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Landon's Adventures (Origins): Chapter 2: Battle Roy-al

by PyroGaleZX

“Mizu is a stupid name,” a voice commented. Landon quickly turned, he saw Roy had entered the lab, he walked past Landon and Dawn and towards Professor Rowan where he took a dark blue Pokedex that was the same model as Landon’s, “Sorry, I forgot this.”

“Hey Roy, wanna have a battle,” Landon requested eagerly, he wanted to have his first battle as soon as possible and beating this Roy kid would be his first step.

“You really want to have a battle against my Turtwig, who already has battling experience, against that Piplup that you just received,” Roy replied with a smirk, but he saw Landon’s face and knew he was serious, “Fine let’s battle at Lake Verity.”

Landon, Roy, and Dawn all walked to Lake Verity after saying goodbye to Professor Rowan. When they reached the lake Landon took in the surroundings, he knew this lake well, it was one of his favourite places to play as a kid, and it was also where he once thought he saw the legendary Pokemon Mesprit. Landon and Roy both took their places, standing equal distance from each other and Dawn stood as the referee.

“This battle between Landon and Roy will now begin, both trainers will use 1 Pokemon,” Dawn explained as she looked at the two trainers, “Are the rules clear?” Landon and Roy both nodded, “Then bring out your Pokemon!”

“Turtwig get out here now!” Roy shouted as he threw his Pokeball, the Pokeball opened and a small turtle-like Pokemon that had a twig on it’s head with two leaves popped out.

“So that’s Turtwig,” Landon commented as he took out his Pokedex and scanned Turtwig, “Turtwig: The Tiny Leaf Pokemon: Photosynthesis occurs across its body under the sun. The shell on its back is actually hardened soil.” “Alright then, Mizu you’re up!” Landon threw his Pokeball and his Piplup popped out, both Pokemon had a determined look in their eye, “We’ll start this off, Mizu use Bubblebeam!” Mizu lept up and shot rapid fire bubbles at high speed but they didn’t seem to hurt Turtwig in the slightest.

“Water Attacks won’t beat us,” Roy cried, “Now Turtwig, Razor Leaf!” Turtwig swung its twig as sharp leaves were thrown straight at Mizu dealing major damage and sending Mizu flying back.

“Now Mizu, Peck let's go!” Landon ordered, Mizu’s beak began glowing as it charged as Turtwig, “Water may not work but a Flying Attack will.”

“Not against our defense, Turtwig, Withdraw!” Roy ordered, immediately a blue aura surrounded Turtwig raising its defense. Mizu began pecking at Turtwig but seemed to be doing no damage at all, “Now Razor Leaf again.” Turtwig launched a close range Razor Leaf at Mizu sending it back again.

“That won’t stop us, Mizu Peck again!” Landon ordered, once again Mizu charged straight at Turtwig with its beak glowing.

“Absorb,” Roy ordered in response, Turtwig shot a green aura at Mizu, draining it’s strength and restoring its own.

“Mizu!” Landon called as he watched Mizu fall to the ground, Landon ran off and grabbed Mizu, “Come on Mizu get up.”

“Piplup is unable to battle, Turtwig wins!” Dawn declared, she then ran over to Landon and opened up her bag and took out a purple-spray bottle, “Here this will help Piplup heal and regain its strength,” Dawn told a Landon as she sprayed the Potion on Mizu, “You should still take it to the Pokemon Centre in Sandgem Town.”

“So that’s how you battle,” Roy commented as he walked over to Landon, recalling his Turtwig, “My Pokemon had the type advantage and yet you still threw it into the battle head first with no concern for defense,” Roy walked off making sure not to make eye-contact with Landon, “You are an embarrassment to all Pokemon Trainers.”

"Just ignore him Landon, it was your first battle," Dawn told him as she finished applying the Potion.

"No he's right," Landon replied as he took Mizu and got up, "I let Mizu get hurt and had no concern for how it was feeling, I'll never be a great Pokemon Trainer like that," Landon walked with Dawn to the Sandgem Town Pokemon Centre.