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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 15,

by Sylvious

Ace goes to Route 42 By Ecruteak City. Fighting a couple of trainers i guess. And gets to Mahagany Town. Getting potions. And goes through Route 43. Finding a place called Lake Of Rage. Finding a SHINY GYARADOS!? Ace defeats the Gyarados and Ace finds Lance. Saying that he was a elite four member until the rules changed in the Indigo Plateau. Gold said that they have to defeat him to become the champion. And theres no obstacles going to fight Gold. Lance says that he needs Giovanni to beat Gold and change the rules in Johto. Lance: Yes, i know your the champion of Kanto and all. But Gold is friends with Red. Which is the guy you defeated in Kanto right? If you beat Red. Gold would call Red and you wouldn't be able to change the rules. This sounds confusing. But their only enemy is Team Rocket. Which Giovanni is the true Kanto Champion. And their enemy can change the rules. Especially if Giovanni is the true champion. And the leader of Team Rocket." Ace: But i need all the Badges to enter the Indigo Plateau." Lance: Thats what you need me for. I was also the champion you know. Red didn't want to become the champion and ran to Mt. Silver. Where Gold defeats Red. Gold also defeated me. I was the Indigo League champion after Red. But Gold beat me and is the strongest trainer in the world. We need to get all the Johto badges. Which is what i am here for. And we need to get to the Team Rocket Hideout in Johto. To find Giovanni and he will take care of Gold." Ace: B--ut Jason." Lance: Oh! Jason! He's training in the Indigo Plateau. He's got all the badges. And he's ready to beat Gold. But he's not going to save the day. Giovanni is. If you need him, we need to go to the Indigo Plateau. But we need all the badges to enter. Should I help you? Jason doesn't know what he's doing. We need to get all the badges and enter Indigo Plateau before he try to beat Gold. Are you with me?" Ace: Yes."
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  2. Sylvious
    Aug 9, 2015