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Pokemon: The Untold Story: Chapter 2: My Future Teammates

by Sylvious

Previously On Pokemon: The Untold Story

The Pokémon world is corrupted. There is nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is watch it rot. No; I can't. I can't feel, I can't see, I can't hear, and I can't smell. What has happened? I don't know. Just a second ago, I was about to enter Route 1. Wait; I guess I can do this.

"Find your future teammates, they will guide you to your rage. They will guide you to your success. Search for your future teammates. In the end, It will be worth all the time."

Well, it's time to stop being a sitting duck. I need to find my "Future Teammates!"

Chapter 2: My "Future Teammates"

I search around the area, I don't find anything really. Wait; if that telepathy type thing seems like it's far away, it could be that those "Future Teammates" are also very far away. I guess I'm going on a road trip!

I run through Route 1 with my Charmander. It's sad that all these Pokémon have died. Caterpie, Rattata, how could that terrible Pokémon have done that! I need to get over the fact that the world has basically ended. No; the world couldn't of ended if there are still remaining people.

I finally run outside Route 1 and I enter Viridian City. I enter the Pokémon Center and there is no Nurse Joy, and the Pokéhealer is broken. I guess there is nothing to do at Viridian City.


"HUH!?" I run inside a house in Viridian and find somebody sleeping! That sleeping gas was really bad was-

"Why are you here?"

"AGH!" I yell. How could somebody survive SLEEPING?!

"Did the world end yet?"


"Oh, it didn't? Okay goodnight." The kid said. "It ended." I sigh. Suddenly, the kid grabs a Pokéball while pointing at himself. "The Name's Adam!" Adam says. "Uh..." "I'm Aidan." I say. "Well, are you my future teammate?" Adam asks. I don't answer. "Well, are you my future teammate?" Adam repeats.


"I think I am." I reply.

"Cool! Together we can fight that Blaziken!" Adam says. "You were there too?" I ask. "Of course I was! Wait, you were there too?" Adam also asks. "I think we were both drugged." We both sigh. "Actually no, my drug wore off!" I say. "Actually no, my drug wore off!" He repeats. "Did you see him before me?" I ask. "We won't get that answer just sitting here! We need to find that guy who told me about you." Adam says. "Yeah." I try to act like I'm smarter than he is, but he is like seeing through my brain.

We walk outside the house ready to defeat that Blaziken. But; I hear something. "Don't. You need more people to defeat that Pokémon, and you need to learn to use your rage. Find more of your future teammates. Only then you will be able to defeat it."

"Did you hear that?" I say. "Yeah." Adam replies. "I guess we need to find more survivors." "Wait." Adam says. "Why don't we have a battle?" "Yeah." I throw my Pokéball and Charmander comes out. "Go Squirtle!" Adam says as he throws his Pokéball. This is bad since Squirtle has a type advantage over Charmander. But if I don't use a fire type move and use a normal type move, I can do more damage than the fire type move. "Use Tackle!" I yell. Charmander uses Tackle, but Squirtle's hard shell prevented it from doing much damage. "Crap!" I say. But then something happens.

"CHAR!" Charmander growls. Then, a light surrounds Charmander. "Is... Is that an evolution?" I'm amazed. I haven't ever seen an evolution before. "A Charmeleon!" Adam yells. "Char......... CHAR!" Charmeleon yells. "Flame... Burst...." I couldn't believe it; how did Charmeleon get Flame Burst!? I just watch as the Squirtle faints.

"How would you be able to heal if the Pokéhealer in this city is broken!?" I regret battling him. "I can heal him." Adam says as he touches his Squirtle, healing it. "How did you do that!?" I'm amazed. "Everybody who is still alive has a power. Thats how we survived the drug." Adam replies. "Then what is my power?" I ask. "I don't know, you should have known by now." Adam replies. I feel like my power is unknown to the universe; it only activates in near death situations.

Adam and I run to Route 2 and into Viridian Forest. But we find the Blaziken and it's trainer.

"Huh, you think you can defeat me?" The trainer says. I start to feel sleepy. "We got drugged. Well, we had a good run." Adam says. But somebody grabs us and makes the trainer pass out. "Find one teammate. Then, I will contact you." It says.

"Well; I guess we need to find another teammate before trying to defeat that trainer!" I say.

More coming tomorrow!
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