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Poke-Academy: Chapter 2: Trials for School

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer People/pokemon before:
Chrome- Litten
Mindy- Popplio, Alola Rattata
Bob- Rowlet, Alola Grimer

Litten- Ember, Scratch
Popplio- Pound, Water Gun
Alola Rattata- Tackle, Quick Attack
Rowlet- Leafage, Tackle
Alola Grimer- Poison Gas, Pound
"Your up early today." Mom said.
"Of course, I dont wanna be late for school." Chrome said rushing out the door.
*At the school*
Everyone jumps out and yells "Surprise."
"Huh, why its not my birthday." Chrome said.
"Its to welcome you here." Bob said.
"With events also." Mindy said.
"Aw guys thanks." Chrome said happily and with a Litten on his shoulder.
"The first surprise is me." Bob said.
"Cool, what is it?" Chrome asked.
"Competition to see who can catch the best pokemon first." Bob said.
"And you will have 5 minutes to do so." Mindy said.
"I will judge the pokemon at the end." Danya said. At the edge of the forrest.
"Didnt even know this place had a forrest." Chrome said while getting ready.
"Guess you always learn something new." Danya said. "Go." Chrome and Bob ran into the forrest in different directions. After a while Chrome ran into a pokemon.
"Woah whats that." Chrome said holding up his pokedex.
"Its a Rockruff." Chrome said. "Litten use Scratch." Rockruff was weakened. Then Rockruff used Bite and weakened Litten.
"Litten use Ember." Chrome said and Rockruff was weakened.
"Pokeball go." Chrome said and the ball shook and few times, then it was caught.
"Awesome we did it." Chrome said. "Litten why dont you take a rest."
"Litten." Litten said a bit weak.
"Litten return." Chrome said and Litten was in his pokeball. He put the pokeballs on his belt and returned to the school.
"Looks like Chrome is back." Mindy said to Bob.
"Aw, im in second." Chrome said.
"Alright you two, take out your newly caught pokemon so i can judge them." Danya said.
"Rockruff come on out." Chrome said and Rockruff was on the table.
"Oh a Rockruff." Mindy said surprised.
"Pikipek I choose you." Bob said and out came a Pikipek.
"Alright after my judging the pokemon that is best to me is Rockruff." Danya said.
"I guess I win then." Chrome said.
"Next is me." Mindy said.
"What is it?" Chrome asked.
"A race." Mindy said.
"Oh come on." Chrome said.
"It would have been a race in water but both of your pokemon are weak to it, so its a race around the school." Mindy said.
*At starting line*
"Litten I choose you." Chrome said.
"Rattata I choose you." Mindy said.
"Remember pokemon moves are allowed, if a pokemon is knocked out before the finish line or if one makes it to the finish line before the other one." Danya said. "The race is over, Go." The pokemon started running.
"Litten use Scratch." Chrome said but missed Rattata.
"Use Tackle to your left." Mindy said and Litten was weakened. They both were stil running.
"Now use Quick Attack to get ahead." Mindy said and Rattata was catching up.
"Now use Ember." Chrome said and Rattata was weakened and had stopped. Then Litten crossed the finish line first.
"Alright Litten, we did it." Chrome said and Litten hopped on his shoulder.
"Ready for your final challenge?" Danya asked.
"Of course." Chrome said excitily.
"Its a pokemon battle with me." Danya said.
*On battlefield*
"Mimikyu I choose you." Danya said.
"Rockruff your up." Chrome said. "Rockruff use Tackle." Mimikyu was weakened.
"Mimikyu use Wood Hammer." Danya said and Rockruff was hurt.
"Rockruff can you still battle?" Chrome asked it and it Howled.
"It learned Howl." Mindy said.
"Rockruff use Bite." Chrome said and Mimikyu was weakened.
"Mimikyu use Wood Hammer once more." Danya said and Rockruff dodged it.
"Rockruff use Bite again." Chrome said and Mimkyu was defeated.
"Mimikyu return, Komala I choose you." Danya said. "Komala use Rollout." Rockruff was defeated.
"Rockruff return, Litten your up." Chrome said. "By the way, we have a little extra this time."
"Huh?" Mindy said.
"Litten use Ember." Chrome said and Komala was weakened.
"Komala use Rollout." Danya said and Litten dodged it.
"Lick it now." Chrome said and Litten used Lick and Komala was defeated.
"Komala return." Danya said.
"Now you know what he means." Bob said.
"Shut it." Mindy said.
"Litten rest for a bit." Chrome said and put his pokeball on his belt.
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