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Pokéschool: Chapter 3: A Mary Sue!?

by Sylvious

Sylvious Adam has a fight with Dan, and Matthew is super strong. Is Charmander a trick, or is Matthew going to kill it?
Attention! This story contains some inappropriate language and minor violence. This story is recommended 13 or older. If under that age, be warned.

January 2, 2013: Monday: 10:30: Pokeschool: Lunch

Adam opens his lunchbox, taking out a juice box, closes the lunchbox, and drinks it.

"Hey Adam! I challenge you to a battle! Be damn ready!" Dan waves. "Okay," Adam grins. "But don't expect me to be easy," "I'm stronger than anybody in class."

"Lets see about that!" Dan grins, clicking on the white button on his Pokéball, and throwing it. "Charmander!" Dan's Charmander yells. Adam clicks on the white button on his Pokéball, taking out Pikach- Matthew. "What you want?" Matthew crosses his arms.

"I want you to battle his Charmander." Adam says.

"Okay," Matthew replies. "Hey Charmander," "Die." Matthew runs so fast, it looks like teleporting, and uses the Thunder Bolt move, one of the most powerful Pokémon moves recorded.

"Char..." Charmander yells, worn out. "Heh, I'm a Pokémon full of darkness. I kill any Pokémon I want." Matthew says.

"Char!!!!!" Charmander uses the Ember move, spreading a dangerous fire across the blacktop. But Matthew somehow dodges all the fire, then attacking anonymously above Charmander.


An attack as powerful as a nuke strikes, but somehow the Charmander still stands. "WHAT!?" Adam yells. "Come out, wherever you are.." Matthew grins.

"Oh, so you figured out what I was doing. There was a time frame before the attack striked and when it did. At that time I dashed to Charmander, grabbed him, and ran away from the attack as much as I could. After the attack, I placed Charmander where he previously was, and hid." Dan says.

"Yes, it was obvious. That is why I have to kill you. Now, goodbye." Matthew uses multiple Thunder Bolt's and Iron Tails.

"...H...He.......H....Heh..... You idiot.... I can't be destroyed... I am.... A Gengar." Dan transforms into a Gengar, and attempts to put Matthew asleep. Instead, he puts Adam asleep. But Matthew dodges the attack.

"Crap," Matthew mutters. "The only way I can defeat Gengar is to kill everybody in the area, but I don't want to do that.....!!!!!" Matthew creates a barrier made of obsidian, and then uses the Attack of Death, the only unrecorded move ever. This was because it had the power to kill everybody in a 10 mile area.

The attack killed the Gengar and it's Charmander. "Pfft, too easy." Matthew walks to his Pokéball, clicks on the white button on it, and returns to the Pokéball.

"...Matthew...." Adam mutters. "...You are truly strong....." "...Stronger than..." His eyes widen.


  1. Sylvious
    I made this when I felt like being edgy, true fact XD
    May 19, 2017