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In The Future of Darkness: Chapter 2: A Small Blast From the Past

by KirbyKid

Chapter 2: A Small Blast from the Past

“Huh? Ow my head! Wait I think I… Yeah I do I see Uxie and the Time Gear!” Ash thought. She was experiencing her ability and saw a glimpse into the past. She saw Uxie holding the Time Gear and saw that there was color and the water was flowing and Fogbound Lake was beautiful. But it wasn’t like it was now it was clear and the fog wasn’t around. She wondered if Uxie makes the fog to hide the Time Gear or maybe the place where it was isn’t there anymore and it disappeared. “Ugh…My head!” Ash said she came back from her shock and told Grovyle everything over Oran Berry tea.

“So there is a Time Gear here. Very interesting. “Grovyle said. Ash was weak after what had just happen. Grovyle found some ice and made a small icepack for Ash. She had used a lot of her energy to use her ability and this time it was a lot out of her.

“Grovyle we don’t have time for this we need to...UGH!!” Ash said. She groaned in pain from the terrible headache.

“What we need to do is rest. We are no good if we get caught by Dusknoir especially when you are this weak Ashley. We will rest and leave later when your better.”

“Grovyle! We need to get to Celebi now. “Ash started to state. “And don’t call me Ashley.”

“Well Ash or Ashley it’s your name. You’re still too weak for travel.”





“UGH!” Ash yelled she turned her head from Grovyle. She would lose her temper when she uses Dimensional Scream it’s a side effect. It was about an hour after the fight. Ash lied awake and worried about the things she said to Grovyle. She turned over to see him sitting on a ledge looking at the sky. Ash got up to sit right next to him.

“Are you feeling better, Ashley?” He said in a calm voice not like the one he had heard before when he yelled.

“Yes Grovyle I am better. I’m sorry for my out burst it’s just… when we get to Celebi we can make life better for everyone and well I guess I just want to see what it would be like when we aren’t running for our life’s.” Ash said. She saw Grovyle smile slightly.

“Ash everything will be ok. Count on it” Grovyle said. He then tilted his head down only to shoot it back like bullet seed.

“Grovyle what’s wrong?” Ash said worried Grovyle grabbed her arm and gathered the items on the ground and started to run with all his might.

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