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Custom Region Adventure: Chapter 2: Rivalry Strike

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Teams before:
Flame- Pichu
Katie- Eevee

Pichu- Thunder Shock, Charm
Eevee- Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip

*Author Note*: @SkySilvally welcome to the story. Also if anyone is wondering how to pronounce the region name it is Mah-lah-kah-low, Malakalo.
The two were on their way to Tresle City for their first gym battle, it was early morning and they just woke up.
"Its taking too long." Katie said petting Eevee.
"Well im sorry i never cooked before." Flame said.
"Pichu." Pichu said looking at a bush.
"Whats wrong Pichu?" Katie asked.
"I will find out, Pichu use Thunder Shock." Flame said and Poochyena and Starly came out and when they hit the grund they were mad at each other.
"Looks like they were fighting." Katie said and Pichu used Thunder Shock and hit everyone.
"I think breakfast is done." Flame said falling down.
"Yay, food finally." Katie said falling down also.
"Anyway I wonder what they are fighting about." Flame said.
"Looks like its food." Katie said looking in the bush and pooling out a berry.
"Must be last one." Flame said. "You two we have plenty of food, wanna eat with us?" Starly and Poochyena looked at him.
"I guess its a yes." Katie said.
*After Breakfast*
"Starly." Starly said landing on Flame's hat.
"You want to come with me?" Flame asked and it was happy.
"What are you going to do Poochyena?" Katie asked and it walked up to her.
"Looks like it wants you." Flame said. "Pokeball go." Starly was caught.
"Is it true?" Katie asked and it nodded.
"See." Flame said.
"Pokeball go." Katie said and caught it.
"We can now challenge the gym." Flame said.
"Thats some pokemon you have." A person said.
"Who might you be?" Katie asked.
"Name is Linira." Person said. "I challenge one of you to a battle."
"Fine by me." Flame said.
*On Battlefield*
"Starly I choose you." Flame said.
"Quiver I choose you." Linira said.
"Starly has the advantage." Katie said.
"Bingo." Flame said.
"We will see." Linira said.
"Wait thats a Scatterbug, by why did you call it Quiver?" Katie asked.
"I like to nickname my pokemon." Linira said.
"Makes sense." Katie said.
"Starly use Tackle." Flame said and Quiver was weakened.
"Quiver use Tackle." Linira said and Starly was weakened.
"Starly use Quick Attack." Flame said and Quiver was defeated.
"Quiver return, Plume your up." Linira said.
"Cool a Spearow." Katie said.
"Plume use Peck." Linira said and Starly was defeated.
"Starly return, Pichu you ready?" Flame asked and Pichu went onto battlefield.
"Pichu use Thunder Shock." Flame said but it missed.
"Plume use Peck." Linira said and Pichu was defeated.
"Pichu you alright." Flame asked he picked him up.
"Pichu." Pichu said happily.
"See yah fools." Linira said leaving.
"Lets go to a pokemon center." Flame said.
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  1. Fiji Water
    Fiji Water
    Really? Ok then cool. :D
    I was just wanting her to play the anti hero role but she gets to win every time too 8)
    Jan 24, 2017
  2. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    @SkySilvally thr rival always win until a certain point then it's not a rival anymore.
    Jan 24, 2017
  3. Fiji Water
    Fiji Water
    Yay Linira won <.>
    Jan 24, 2017