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The Country of Meiyadarin: Chapter 2, Parts 8+9, The Banquet and the Tensions!

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan It's finally time for the banquet, where both the top and ruling people and ordinary people from all the different countries of Celestialle alike gather for fun and great food at once! But, of course, the mix of both the high-class and the lower-class could cause some arguments... (parts 8 and 9)
The banquet was largely drag; it felt like ages, though I knew it wasn’t that long, before Elisia showed up, in an almost too wide dress for the doorway. It took even longer for anything worth a mention to happen. Elisia was giving passing comments on everyone attending, as she always did at any sort of party.

It was all quiet until the banquet itself was being served; Christopher was dashing to and from the kitchen, placing the many plates on the table, as he always has done, since he came here, with Adriana arranging them about.

It was when almost half the table was covered with the delicious platters, when one of the Aran knights present, one with a feminine face and voice, pointed at one of the other guests and called out “There she is!”

The person the knight pointed at, rose from her seat and tossed back her speckled green hair, glaring sternly at the knight.

“Ahem, you should not be acting so boastful.” the knight sighed.

“Oh please, I’ve got to say you’re being a lot of a hypocrite right now.”

“Please! No confrontation!” Elisia shouted.

“She started it back in the grounds, with her clear disrespec-”

“Shut up! Why should I give you respect when you don’t even care about me?” the green-haired girl interrupted.

“Ahem, it is clearly ground in-”

“God, do not dare to bring up tradition again, Oliver, did you forget what I told you in the grounds?” Raphe shouted, though he was directly opposite the knight he was talking to, slamming his hand on the table.

“Tch, I can’t believe the one Aran I can agree with on at least one thing is not only the head of the royal guard, but also someone who doesn’t give kindness to people he doesn’t know, like me, yet casually says ‘God’ all the time!” the girl raged, glaring over at both of the knights.

“Please stop this... I beg of you, stop this confrontation!” Elisia yelled, standing up and slamming her hands on the table. At that, the girl sat back down, though didn’t stop glaring.

“May I give one final word on the subject?” Raphe asked.

“As long as you’re certain it won’t cause another argument.”

“Alright, young lady, I think I know someone who you might agree with on more topics than anyone else in the whole of Ara, if you would care to talk to her.”

The girl grunted and said nothing more.
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