dashed over and picked him up.

"It' okay, I'll heal you somehow." Laura said.

Laura looked at the bandage on her hand, while Ash and Team Rocket shouted insults at each other. She then put Pikachu on her shoulder. She unwrapped the bandage, and looked at the burn on her hand, which was healing. She wrapped the bandage around Charmander's stomach twice, and pressed on the edges so it would stick. The weak Charmander smiled at his trainer, and climbed onto her shoulder, moving his tail so he wouldn't burn her hair. Laura looked at Pikachu in her arms, who was struggling and urging to fight.

"Pikachu, you can't see, and this is only your second battle. You can't fight." Laura said, as she cradled the Pikachu.'

Ash had grabbed a new Pokeball from his belt.

"I know you're weak from battling Pidgeoto, but now, Caterpie, you're our only hope. Caterpie, go!" Ash said.

He threw the Pokeball, and it landed on the ground. It opened up, and out appeared the green caterpillar. He looked weak, and he was breathing heavily when he appeared.

"What's that?" asked James.

"It's a bug! A measly little bug!" Meowth said.

Team Rocket looked on in shock, and then started laughing. Laura growled.

"You show them Caterpie. You're much more than what people see you as." Laura growled under her breath.

The battered up Ekans hissed at Caterpie. Caterpie felt afraid, and started to shake. He let out a yelp, and curled up in a ball. Ekans started to slither over, still hissing. Pikachu started to squirm again, wanting to help fight.

"No, Pikachu." Laura said under her breath.

Ash looked puzzled, as if trying to think of an idea. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

"Caterpie, String Shot!" Ash called.

Caterpie uncurled out of its ball, and sprayed a sticky web at Ekans' head. The head was all wrapped up, and Ekans couldn't see. Laura started to worry about Ekans' breathing, but his chest, if you could call it that, still rose. Caterpie then started dashing over to Ekans, and headbutted it, sending it flying. Laura was surprised a Caterpie had so much strength.

Incredible. she thought.

"Beaten by a Caterpie?!" James said sadly.

"That really bugs me." Jessie said.

"Look at that, the girl is bugged." Laura said, mocking Jessie's comment from two nights ago.

Jessie growled, and Meowth stepped up.

"Now watch a real Pokemon in action." he said, as he sharpened his claws in front of Caterpie.

However, Caterpie wasn't scared. In fact, it engulfed Meowth with it's String Shot. Meowth tumbled, trying to get out of it, but he couldn't. He looked like a statue. James and Jessie ran over, and picked up Meowth.

"It's time Team Rocket blasted off." Jessie said.

Then they zoomed in a hurry.

"You may have won this round, but we'll be back!" James shouted as he ran.

"Come back anytime, and we'll be glad to beat you!" Misty shouted, sticking her tongue out at them.

Laura looked at Charmander.

"You were awesome out there, buddy!" she said, smiling at him.

"Char!" Charmander chirped happily.

"We did it." Ash said. "We did it! We won our first Pokemon battle!" Ash said.

He ran over to Laura and hugged her.

"I can't believe we won!" he said, before getting out of the hug.

Caterpie was breathing heavily, but Laura could tell by the look on his face that he was happy. Ash walked over to Caterpie and picked him up.

"Caterpie, I'm very proud of you. You really did your best and we won because of you!" Ash said.

"You're stronger than you look Caterpie!" Misty said.

"You really showed them! I knew it!" Laura said.


"Char Char!"

Caterpie smiled joyfully and made a happy chirp.

"Hey Misty. You said Caterpie was strong, right? Why don't you two make up?" Ash said, holding out Caterpie to her.

"Yeah, Misty." Laura said.

"Just pat Caterpie on the head and say thanks for a really great job." Ash said

Misty shivered a little.

"You like Pokemon, so it's right to congratulate one for doing a good job."

"I-I guess you're right." Misty stuttered.

She held out a shaky hand to Caterpie, and when she was about to touch him, Caterpie shot a burst of webs out. Misty screamed and jumped back. Charmander covered his ears, and Laura covered Pikachu's.

Does Caterpie not like Misty anymore? Laura thought.

"Caterpie?" Ash asked, confused.

He set Caterpie on the ground, and it encased itself with the webs.

"What?" asked Ash.

"Maybe it's healing itself." Laura suggested.

"It's evolving!" Misty exclaimed.

"Whoa, really?" Laura said, looking from Misty to Caterpie.

She set Pikachu on the ground, after washing off the mud covering his eyes, and kneeled on the ground as well, looking at the cute caterpillar.

"Caterpie, this is so great!" Ash exclaimed, as Caterpie disappeared from sight.

As the webbing disappeared, a hard green structure with eyes appeared. It was about the size of two Caterpie's on top of each other, and it had indent lines on it. Ash took out his Pokedex, and opened it up, scanning the Pokemon before him.

"Metapod, Caterpie's next stage. It has encased it's body in a hard shell. This specimen reached it's next stage faster than any Pokemon of its variety."

"Hey, maybe that means it can keep on changing and go onto the next stage right away!" Ash said, Pokedex still in hand.

"Ash, try not to rush it. Caterpie- I mean Metapod, will evolve when he's ready." Laura said, petting Charmander's head.

Ash nodded to Laura, and bent down, picking up Metapod.

"Nice to meet you Metapod. Not in the mood to talk?" he said, laughing.

Laura smiled at Ash and Metapod.

Ash really does care for his Pokemon. He's a good person. Laura thought, as she stared.

Misty was staring too.

"I've never known anyone like him. He really does love Pokemon." Misty murmured under her breath.

Ash held Metapod up to Misty's face, and she screamed and stepped away. Laura started to laugh at her current expression.

"Misty, you two were just about to make friends. You didn't forget did you?" Ash said, smirking.

Misty gave a weak smile.

"I-I didn't forget it, I-" Misty started.

In the middle of her sentence, a Beedrill flew by. Beedrill is a Pokemon that looks like a very large bee, however, it has stingers on its hands. She shrieked, before saying,

"I'll do anything as long as we get out of this forest!"

Ash, with Pikachu behind him and Metapod in his backpack, ran by both girls in excitement.

"No way! There's still plenty more Pokemon in this forest!" Ash said, before running away again.

"Ash! I get the next Pokemon! I only have one and me and Charmander need friends!" Laura said, running after him in a hurry.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Misty shouted, running after both of them.

"C'mon, we've got lots of Pokemon to catch!" Ash said.

He grabbed Laura's wrist as he said this, helping to pull her along the path, and they all ran down the path.