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Romantic Youth: Chapter 2

by Sparklespot336

"Is this a family member?" The girl said. She looked cute with a wiphite sleeveless dress, and sandals and a long brown beach hat. Hayato mistook her because she actually had bright purple hair.

"He is Hayato-kun, the one we told you about. Onii-chan, this is Fumiko-sama, living in our house today! I hope you two get along!" Shun said generously.

Fumiko smiled. "Hayato-kun. Nice to meet you." Hayato blushed a bit red. No no, I like Aoi and nothing could change my mind! He shook his head tons of times.

Fumiko followed Hayato as he went to his room. "I didn't expect you to be a teenager guy." She said surprised. As Hayato saw his room, he screamed. His parents and sister ignored him, since he normally does that.

"How come there are lots of bags here?!?!" He was puffing, because he had no idea what to do since he has never seen his room like this before.

"Oh, this is your room? My apologies, your mother told me my new room was going to be this." Fumiko said, twirling a part of her hair red faced.

Hayato's mother came by. "Oh, Fumiko! Its wonderful to see your all packed. This room will have perfect space for all your devices and novels, oh, don't forget to mention manga's Yume!" She said.

Fumiko looked at Hayato. "Who is Yume?" Hayato sighed. He looked at Fumiko in the eyes. He was about to begin until his face started to feel warm. Fumiko's face did as well.

"Thats my name. Yume Tachibana. Hayato-kun, please dont scream in front of our new family member." Yume frowned.

"No mother, she is in my room!" He said madly. Yume giggled, and pointed to the room next to him.

"Sorry, you are sleeping there. I thought you knew, since it had a sign on top of it. I thought you knew I was tricking you." She giggled nervously.

Fumiko got all her bags into the room next door super quickly. Hayato went inside his room and jumped on the bed, and read some manga.

As Hayato was sleeping, he heard lots of noice from a laptop's keyboard being tapped as quick as flash, and he opened his eyes slowly. He looked beside him, at the wall, which was Fumiko's room. Hayato heard some music as well, but it was very tiny. He got out of bed and went to Fumiko's room.

As Hayato opened the door slowly, he saw Fumiko's head, straightly facing to the screen, as she was looking at the keyboard as well. At some certain times, she would look at the book she had next to her in her desk. Hayato gasped and walked next to Fumiko yawning.

"Fumiko, don't you have to sleep now?" He asked. Fumiko was super payed attention to the screen, she couldn't take her eyes off. She took off her earbuds from her phone. She could tell Hayato was mad.

"Sorry..." She apologised. Hayato sighed. He shook his head, and stood up straight again.

"Why are you so into stuff like this? You know you need time to sleep? You need to be more efficient, and be more sensible and make the healthy choices. You can't stay up this late. You need to close your laptop, put away your book, and sleep in your brand new cuddly bed. You shouldn't waste time on such dumb things into studying." The words escaped his mouth. He gasped and covered them.

Fumiko glared at him. "Well, why can't I do what I want to do? I can't make choices like sleeping at 6:00pm in the night? Calm down, its only 8:00pm, so I could do this just a little longer, if you want, I can just read some novels and manga on my bed with my lights on as you sleep, and you could mind your business in your room doing your cosy sleep, sleeping beauty. You shouldn't boss me around to do things! Plus, your sister and parents are awake outside doing whatever they want, and you here, only care about sleeping. Why is it me you are bossing around?!" She answered madly. Tears were growing on her eyes, and were about to stream down her cheek.

Hayato gasped. Sleeping at 6:00pm may be too early, but... Hayato got his hand and slapped Fumiko. Tears started to go down her eyes. Her cheek was red from Hayato's slap. Hayato gasped, and ran out the room, all the way to the bathroom.

Fumiko started to feel sad. She took a photo on her desk and smiled, and looked at someone on the picture and glared. The boy looked extremely like Hayato. Black straight hair, and a charming face that didn't look like a prince at all.

Fumiko got up at 4:00am and saw Hayato on the couch. Fumiko's cheek was still a bit red. Hayato looked at her and blushed quite red. "Fumiko..." He said quietly. Fumiko sat next to him. "Fumiko-san. I need to say a secret I got." He whispered it to her ear. Fumiko smiled.

"I'm off!" Hayato said as he put on his shoes. He was bright and early for school as he looked at the bright hot sun.

"Bye Fumiko-sama!" Shun said waving at her. Fumiko was walking out with the girl's summer uniform. Fumiko was wearing a buttoned white blouse with a red bowtie, and a blue tiny skirt.

Hayato looked at Fumiko. "Oh, your moving to my school? Trust me, our school is amazing!"