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The Country of Meiyadarin: Chapter 2, Part 1(+2), The Banquet and the Tensions!

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan It's finally time for the banquet, where both the top and ruling people and ordinary people from all the different countries of Celestialle alike gather for fun and great food at once! But, of course, the mix of both the high-class and the lower-class could cause some arguements... (parts 1 and 2)
Adriana’s point-of-view, fifth day of the Butterfly Month, 170th year since the first ‘celestial children.’

Not too long after I had came back, it was the time when all of the banquet guests were arriving, me being on duty to write down the full guest list. The knight, Raphe, was standing at the gate, probably waiting for the other knights he checked into the inn with and the young ruler of his kingdom.

The first person to show up was a somewhat young lady with neatly combed cyan hair, kinda large deep blue eyes and droopy-ly somewhat oddly shaped ears. She was wearing an incredibly stately shirt and jacket and a long skirt, all in sea-y colours. From that, it was clear to see that she was someone really, really important in Sakun.

“Hiya! What’s your name?” I asked as she walked up to me.

“Stephana Azuren,” she said, giving a slight bow, flicking back her hair as it fell over her shoulders, “It would also be worth noting on the guest list you have there, little girl, that I am the President of Sakun.” she added, placing a hand over the middle of her chest.

“Alright, yeah, it is. There’s this section riiight here on that, ya’ see?” I said, pointing with my writing feather, I forgot what the right term is, at the top of the paper, where the columns were labelled. It read: ‘Guest’s name: | Position (if applicable): | Enter?:’ and I was more or less specifically pointing at the middle part.

“Oh, I regret to inform you... in spite of learning the primary mainland language in speech, I neglected to learn how to read it.” Stephana said, turning her head to the side, raising up her left hand and, facing it to the same way she was looking, tightly clenched her little, ring and middle fingers and curled up her index finger a little. She looked back over at me before lowering her hand again.

“Ee~eehhh...? Oh, never mind, I get what’cha saying! If you could wait over there for a while, Miss Steph, then uh... I could phrase this better... just wait over to one of the sides of this little field-y area until I’ve sorted out the full guest list, okay?” I said, pointing over to my right throughout most of what I was saying.

“Oh, of course.”

After her, a bunch more Saese, even a few that didn’t have the distinctive traits of being of Aqufi-descent, followed in, all of them saying they were a part of the ruling committee that governs Sakun, alongside (or under?) Stephana.
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