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Poke-Trainer Vision: Chapter 2: Start of the Journey

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Team Before:
Flame- Charmander (Male)

Charmander- Scratch, Growl

Dont forget to check out @Typhlo.sion and @Devan_Plays for their points of view!
"Our present is a pokemon baby." Mom said picking up a Eevee.
"Aw, its so cute." Flame said.
"Technically we caught it but it wont go inside its pokeball." Dad said handing Flame Eevee's pokeball.
"Thanks, it can hang out on my shoulder like Charmander, wait where is he?" Flame said looking around. His mom started to giggle. Flame looked up to see a Charmander head in his face.
"Dont scare me buddy." Flame said as he went over to the Eevee and picked her up.
"Welcome to the team Eevee." Flame said putting Eevee on his shoulder and headed out the door.
*Couple of hours later*
"Just non stop walking." Flame said as some Sentrets appeared.
"Awesome, ready Charmander?" Flame asked it and it jumped off his head and infront of Flame.
"Charmander use Scratch." Flame said and Sentrets was weakened. Sentrets then used Fury Swipes on Charmander nearly knocking him out. Then he weakinly got up and used a new firey move and the Sentrents and burned them.
"Great Charmander, use Ember once more." Flame said and the Sentrets was all black and passed out.
"Looks like you roasted them too much." Flame said as a Hoothoot appeared.
"Cool, Charmander use Ember." Flame said and the Hoothoot was falling down.
"Pokeball go." Flame said and caught it.
"We did it." Flame said picking up the pokeball and putting it on his belt.
"Char!" Charmander said excitedly. Awesome!
"I wonder what first gym will be like." Flame said.
"Char." Charmander said.
Who Knows.
"We will see when we get there I guess." Flame said.
"Nice Charmander." A girl said behind Flame.
"Who are you?" Flame asked.
"Thats for you to find out later." Girl said.
"Uh, ok?" Flame said. "Wanna battle?"
"Sure, but dont cry when you loose." Girl said.
*On battle field*
"Pidgey I choose you." Girl said.
"Hoothoot I choose you." Flame said.
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