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Leone - The Story: Chapter 2: Gavinblade

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak Leone sets foot in the real world to catch Gavin, but Gavin just keeps trying to kill Leone! Will Leone be able to catch Gavin, or will he fail horribly?
"Here I am." Leone said to himself. Leone taps his machine for a name vision, which enables the feature in his goggles which he uses to see who has the same name. Leone wears them and asks for the letter "G, The 7th letter." and then he says people's names that begin with G. "Alright, where the hell is Gavin..." Leone told himself. Leone searched all around the aquarium, till he saw footprints.

Leone disabled the feature and looked at the footprints, then he enabled the footprint scanner. He used the footprint scanner to scan the footprint out of everyone in the city, and 10 results showed up. "Benjamin Grossberg, Takashi Fukawa," Leone read, but then Leone found what he was searching for. "Gavin Shawnfire!" Leone told himself. Leone followed the footprints to a museum, where Gavin went to next for robbery, then he followed the footprints to a hair salon, which was where the murder happened.

"So THIS is the murder he committed." Leone told himself, then he saw the broken glass, which was where Gavin escaped. Leone followed the footprints to each store, till he reached a skyscraper. The footprints were gone, till Leone figured something out. "Rooftop!" Leone asked the machine, then the machine took him to nearest rooftop, and that's where he saw Gavin.

"Heh, you think you can catch me?" Gavin asked Leone. Leone's ring started to have a stronger aura, then Gavin replied "That ring... I sense some power in it.", then Gavin finally said "I guess I must take it." then he got into a fighting stance and attacked Leone. Gavin got out his sword and tried to stab Leone, but Leone got to the ground, and used Helicopter, which is used to spin your legs, and to trip someone over. Gavin got his stun gun, then stunned Leone. Gavin didn't notice the belt, but he took Leone's ring, then he said "This is mine now. You can't fight without it."

But Gavin was wrong. Leone hit Gavin in the head with a grenade, then took Gavin's stun gun and stunned Gavin, then got his ring back. Leone then used a forcefield to save himself, but then the grenade exploded, which nearly killed Gavin. "You got this power that I need. GIVE IT TO ME!" Gavin asked. But then Leone replied "If you want a gift, you don't take it. They take it to you.". Gavin got frustrated then slashed his sword North-East, South-East, South, West, but Leone dodged all of them.

Leone moves his left hand up and down 2 times, then there was a sparkle in his ring. Leone then goes to a different rooftop, then a HUGE explosion, which is only able to be used 10 minutes after being used. The explosion caused everyone in the skyscraper to evacuate, then Gavin appeared behind Leone saying "Got you--" but then Leone got a gun and pointed it at his forehead, saying "We settle this another day.", then Leone got away, but that doesn't stop Gavin.

Gavin keeps trying to catch up with Leone, then Leone reached his apartment, where Gavin followed him to. Leone then got out his gun and shot Gavin, but Gavin was still alive, he is just stunned. Gavin then got up and ran away. Leone goes to his apartment room, which was room 384, then Leone looked outside. He then saw Gavin trying to stun Gavin, but Leone used his ring to make a sword, then he used the sword to reflect it, then Gavin got stunned. After that, Gavin got shot, then he threw a grenade at Gavin, then it exploded.

"Better luck next time!" Leone yelled, then Leone went to brush his teeth, but he was thinking "Good thing I stopped fighting, because if I didn't, he would kill me!", then Leone went to sleep. Gavin sleeps at his house, which was far away from his house. Leone goes out to shopping, then went home at 7:00pm, which was when he ate his Bagel Turkey Sandwich. He watched TV till 9:00pm, then he went to bed...

...and this how the rivalry began.
  1. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak
    Apr 22, 2016